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Found 28 results

  1. Found a cool arowana in my local pet shop today so I bought it home. It put up a good fight but it is about an hour in and it is definitely loosing the battle. It did last about 10 times longer than any previous adversaries tho. Sorry the fish isn't real but I thought it was pretty cool.
  2. hi , I am on holiday in uk, saw an ad in local paper where a l.f.s. is selling red arowana for 8thousand pounds each (app $16000.00 dollars) I do not know what these fish are (I keep community &bristlies) but this seems rather expensive to me. Can anyone shed any light on these fish and their value in aus. maybe they are not available there? any info would be good.
  3. Arowana Fishes for sale Something smells fishy here, But anyone after a cheap Arow here you go
  4. so we all know its a bad bad thing when a wholesaler gets their grips on an exotic species usually in the next year or two to follow the market is flooded and demand is gone being able to pick up peacock bass at $8 each is ridiculous, so silver arows? just take a gander over at bayfish... the good news is it probably wont be long until we can all afford a silver or two in our tanks thoughts?
  5. .Hi All, I own a 60cm silver arowana which has recently been a bit sick. After treating it from a skin bacteria on its body it recovered back to normal about 2 weeks ago. Recently, in the past week I now have a new issue of skin around its lips getting eaten away and also cloudy eyes with unusual red bruising. I am not sure what it is, but have been advised its most likely bacteria. For now I have just added a dose of antibiotics tablets to the water to stop it from losing more skin as this should hopefully kill the bacteria. Does any member have any idea what is causing the infection? Tank - 8ft PH - 7 Temperature 30 degrees Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia normal or low.
  6. Is it just me or is their more and more silver arowanas becoming available? Does this mean we could see a drop in price like we did with peacock bass? Arowanas are easily bred in captivity so i don't see why not? Bring on cheap silvers
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hi does anyone know of anyone breeding silver aro in Australia or has anyone on here bread them before? Thanks
  9. this fish was apparently caught in Brazil. wouldn't this be awesome to own!
  10. this fish was apparently caught in Brazil. wouldn't this be awesome to own! Edit: somehow i made this in the african cichlid thread :S Delete please
  11. Fresh water tropical aquarium fishes for sale and others highly beautiful different fish species to beautify your aquarium shipping using courier services like FedEx, DHL and others depending on buyers location Maximum of 3days shipping world wide below are some of the species available Arowana flowerhorn Gold fish botia,lalius neons red parrot fish moorish fish rain bow cichids mandarine fish turtles fish food and medicine available like dry worms ETC contact for more information and details Email ( ilovespam@yahoo.com )
  12. Red Arowana | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Spring Hill
  13. Hey exotic-fish fanatics Just found this article and thought you guys would be interested. A new species of arowana has been 'recorded' for the first time, collected somewhere in Thailand. It has some awesome patterning to it, similar to striation seen on discus fish. Stunning new species of arowana | News | Practical Fishkeeping Imagine what the asian breeders will be able to produce in the future...
  14. NO Im not looking to export...this is just GENERAL AQUARIUM DISCUSSION I remember reading once how some of the arowana "clique" overseas also collected saratoga...think they sometimes called it a pearl arowana....think its in reference to the jardini and its pearl coloured spots on the scales....just wondering how saratoga are viewed overseas....and what people think about them as a member of the arowana brigade....I think saratoga rock personally and I know one day..I WILL have a saratoga playland...... oh and to spark some more convo.....can/has a saratoga been bred with another arowana(say silver for example) before??? Is it genetically possible?...
  15. hey guys i got 2 silver arowanas in a 8x2x3 and i needed some holes drilled in the glass so i drained the tank so there was enough for them to swim and drilled the holes some of the milky water went in the tank so i sucked all i could out of it and filled it back up the temp is a bit low but there swiming around still at the top but there breathing heavey with there mouth open so i was just wondering do you reckon its from the temp drop or the crap that went in the water , thanks guyz Matt
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. G'day All How good is this guys? hardly see this beautifully fish in Brisbane but this is not my lol How about this catfish, do you guy think is real? I haven't seen any catfish that big
  18. Will a 8x2x3 (high) be enough for an asain arowana to live in all its life?
  19. This consists most of the Arowana species (excluding the African Arowana) Enjoy! Osteoglossum Bicirrhosum Silver Arowana Produced in the Amazon River basin. In Guyana. Peruvian. Can grow over 100cm. Reddish tips on fins and tail. Body and scales are silver in colour. Black Arowana Found in the Amazon River basin/ River Negro basin and Guyana in SA. Can grow over 100cm Black tinted fins/tail with a light shade of black/gunmetal on the scales. Sceleropages Jardini/Leichardti Pearl Arowana (Jardini) Can be found in northern Australia Length: Up to 50 ~ 60 cm Shaped more like an Asian Arowana, usually dark in colour. Spotted Arowana (Leichardti) Can be found in south/east Australia Length: Up to 50 ~ 60 cm + Red/Pinkish spots are shown amongst the scales.
  20. Just bought a tank which had to be setup in 1 day for the fish to be moved from one place to the other Cycled filters pH was higher than what is usually kept for the fish - pH 8 no ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate added bunnings play sand and it's clearing up if theres any other information needed just ask the fish has been eating the previous owner fed chicken and beef but it has had some NLS food Any suggestions for treatment? Was thinking water changes for sure, but tap water? not sure if I should trust rainwater Salt? commerical medication?
  21. What type of Arowana is this? By the way, its about 70cm long Green tinge on its mouth and gill plate Dark on the top of him
  22. Why can't we get these here? They say Australian arowana so I assume there Toga's. Heres a link to them http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwarowana&1293655803 http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?fwarowana&1293570001
  23. Hey all, pretty new to all this, but am looking at an Aro for a 6x2x2. Been researching, but can't seem to find Red or Golden Aro's available in Australia? Are they illegal to import. Are there any Australian breeders? If yes, whats the $$? Cheers all, Wellsey.
  24. Hey guys, Went by Youtube and came across the weirdest and most retarded Arowana fish ever! It seems to be conjoined and both are alive. Here is the link: Regards, Steve
  25. I think I already know the answer but just in case. Has anyone seen or know if they are in the country?
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