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Found 9 results

  1. Been pondering setting up a 4ft Archer Fish display. Originally I Had planned on adding 4 or 5 Archers and a Hyrtlii (Golden Eeltail). Then I saw the price in store, $50 each at only 5-6cms. That's a lot of $, especially considering I'd be buying a new setup to accommodate them. Just wondering what price you Banana Benders pay for Archers and if you think the fish are worth it? Also open to setting up a community tank with 1 or 2 Archers if anybody can suggest some other species that would work. Cheers, OFRC
  2. .The start of my new tank 4x24x18h going to be setup with a 30cm high hood with a glass front with fake plants and vines for archer fish to shoot at food
  3. Hi all, I would like to get some archer fishes for my outdoor planted unheated tank, will need to know what is the best care for them? Tank mate? Would breeding them possible? Tank: 6x2x70cm Filter: Eheim 2217 Sump: starting to do as the holes are drilled, I may move my shrimp and fish to my 4ft sump or 200lt drum acting as sump. Current fish: 100s glass shrimps, 50s RCS, 3 crimson rainsbowfish, random feeders, 3 small marble BNs. Plants: fully planted with many types ranging from moss, wisteria, to small/big needle leaf javafern... Gravel: 2Tones'DIY CO2 sandbased Few big driftwood Cheers, Unheatedtank
  4. Hi all- i have an Archer fish that seems to like eating red capsicum and i've seen him eat cabbage too- strange???? Anyone else out there have a similar experience?
  5. ?? want some archers reel bad anyone on sunnycoast ? cheers jordan
  6. Just found this picture online. I'd chew my left arm off for one, any clue if there are any around in AU to buy??
  7. hi I have just recently purchased 4 archer fish and was wondering if anyone else out there has any and what is best to feed these guys and what is the best water conditions?
  8. Hey guys just want to know if there is anything else i can feed my archer's other than insects and flakes? Thanks
  9. Hey guyz i got an archer fish the other day, i had one before but it got mysteriously bit in half by something anyway i had to take my bass out of the tank because he was getting to agressive. Now my archer now has abit of fin rot and is not eating. I know its probably due to the stress but i don't want to loose this one. I have some fin rot chemical but i don't want to stress him out even more by putting it in. I put abit of salt in to try clear things up but no result as of yet. If anyones got any tips on how to get him good again i would appreciate it. Herbz
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