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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, anyone got a link to somewhere online or know of where to buy nice artificial aquarium plants? PM me if its not a sponsor to keep the mods happy ta
  2. I've previously never been a fan of plastic plants in aquariums but as my new(ish) 8' tank was looking pretty bare I thought i'd give some a go. I got about 4 different brands (that i cant remember at the moment) ... lots of different shapes & sizes ... got one of those 'silk' imitation sword plants & one of those new 'marina' (i think) plastic imitation swords. Overall all these artificial plants seem over-priced & badly made! :urgh: thier original bases fall off at the drop of a hat, the silk plant is better attached to it's base but it's base is too light & the fish easily pull it out of the substrate. the long tendrilly (my new word) plastic plants have these snap-together points that snap apart at a swish of my salmontail's tail !@# & then they float around looking aweful. the new marina plastic imitation sword is the best so far but imo it's base is too light for the size of it... once a bit of substrate is dug away from it's base the wieght of the metal wire in it's 'branchs' makes it fall over :urgh: So last night I took all the plants out... glued all the snap-together points so they can't snap apart anymore, took off all the bases (except for the imitation swords) & CABLE-TIED them in bunchs to a heavy chunk of slate I took the base off the marina sword & attached a heavy ceramic toroid to the base then glued it back on... now the plants seem pretty solid... despite dopey fish that try n dig/rip them out! I will say however that the new marina sword plant with the wire in it's branchs looks pretty nice once you've spent the time to bend all the branchs into a realistic shape. Anyone else have stories about artificial plants?
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