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Found 26 results

  1. Finally, after all this time there was no rain for long enough for me to get my dream tank home and into my room. 8x3x2 made by Michael at Aquarium and Petland Southport, who I can't thank enough. Had about 9 people lined up to carry the thing, only 6 turned up but it was an easy and smooth lift (not that I can say anything I didn't carry it lol). Made it off the ute around the corner and onto the stand with no damage. Had to get into it, fishkeepers tradition. I didn't want to get out of it once i was in there! A new experience is all I can say. Enjoy the pics. Couldn't imagine a better view from my bed. (Pardon the socks I was as tired as hell by the time I got in there... who cares!)
  2. Gday All, Just arrived in store the new Anton Lamboj - Cichlids Of Africa Volume 2 Those of you who went to the Cichlid Clubs Meeting where he gave a great talk will understand how cool this man is. 134 glossy pages of Haplochromines awesomeness. $60 - minus your forum discount makes it $54 ea Remember to mention QLDAF in the shipping instructions or at the counter. Cheers Josh
  3. .WorX Freshwater Planted 6500K Led's have arrived at AOA that are exceptionally well priced. This is the unit you have been waiting for to replace your tired old Fluro T8 / T5 lighting unit for your aquarium. Link - Age of Aquariums - WorX Led Super bright 6500K white LEDs and rich 460nm blue LEDs come together in an amazingly sleek fixture that’s dialed-in for freshwater aquariums. Great for display also over a Cichlid display or non planted aquarium. 24w - 48w depending on size of fixture Leg mounts included Low profile ( 2cm high and 8cm wide ) Silver in Colour 12 month replacement warranty Priced at $89.00 for the 60cm unit up to $129.00 for the 120cm unit. I have posted a few pics of these units over a dry display in store. We will be setting up a new freshwater planted display in store and will post up pictures as it progresses. These units are exceptionally bright and really need to be seen in person to be appreciated. Very sturdy build quality and does not feel cheap and flimsy compared to other units on the market. Ben
  4. New Eheim Pro 4 have been released and we have the new models. Starting from a low $349 - German made quality and a 3 year warranty. What we liked at The Tech Den with the Eheim Pro 4 Canister Filter Eheim Professional 4+ Canister filters deliver good flow through Eheim's own media and the high quality media is also included. The Eheim Pro 4 range are designed to cater for aquariums from smaller to up to 600 litres with its quiet yet powerful performance the Pro Series has always been a flagship of Eheim. Ehiem has some nice additions in this series with the added process of being able to bypass with the Xtender which is handy if you do not have the time to clean straight away or confronted with blocked media. Also only allowing the hoses to be detached when the hose adaptor is closed to prevent water mess and spills. The Self Priming makes the Pro 4 makes it nice and easy when getting it ready to run for the first time as well as consistent ongoing performance. German design and manufacture brings Eheim quality to the forefront and backing with a 3 Year Warranty supported by not only by us at The Tech Den but also backed the Australian Authorised Distributor for Eheim. The Pro 4 Series is highly recommended and ideal for anyone that appreciates highly filtered water filtration for their aquarium. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Eheim_Canister_Filters_s/1951.htm
  5. Sorry - there is just too much info to try and pop up so here are the links and the Vids... http://www.thetechden.com.au/Neptune_Sytems_Apex_WAV_with_1Link_2_Pumps_and_Po_ p/wsk-au.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.thetechden.com.au/Neptune_Systems_Apex_PAR_PMK_Kit_with_Real_Reef_Ro _p/pmk.htm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.thetechden.com.au/Apex_Dual_Dosing_Reservoir_for_DOS_Unit_p/ddr.htm http://www.thetechden.com.au/v/vspfiles/photos/DDR-2T.jpg
  6. Shogun 500w Aquarium Heaters Now in Stock at a Great Introductory price of only $59.95 ( well $53.95 for QLDAF Members ). Digital LED read out with built in memory that remembers last shutdown temperature. Precise temperature control with a tolerance accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius Energy saving design Quality tested For fresh & salt water Safety cut off circuit ensures the unit does not overheat even when the water level drops sharply. Will power off automatically if removed out of the water. Heating function turns off automatically and shows 'HH' when temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Shatter resistant safety glass Heater Guard included 2 Year Warranty Rated for up to 1000 litres ( based on manufactures recommendations ) length: 52cm - We have tested these units and have found them to maintain an even temperature in aquariums up to 1500 litre's depending on ambient temp. Link - Age of Aquariums - Shogun Heater 500w * Introductory Special * Ben
  7. The ARKA Doser has arrived !!. Link - Age of Aquariums - ARKA VIDA-GT DOSER The 4-channel VIDA-GT dosing computer combines an integrated magnetic stirring unit and automatic hose emptying. The result is unprecedented convenience for perfect aquarium care that redefines the concept of an "automatic" dosing unit. Magnetic stirrer and hose emptying. Whether dealing with bacterial solutions or water conditioners, trace elements or liquid feed suspensions, convenient dosing is at its best when nothing is impossible. The integrated stirring unit with neodymium magnets impresses with the simplicity of its automatic dosing. The automatic hose emptying with hose length learning function completes the new definition of "simple" Dosing channels : 4 freely programmable, individually disabled Dosing volume: 1 -1999 ml per channel per dosing Dosing Adjustable: 0 - 24 hour Dosing intervals Periodic: 1-30 days / 1-24 hours. 6 individually programmable dosing times per day / channel Individual daily programming Dosing accuracy: +/- 2% after calibration Menu Languages: English, German, French Magnetic stirrer : 1 per channel, power by driver unit and stirring rod with neodymium magnets Mixing times: 120 seconds every 30 minutes and before each dosing Emptying hose: 1 per channel, can be calibrated to a tube length of max. 6m Power Supply: 110-240 V 12 DC out 1000 mA Connection cable: Network Connector RJ 45 for slave module Temperature range: 0 - 50 degrees Celsius Material: ABS plastic Dimensions: 290 x 176 x 76mm Priced at $599.00 !!!
  8. ..If you loved the Nano Care Magnet you are going to want the big brother. Almost double the size but not double the price and will handle glass 10-15mm. With a gap between the magnet and the glass also means that gravel and sand will not get caught. Also received in the 6020 nanostreams which are very well priced as well. http://www.thetechden.com.au/Tunze_Nano_Care_Magnet_Long_0220_011_10_15mm_Glass _p/0220.015.htm Here is the smaller nano care magnet at work. Tunze Nano Care Magnet 0220.010 Tunze Turnbelle nanostream 6015. The Tunze Turbelle nanostream is German made and of the highest quality and extremely efficient.
  9. Tunze Comline Doc Protein Skimmer 9001 has arrived !!. Tunze`s newest and most compact skimmer! Measuring only 4.3 x 2.5 x 8.5 inches. It is ideal for nano reef aquariums up to 140 litres and only uses 2.5w !!. Typical German made Tunze Quality that we have loved for over 50 years. Includes needlewheel pump and magnet holder for up to 10mm glass or acrylic. Features Surface suction with surface film removal. Intermediate chamber with a patented anti-overfoaming system. Bubble-Free outgoing water. Large skimmer cup with foam reactor that can be easily removed. Air flow regulation and silencer for an exceptionally quiet operation. Silicone buffers on the skimmer prevent the transfer of vibrations to the aquarium. Attachment with a patented magnet holder for a glass thickness up to 15mm (1/2") Tunze Foamer 9012.040 high air flow performance and low energy consumption only 2.5w !!! Made in Germany 2 year warranty Priced at only $169.00 !! Link - Age of Aquariums - Tunze Comline Doc Protein Skimmer 9001 Ben
  10. Hi all, got some tapajos from ozmo and had to share a pic or three. Cheers mick
  11. Hi All. We just received our shipment of Green Element LED's. Currently we have the 12" Nano up to the 72" 156w unit. Configured currently with a 3w actinic / 10k mix. We will have the dedicated 6500k version in approximately 3 months ( currently in production ) Prices start from $89.00 ( 10% QLDAF Discount applies as per norm ) Link - Age of Aquariums - Green Element 12 Month Local Australian Warranty on all components. Ben
  12. Have received in both the Amazonia Soil and Amazonia Powder. Did not receive the 3l bags we initially thought - just the 9 liter size which does work out better value too. ADA Amazonia Soil 9l ADA Amazonia Soil 9l (Powder) [MENTION=6158]beencees[/MENTION]
  13. ADA had arrived at AOA. Our shipment of ADA finally arrived this morning. We have the following Soil in stock Amazonia - Normal 9L $45.00 per bag Amazonia - Powder 9L $69.00 per bag Malaya - Normal 9L $45.00 per bag Africana - Normal 9L $45.00 per bag Great time to try the most famous Plant Substrate on the market as we only charge $7.50 per order regardless of weight or quantity of items Australia wide. Usual 10% Forum Discount Applies. Link - Age of Aquariums - ADA Aquasoil Ben
  14. Fluval FX6's have arrived at AOA at the great price of only $494.10 ( after your 10% forum discount ) Remember we will beat any total delivered price by 10% so you will always buy at the right price from us. Specs - Super-capacity canister filter for aquariums up to 1500 litres * Enhanced filter performance for superior aquarium water quality * Includes all essential filtering media to streamline aquarium filtration FluvalUpgrade of popular high performance canister filter boasts enhanced performance and setup ease. Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter makes aquarium fishkeeping easier and more convenient. Astounding 5.9 litre media capacity filter is powered by an energy-efficient pump with a 3500-lph pump output that draws just 43 watts! The result is cleaner and healthier aquarium water while reducing operating costs. Fluval FX6 Canister Filter comes with all the essential filtering media to provide complete 3-stage filtration. No need to purchase additional media for initial startup! Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter is powered by a more efficient motor, which provides better performance while consuming 10% less electricity than its predecessor, the Fluval FX5. Smart Pump Technology (SPT) ensures optimal filter performance with an electronic circuit board that continually monitors pump performance to deliver powerful output and energy efficiency. SPT also manages the filter's self-starting feature and evacuates air that may enter or build up within the filtration system. On a 12-hour cycle, the pump will pause and allow trapped air to escape, ensuring the best filtration efficiency at all times. Multistage filter features removable media baskets precision engineered to eliminate water by-pass for efficient filtration. Each media basket is lined with a mechanical foam insert for effective mechanical pre-filtering. Instant-release T-handles let you lift and separate the baskets quickly and easily, making routine maintenance simpler. For freshwater or marine aquariums up to 1500 Litres. Includes: Fluval FX6 filter, 13.1 ft (4 m) of 1" diameter tubing, purge valve hosing, 3 removable media baskets with mechanical foam inserts ( 5.9 Liter total media capacity), Bio-Foam media, BioMax media, Carbon pad, 2 media bags, intake & output assembly, rim connecters, metal clamps, and user manual. Specifications Dimensions Pump lph Mechanical Area Filter lph Head Height Watts 17" dia x 21" high 3500 lph 325.5 in2 2128 lph 10.8 ft 41W Key Features: Multi-Stage Filtration produces healthy aquarium water For fresh and saltwater aquariums Features Smart Pump Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management Advanced motor technology provides better performance and reliability while consuming 10% less electricity Click-Fit AquaStop Valves allow fast setup and leak-proof maintenance Valves are positioned at 45 degree angles and rotate for easy installation Self-starting filter - Just add water and plug in-Smart Pump Technology will do the rest Monthly maintenance indicator allows you to remember the date of your last filter maintenance/water change Heavy-duty Anti-Clog Telescopic Strainer ensures continuous flow Multi-Directional Output Nozzles can be adjusted to create specific water flows Purge Valve with Drain Hose for easy maintenance and flushing of the canister Water change feature eliminates need to carry buckets of water - Simply attach appropriate hose to the output - Smart Pump Technology will do the rest For aquariums up to 1500 litres 3 year replacement warranty on motor Made in Italy Link - Age of Aquariums - Fluval FX6 Ben
  15. Just took delivery of the Aqua one 2700. I would of loved a FX6 but she who must be obeyed said no
  16. You will appreciate this one - how about pumping 2 meters deep - how about virtually inaudible and how sexy is this - see through double wall encasing with dampening to make it super quiet. Even if you are not after a new air pump just check this baby out - just another reason Aquael is a major quality brand rocking and shaking up the market. Aquael Oxypro 150 Air Pump - ultra quiet and supplies air up to 2m deep
  17. We have just expanded the range of AOA fish food. We have been selling the ever popular AOA bits for 10 + years now and expanded two years ago with AOA fry bits. Now we have AOA Algae Wafers in a 250gm size. We decided to offer this as several brands we stock have discontinued the 250gm size and changed the wafer size / ingredients. We have selected the finest Algae Wafer available to offer our customers. Priced at $20.00 for a 250gm container. Link - Age of Aquariums - AOA Algae Wafers 250gm Ingredients Fish meal, soybean meal, wheat flour, broken rice, kelp meal, alfalfa, brewers yeast, salmon oil, wheat gluten, spirulina, lecithin, minerals, vitamins (ascorbic acid (vitamin C)), alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E), pantothenic acid, pyridoxine (vitamin B6), folic acid, retinol (vitamin A), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), biotin, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), menadione sodium bisulfite (vitamin K3)), amino acids and preservatives (calcium propionate, potassium sorbate, ethoxyquin). Guaranteed analysis Protein 34.2 % Fiber 4.0 % Fat 4.0 % Ash 9.0 % Moisture 9.6 %
  18. Heap of new items this week and a lot to be entered into the system and will try to get them all in as quick as possible. Melafix Primafix Fluval Shrimp Stratum Hydra Internal filters Aqua Zonic Miracle LED Lights Red Sea Salt - Test Kits - Foundations, Colours. Waterlife Protozin Myxazin Sterazin
  19. We have received the new formulation on the Black Water Extract and it is on the shelves ready to go. More sizes 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litres. Wanted a smaller size for the Betta Lovers and is in a pump pack to make it easy to administer. Dose rate is at 10ml per 20 litres and you can go lighter or stronger too depending on what you want to achieve. If you have a small tank like for Betta's the 250ml pump pack you can simply dose at two pumps per litre. Black water for aquarium and fishtank fish. Breeding and Bio Types. If you notice the pricing is better and don't forget you get the additional 10% off for being a QLDAF Member. The new Black water extract has a two fold effect, apart from containing a pure form of peat which contains Tannic and Humic acids ( essential to replicating Amazonian type water)...., it also has a Calcium specific de-ionizer that assist in softening water. In the process of doing this it also removes the toxic effects of Calcium Hydroxide in Town Water. Because of this profoundly well researched principle of Calcium removal this product is unparalleled by any other of this type. As a result of Calcium chelation and natural acids the pH will slowly lower over a couple of weeks
  20. Hi All, We have just imported our first container of Fish tanks. Beveled edges , new glass and pricing includes lids. All aquariums meet current safety specifications. All tanks listed below are currently in stock. We are able to freight the tanks at the buyers expense. Please email sales@aquariumproducts.com.au for a quote on freight if needed. QLDAF Members receive a 10% discount off these advertised prices. Here is a link, http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/aquariums.php?page=3&instid=8390 L x W x H 610mm x 305mm x 305mm $35.00 760mm x 380mm x 380mm $50.00 910mm x 380mm x 457mm $85.00 1220mm x 380mm x 457mm $105.00 1220mm x 457mm x 457mm $130.00 1220mm x 610mm x 610mm $215.00 1830mm x 610mm x 610mm $360.00 Ben
  21. I am very pleased with the contents. I think I might just have to take a photo or two of what's inside once they are settled in.
  22. Hi All, For you QLDAF members not based in QLD here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Koi Food The new JPD range is considered the best koi food in the market in Asia / USA. On a side note we do have a large amount of American cichlid keepers / Large Africans that love the range of JPD also. Ben
  23. G'day, At last my tank stands arrived, and I've been waxing for a while now to get them looking great. I've had one tank set up with water cycling with a few guppies and plants. My other four ft tank has the substrate in ready to go for planting. I've looked through this forum on the live goods section for a while, but it seems that very little comes up with plants on offer. I want to set up a planted tank, and have a decent substrate with laterite and vermiculite mixed beneath small black gravel. I was wondering if any members have plants available regularly, or currently - and if we can set up a section (or direct me where to look more closely) for this type of information.
  24. I am on cloud 9 at present. The 5D II, 24-70 f/2.8 L USM, 70-200 IS L f/2.8 II USM and 2X II Converter arrived late today. I am still waiting on the battery grip, filters and strobes but at least the main stuff is here. Time to get myself acquainted with it.
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