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Found 17 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Hello all. I am prepping for my next aquascape, hoping to set up in a few weeks time. Been spending lots of time looking for rocks for this project. Still abit more to find. But here is one potential layout so far, tell me what you think? What can I adjust or add! Id love to hear it. Still looking for a small rock to fill in the left side of tank that will lean left. My vision is that the middle will be gravel and the sides will be whatever I have from other tanks. Going to have some blyxa around the foots of the rocks and some shrubby red plants maybe on the left side. Leaving the right abit more.open. NOTE: This will be a shrimp tank Suggestions are welcome!
  3. Thought this might interest some. http://www.aquascapingworld.com/magazine/pdf/ASW_Issue9_Sept.Oct_2012.pdf
  4. Hey guys! This is my newest aquascape, three days old and I'm already super stoked! Tell me what you guys think or any ways I might be able to improve! Don't know why the photo vanished before
  5. Hey all, I have a 3ft 250litre tank that I'm looking to rescape. Looking for some ideas and wanting to do this as cheap as possible. I have no idea what I want or where to start so I'm throwing it out there. Does anyone else have an African chiclid tank they can share with me? Or any ideas of something you may have thought of previously? It's not a lot of room to work with but I currently have just brown and red lava rocks with a cream substrate. Looking at adding plants and maybe some more colourful not so aggressive chiclids that work with what I've got, 1 or 2 fontosa has been recommended.... Fish 8 humpheads 1 Pleco (not sure what type but have been told its not common) 2 electric yellows 1 red forest jewel Couple of other catfish, not sure what type have obtained over time. 2 blue dolphins (looking at selling) 1 fat and happy red tailed shark I want to add 2 fontosa's and a few electric blues and yellows
  6. Anyone know where to buy natural slate in the toowoomba area?
  7. Its 2 weeks into my first planted aquarium which was a little daunting at first. It holds a 100litres with fluorite and measures 60cm x 45cm x 45cm. Lighting is provided by 2 20w T8 power glo-bulbs. It has a low tech CO2 system that uses Citric acid and Baking soda which seems to be very stable. I am slowly adding a daily minimal amount of fert`s . The foreground is planted out with Glossostigma and African Fern(bolbitis). Next is Java moss , anubias nana and the entire back wall is planted out with various types of java fern, making a lovely backdrop for the 270degree views of the tank. Stocking is a group of Neon Tetra`s. What is the time line for the glossostigma to start showing above ground growth? I see there is a certain amount of die off of the glosso. I think that ii twas grown in a low light environment. My biggest fear at the moment is expected algae growth. This how we created the hill in the foreground. Corner view
  8. Hey guys, Just thought i would share some of the entried from the 2012 AGA aquascaping comp. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did.
  9. Chao, Came across these last night and thought I would share since there are a few beginners and planted tank lovers on here. Great step by step tutorials of how to hardscape, use of substrate, aquascaping tips, planting techniques, time frame vids etc. Those wondering what piano piece it is in the background, it is Ludovico Einaudi - Earth Prelude ~ one of my favourite contemporary composers Check out the other vids in the channel too! Link for those on ipads or what not Tropica Aquarium Plants - YouTube Enjoy Cheers, John
  10. Hi all, just posting up a progression thread of my fist aquascaped 2ft tank. 4x24w t5 light rocked up Friday, I put the sand and sandstone in on Sunday, new eheim 2213 classic should be here today so i can ditch the bulky internal filter. There's just a couple plants in there, more to come very soon :-) On a side note, big difference in the way the convicts are behaving, far more active. here's the first pic, forgive the amazing phone quality
  11. getting together the stuff I need for my first aquascape. Tank is L2.5xW1xH1.5 and will be running a eheim 2213. what lighting would you suggest and where would I be able to get it? I will be using Ada Amazonia. also will be using pressurised co2. just at the moment really need advice on lighting and ferts. 4x30w led floodlights? or T5HO? and if T5HO are there any shops, places that sell a lighting system that holds 4x24w bulbs? also need some suggestions on ferts. thanks
  12. I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether it is legal to take rocks and wood from riverways to use in a fishtank? Obviously, it would not be allowed if the area was a national park, but is there anything stopping me from going down to my local creek and helping myself (within reason of coarse)? Does anybody else do this?
  13. Where do people buy the not so common plants for aquascaping from? my lfs only sell the basic types.
  14. hi everyone. new to the forum. i just bought a new(old fish tank). and i want to put lots of plants and a few fish into it. currently its a 4ft tank with just water in it. whats the best substrate to use at a reasonable price. i was at the stafford aquarium and saw 20kg "pebble gravel"(cant remember the exact name but it it was pretty fine) for $35. i probably need 50k kg so thats pretty much 3 bags for 105$ i also went next door to bunnings and i saw double washed coarse sand for 20kg at $7 a bag. so 21$ if i use the sand. which one should i use? i was thinking of combining the two. any sugguestions? i also want to keep about 4 small gold fish, 4 guppies and some shrimp.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. hey guys this is my tank so far but it just doesnt look right i want your opinion/ideas on what would make this tank great! and should be in there or what needs to be moved around so on thank you all, Billy
  17. My poor old 3ft community tank had seen better days. The gravel was so deep, I couldn't vac it well. The plants were being eaten by clownloaches amonst others. This before photo was taken when things weren't too bad, it went downhill from then. I started a new tank and the featherfins and danios are gone from the 3ft community and the angelfish, SAE and clowns will be going to the new tank when its stable. I plan to put my 4 common bristlenoses in this 3ft tank so I thought I would spruce it up a bit. Not a lot of point to fixing plants atm but they will get some attention later. I spent hours painstakingly removing the thick gravel and it was chockers full of rubbish. I vac'd and carefully netted it out but at times, I couldn't even see the fish! I installed a canister filter, aquaworld 1100 and that cleared a lot of my mess, together with the large sponge filter and power filter. To hold back the remaining gravel and to make it look like a beach retaining wall, I put smooth pebbles against it. Then I put in sand and a soaked piece of driftwood. I had sawn it to fit a few days ago and the saw marks haven't faded down yet. I also added a new jager heater, complete with heaterguard for when the bristlenose get moved in.
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