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Found 10 results

  1. I was at Atlas probably 2 months ago or so, they had a tank just inside the door which had Africans in it. Anyway, there was one really colourful one, like a rainbow lorrikeet of fish, and I didn't think to ask what it was. Does anyone remember this and know what it was? Or perhaps what it might be? I haven't really come across anything like it since I've got my tank...
  2. Hey guys, I found a copy of Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes at a local store, and it seems a little dear, just wondering, is it worth a bit of money? AND, more importantly, is it a good book?? I can't remember which edition it is, but I remember it has the oscar on the front. Thanks guys, Finn.
  3. Dropped into atlas aquarium today and saw that they had about 7 nice mangrove jack that were all about 5cm. Just thought I'd pass on the info as there aren't too many youngens about
  4. Just wondering where online or on the gold coast area, I'm after American cichlid books or atlas and also L number books or atlas , let me know cheers
  5. Hi all I'm looking to buy an up to date discus classification catalogue book/ atlas. I'm aware of the one by Martin Ng published in 2004. It looks good but it's not currently available on amazon. Does anyone know a reputable site I could order it from? Any other recommendations appreciated. Cheers
  6. eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d If you want to learn about fish these books are a must FJ
  7. Hi Guys, I was up in Brisbane today and took the opportunity to visit a few lfs. On my travels, I decided to pop into Atlas Aquarium at Wavell Heights, which I had heard was up for sale recently, and see what was happening there. This is one of Brisbane's oldest shops, and as one of Brisbane's "older" fishkeepers, I can remember dealing with this shop since since well before it was relocated from its original location at The Grange, where it occupied two shops on opposite sides of the street and was a "must visit" for all local fishkeepers at the time. I was sad to hear of its apparent decline as reported in a recent thread, and decided to have a look for myself. Well, I'm glad I did I can report there is now a new owner in residence and a resurgence is underway. Young Ben, who used to work there, is back in town and is now the proud new owner. On my visit today, I saw that he has removed the old saltwater tanks and is in the process of installing a brand new saltwater system, which he told me will be operational by the end of next week. He told me about his plans to revamp the shop and increase cichlid holding capacity substantially in the near future. He certainly had good stocking levels of african cichlids when I was there today, the tanks were all chockas with some nice looking fish. Ben is a QLDAF member, and told me he has applied to be a forum sponsor when a vacancy arises, and is always happy to see and help out forum members. I for one am glad to see this shop get another opportunity to be successful and wish Ben all the best. He tells me he is there 7 days a week, so if you're in the area, pop in and say hello. Cheers, Doug
  8. Baensch Atlas 5 Does anyone know if its in English yet ??? And if so where to buy it Junkie
  9. Did anyone know that atlas was put up for sale as of monday? Well I don't buy much off em but hope whoever buys it keeps it going, if not update the place a bit! Steve
  10. Hey to all from Atlas. Been on the forum for a bit but only just starting to get into it...time is not a friend of mine. The last thing I usually want to do when I get home is talk about fish (or algae clean my own tanks). In truth, I usually rely on Benni to keep me up to date with forum goings on. I'll be on a bit more regularly from now on. Any questions about the shop can obviously go to the atlas_aquarium name, myself or benni. cheers Stephen Manager Atlas Aquarium 270 Rode Road Wavell Heights 32653774
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