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Found 51 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. Good evening all , just found this site through good old google , im new to fish scene and have Bristles, L numbers and Coryz , I have have been keen on L numbers for many years and looking to breed both L333's and pepps, anyone in my area have pepps for sale as i have a small number of L333's already , thank you for reading my post and any comments and feedback will be appreciated ............ Go Cowboys
  3. We talk a lot about it in aquarium filtration debates. Understanding that the grand sum of surface area in an aquarium...... is made up of all the things in it, is an important moment for an aquarist. Yes some surfaces, like those in a filter exposed to high nutrient and oxygen levels...... have much more dense microbe populations. but everything has SOME microbes in it. In many ways the quest for clear water, is a battle between microbes that float in the water, and microbes that live ON the surface areas. I want to show you something, which I think is revealing and beautiful. And that is microbes on a SINGLE GRAIN OF SAND. Life on a Grain of Sand | Biology101.org | study guides, online education, science We do them a great disservice when we just count ammonia or nitrite readings. We are building complex worlds on a tiny scale, stable ecosystems elegant in their perfection. We cant see them...... but its nice to know they are there. Dont clean your filters in tapwater. Dont change more than 50% of your filter media at a time. And before doing anything drastic in an aquarium, consider how much surface area you are about to disturb. Those grains of sand add up.
  4. This area is dedicated to showing off your pictures of your Shrimp, Snails and Crayfish
  5. G'day all, Within a few months we are intending to become a minor supplier to "Pet People" in our area and so far we have not got a fish and aquarium Guru or a worm farm Guru Shed 100 uses Gurus (experts and or enthusiasts) and they are not bosses but they keep an eye on what is happening in their area of expertise and order materials and are pivotal in making their shed activity a success and enjoyable for everyone who chooses to participate. Shed life should be a journey for anyone who wants to try different activities and likewise our Gurus do not have to be "stuck" with their area of expertise. Some Shed 100 activities with Gurus are Our committee, set-up expert for small production runs, welding including stainless steel and aluminium, wood working using machines, metal working using a lathe and some milling, leather work, clocks, coin jewelry, casting small objects in resins and low melting point metals, art (painting and etc) wood turning pens (gift quality in exotic wood) wood turning general. We have equipment for but no gurus for: sheet metal rolling, shaping and spot welding, recycling non ferrous metals into small sheets and wires for things like belt buckles and trophies, nickel plating, knife and tool sharpening, glass lead-light. We get a lot of donated materials and goods so some things can be made or refurbished for zero $s. We do workshop stuff for free for local not for profit organizations and the Mount Ommaney Special School and we would like to continue to do that. If you are interested in fish but have not got the space or the tick of approval from your domestic manager then why not join our shed, We have long "smokos" and talk about whatever. Please comment or contact me. FYI (There are more registered Men's Sheds in Australia then there are McDonalds) Men's sheds are attributed with saving male suicides and the concept has gone from Oz across the world. Every shed is different, some are more like drop in centres, others are very workshop oriented, some do music, some do bus trips, and cooking courses for those who want it and anything really if you have some expertise to lead the way anything that interests the men will be successful.
  6. Hi, could anyone recommend a high quality discus breeder in the Brisbane / Gold Coast are?
  7. This thread is dedicated to showing off your pride and joy. So please use this to post up all your home set ups or just pics of your caties owned or wanting to own.
  8. This area is dedicated to showing off your pride and joy pics of your Guppies
  9. Looking in my profile section as directed but kinda lost...?
  10. Hi, just wondering if there are any known cichlid breeders in the Toowoomba area.
  11. Considering getting a custom built 80x80x80cm (height maybe 60 or 70 depending on price) big cube. Would be a planted tank that can be viewed from all sides. I have never had any experience with custom tank builds, any ideas on what something like this would cost?
  12. Hey guys just wondering where the best places are to get quality discus? has anyone ever bought from pet city? Or living reef aquariums?
  13. hey guys i brought a second hand hexaganal corner tank and it has two little leaks i was wondering if anyone in the deception bay area had any silicone or could give me a hand to fix the little tiny leaks as the tank is a present and im not very good at fixing the leaks if anyone knows anyone who is good at re siliconing tanks i am willing to pay for the help please reply or pm me thanks chris
  14. I'm looking for a 30cm ultra clear cube tank, found some online but the shipping cost was so expensive. Does anyone happen to have a spare one?
  15. There have more trips by the club into our wonderful marine environment to get our own marine/reef aquarium species since the last club info thread, as usual. The aandtsociety has been doing field trips for both marine and freshwater aquarium species since the late 1920s. The club doesn’t promote the freshwater side of things anymore, the name associated with us now is (marine/reef aquarium society) we are still the domian name aandtsociety.org.au,it's just we have been mainly marine keepers for a long time now and its time to only show what we know best, keeping marine fish and inverts,plus have attained a wealth of knowledge in the collection of our marine pets. We are lucky in that we do not have to rely on how good or how bad pro collectors have handled their catch that they sell to the shops, or the way the fish have been imported into auz,than you have to take what is available there, using careful catching and transporting ways, we get our own! The club has only been on the net for a few years, so there isn’t much pictorial history of the vast experiences we have had the pleasure of partaking in over the years, but if you want to see our many trips beyond the few pics on our threads here, than follow this link, its where all trips are, since we started taking photos of the trips. Marine fish and invert collecting. These peppermint shrimp were from a low tide rock pool trip, lots around at the moment, hundreds seen, also there were millions of boxer shrimp, some blennies and gobies around, these weren’t kept, still interesting to see the different varieties though, it makes for a good day. The day provided some quality caulerpa amongst many brilliant marine life forms to try and remember their latern names. A Lemon peel angel, one of a few special fish collected for Marks massive tank, in particular. A beautiful and surprisingly friendly mature pair of latezonatus amphiprions, with a young perideraion, some young akindynos and as usual a few young trimaculatus,all living with the latz. This is one of the few anemone fish that will tolerate and live with other damsel family variaties happily,of which all clownish are a part as well. Non of these were touched, this was on a photo trip only, but they do make for a nice group photo,lol. One of the three sharks hanging around on the photo only day. One of the guys insisted it was a young grey nurse, but some one else has said it isn’t, the two others checking us out that day were grey nurse though. Personaly,it was to sleek and quick for a grey nurse, plus I am not interested in sharks, they are seen regularly by us on certain trips, not organised club trips, just members, but as long as they keep at a distance, the aquarium species are far more interesting. Sharks are not an issue really, most are cowards, even the whites we see rarely, but this spot is renowned for sharks, there are no club collecting trips to these types of spots, this was for the ones keen for photos only.
  16. We have received into stock our first lot of the Oase Hel-X bio media touting 40% more surface area than the standard bio media. For pricing and availability 25 Liters of Oase Hel-X Bio Media Bio Media for aquariums sumps, fluid bed filters and commercial applications
  17. There are two akindynos clowns above these tube worms and all of the pale area is comprised of these worms! Needless to say there are millions of them. There are four sites like this.
  18. Wanting to catch a few gudgeons and rainbows for my planted tank wondering if anyone can point me to somewhere near ippy where I could catch some and the best way to do it? Cheers guys and girls
  19. This area is dedicated for you to show off your Koi and goldfish and tanks and ponds
  20. So I'm buying a 6x2x2 tank in the weekend, and in want to get a cabinet made to look exactly the same as an old one I had in a fortnight or so. I would upload a pic by haven't got the net on here yet, I can txt you some pics of my old cabinet. Just shoot me a txt and I'll send thru some pics. Would need it built in Logan area as not many of my mates are willing to drive thurther. Send me a message on 0423729021.
  21. I have a heap of 4-6mm glass i need cut to make more 1ft cubes. So anyone in ippi thats good send me a PM and can go from their. Im as good at cutting it as a .22 is at a 1k shot lol
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. Got a free 2x15x15. Want something in it lol. Anyone got stuff not advertised? Just thought I'd ask, will drive north brissie.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  25. Hi All, Just got my 2 tattoos drawn up and i want to know if there is any "recommended" tattoo artists in the Bris/Coast area. as i live out bush we have no one! haha.
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