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Found 23 results

  1. After about a month of getting everything together to start my first DSM (Dry Start Method) tank I am finally underway. First of all I would like to thank John [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION], [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] and [MENTION=7848]PETFISH[/MENTION] for helping put all this together. Having set up a few tanks in my time, I wanted to take the time and set one up without jumping in head first. I know that some of us, rush in and set up fast (guilty as charged), but I wanted to take the time, to make sure, everything is right. So let the journey begin. Initially, I was going to use my stock standard 2Lx1.5Hx1Wft tank which had little depth. But after a visit to the tech den, I saw a perfect tank, which suited my needs with a bit more depth. Less volume, but more suitable to my needs. So after a little bit of indecisiveness I decided to purchase the tank. The tank has a volume of 70L and will be set up Iwagumi style with HC. On completion of DSM, the tank will house CRS. Filtration for this tank will be an Eheim 2213, lighting is a Kessil A150WE Amazon Sun and an Ista C02 reg and solenoid (1lt) with reactor. Substrate is a combination of Benbachi Fluvic and Mr aqua soil. After a little umming and ahhing (I wasn't going to stain) I decided to stain and varnish the stand in black to match the substrate. Here is the tank before staining. And after...with the light set-up. Next, the substrate, rocks and HC added... Then, let the DSM begin.... Will post updates and pics as time passes by. Thanks for looking and let me know if I can improve in any way. Cheers
  2. My daughter showed me sand waterfall/fountains on Youtube recently so I decided to have a crack at making one. Ingredients: 1 mm sand. [ MUST be 1mm ] I used pool filter sand. 25 mm pvc pipe. 2 of 25 mm elbows. 1 airstone. Airpump and 4 mm airline. Half a brain. So I drilled a hole for the airline in the rear of the pvc and a hole in the top elbow to allow air bubbles to escape. Now I need to fine tune it to keep the sand falling directly in front of the bottom elbow otherwise there is no sand at the inlet. I will cut the top elbow shorter to hopefully fix this. To be continued.......maybe
  3. Hey guys, So this is my first attempt at scapeing what do you guys think, are there any tips or tricks to scapeing and i also have larger rocks but am afraid of shucking them in and breaking the glass is there a certain weight of rock i shouldn't be chucking in thanks. to see pics go to dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sc/y8jon54gnzr7r2m/AAAd5rUP197ScgDH-td-7m5va
  5. So last year I saw a few guys growing there b/s to full adults ,and with the wether warming up I thort I'd get a head start this year and try it my self . From what utube has shown me all you need is ... Drum salt Water And air to keep water moving I used a 200l blue drum (clean) and started to fill it with used fish tank water After it was almost full I needed to add salt and enough to get the salinity right ,trying to match what I hatch my b/s in , after putting all that salt in I tested it lol. Not even close hahaha Ok more salt I used x4 the green jug and got it close Got it !!! Now just add the new hatched shrimp tomorrow ........( if your wondering why there are chicken eggs next to my b/s hatchery that because a chook has taken a liking to laying her eggs on my work bench ) as this is my first time doing this any tips or input would be great Steve
  6. hey guys so just thought i would chuck this up, getting my new marine setup all together and running just a thread to keep track of the progress in my tank, and hopefully you guys can chuck a little advice on how to make it look... better? haha heres the photos i will be buying a sump hopefully this week, which will be a three chamber system, and be a home for a fuge, protein skimmer, filter sock(s) heater and my return pump will need to get the tank drilled first which will be done hopefully sometime next week house stays at a pretty constant temp, but will be buying a small chiller just as a safeguard (its a great excuse when you dont have much mun) and then on top of that will be buying all sorts of crazy reactors for calcium, phosban and carbon (did i miss any? you get the point). The tank is being helped to cycle by 6L of pre cycled matrix that has come straight out of a running tank that has been taken down now. added 10kgs of liverock yesterday arvo, as well as a Galaxea spp. which i absolutely love! plan of keeping it with other corals slightly diminished when i found out how aggressive they are, and not good with other corals in a certain radius. i will just place it in a direction where the sweepers will be blown away from other corals? or when the tank is fully matured and im ready to chuck some more corals in i will just find another home for the galaxea. Not sure what stocking is going to be yet, it is still on the cards. the tank is 36x24x28 (all in inches, dont even know which system to follow anymore) will be upgrading lighting in the next coming weeks stay posted, any suggestions appreciated (edit: otto internal is only in the tank to remove fine particular waste, and serves as the only mechanical filtration. until i get my sump and filter socks this will stay in the tank. forgot to mention the tank had an ammonia spike today, as what goes with the addition of liverock into the tank on monday, will be keeping a close eye on the levels and hope for a short winter... ahem i mean cycle!)
  7. Hi everyone, been lurking the forums for a little while so I figured I would finally become an active member . Now that I have my tank up and running I thought I would share. The tank is a 3 x 2 x1.5 I'm planning on having as a murray cod only tank , until the cod needs to move on to a larger home ( probably not that long). Then it will be converted to marine for a mantis shrimp. Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think.
  8. Hello, this is a plan for my first marine setup attempt. I got a aquaworld tl550 128L all in one tank. First think I did was rip out the T5s out of the hood. I wanted LEDs and I ordered a cheap one from an American website. It never arrived:frusty: so I got my money back. I ended up getting a maxspect g2-400 160w unit. Fairly old but it hasn't been used much apparently:der:. The LEDs are clip in so easy to replace as well. It has: 2x 30w whites 14x 3w Cree whites 14x 3w Cree blues 4x 3w violets Each of these is on a separate circuit and programable timer for each one. At the moment the timer is on: Blues/violets- 7am-9pm 3w whites 9am-7pm 30w whites 11am-1pm Heater: Jagar 100w? Or should I got 150w? I got both spare here ready to go anyway... I use ro water from a PSI filters 4 stage RODI unit. The skimmer I also replaced with a much larger one, seems to be doing the job. I plan to just start off with some cheap softies and then if they thrive I'll try some hps and then sps. But that's only if everything goes well lol. Fish I plan on getting a goby and pistol shrimp 'pair' as watching a symbiotic relationship would be rather interesting and a bit different from the usual clowns I've got live rock in the tank and it is cycling, I'll update with pictures in the next few days. Also any tips with things I'm doing wrong or things to be carful about ect would be awsome too
  9. Hey guys going to have a crack at doing my first sump i have attached a picture of how i think i want to go with it which i copied from JBGC,s thread and changed to suit what i was thinking. Nothing is to scale just a concept please leave comments and opinions/advice. Thanks
  10. My first attempt at video. The colors look yuck.. really dissappointed. It doesn't look life-like at all. What am I doing wrong? This was shot on a 5d3 with ISO 1000, aperture 6.3, and shutter 1/100. The resolution is 1280x720 at 50fps. The video looks fine with viewing in camera, but looks awful when viewing via media player on PC or youtube. It is in .MOV format. attempt 2 looks a bit better
  11. Hey everyone! I've decided that I'm going to attempt a paludarium in a 4 foot tank I have. Its going to be designed for south american cichlids and a small turtle. Im not overly sure on stocking yet but I've been toying with: -Blue acara (but they get fairly large) or possibly -Some ram's I won't lie it's the first time I would have kept Americans so I'm not really sure what goes well with what? Any idea's? Keeping in mind not to small the turtle will annoy them too much. Any way back to the paludarium itself. Now I've thought about the design alot but as its my first attempt I was hoping for some pointers of feedback. 1. I have the idea of using a submersed filter and the return to be attached to pvc piping to supply the water fall/"rainmaker". Does any have any ideas on this? Will there be enough pressure etc etc? 2. The false bottom? What would be the best thing to make this out of? 3. The barrier between water and land, any ideas? I'm just thinking a piece of PVC or something hidden in the substrate? Look in all honesty guys I would love any feedback! Stocking suggestions both for plants and fish? And any ideas to do with the set up! Thanks heaps, Nathan
  12. Made some fish food for Tadpole today, he loved it but it's not 'gelling' the way I would have liked. Trying to work out if I didn't add enough agar (used that rather than gelatine) or if agar is just not ideal for the job. I have some ideas for next time (bringing the agar to a boil on the stove then folding in the blended 'goop' INTO the pot of boilig agar and water) but looking for suggestions. =) Should I use gelatine next time? Does it 'hold' better? It seems to clump a bit in water but does come apart fairly easy. I'm wanting something with the consistency of 'fish fuel' blocks. In this attempt: de-fatted beef heart WHOLE green prawn (shell and head and all) squid mussel high quality algae wafers (couldn't afford spirulina this time) leftover Sera flora flake Seachem garlic guard (mmm, yummy) (ps, blendered squid smells exactly like you'd think. Erp) And a video of Tadpole's vote: "Nomnom!"
  13. Hi People, I am only new to Fish Keeping and Aquascaping, Here is a couple photos of my 2 Foot Tank, I thought I would try something small First, I cant wait till I get a Decent size tank to do the same to it http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i466/les_420/SAM_0845.jpg http://i1095.photobucket.com/albums/i466/les_420/SAM_0844.jpg Let me know what yous think. Cheers Les
  14. The nearest I could get to water movement............I'm still working on it :confused: :confused:
  15. Hey guys, As the title states, this is my first attempt at building or even using a sump. The sump is being made out of an old 2.5x1x1.5 tank I had laying around. It will be used to filter my 6x2x2. I have a few questions that Im hoping to have answered. I have searched through the forums and gathered as much knowledge as I can before even attempting a design but there are a few loose ends. Firstly, My tank was second hand when I bought it and I understand it is over 10yr old so Im not game enough to have the tank drilled. Ive bought an overflow box to use but I was wondering what i can connect the air tube up to so that the syphon is maintained even in the event of a power out. Im told that these units are supposed to keep the syphon going but Ive also heard som horror stories of massive overflows. Secondly, after searching designs and reading what I can find on the forum I have come up with a design of my own that I think will work well. That being said I have never done this before and definitely need advice. If you could have a look at my very basic design that i whipped up in paint and tell me if A. I have left enough space for media and B. if in the event of a power out, it could overflow onto the floor :hothead: :hothead: :hothead: Finally..... Where do i place my heater and air stone? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. Joe. P.S. to explain my drawing a little, the front and top views are fairly self explanitory, but all of the cirlces in the side view represent holes i want to drill in the first baffle to allow even distribution across the bioballs/cubes/gutter guard... whatever ends up going in there.
  16. Here is some pics of my first attempt at making a fry saver, I have a few ideas on how to tweak the design for the next one. I currently have about 5 million Rivulatus fry in it (ok maybe not that many, but you get the idea) 1.2 Litre Ice Cream container Drilled a hole in the centre to stick through the upstand For the upstand I just used some bits of spray bars from cannister filters. Also siliconed it in place. Next I cut some holes in 3 sides of the container I used a course filter pad from a cannister filter to cover the holes, I was going to use a fine fly screen mesh, but figured the filter sponge may offer some better biological filtration and give something for the fry to pick at (plus I didnt have any fly screen and Leanne would probably crack it if I cut some off the back door) Next I added an angle piece to the top of the upstand, and drilled a 4mm hole in the top to feed the airline into it, I didnt use an airstone, just shoved the airline down there. I was kinda trying to remember back to school days on whether this set up would work ie: pull new water through from underneath whilst pushing old water out through the sponge. (It did ) On the 4th side that i didnt cut the hole in, I have just used some suction caps to attach it to the side of the tank, My second attempt will need some thought on a better way to do this, as the other side sagged a little, so i had to prop it up with a clip and a piece of pipe (a tad dodgy) Let me know what you think, any feedback, critisism (within reason) will be appreciated. Adrian
  17. Yeh yeh i know they pretty dodgey but im blaming the camera Just purchased these fish from raycam today and am so in love with them i couldnt help but post up a couple of pics. These fish have only been in the tank for 3 hours but have settled in nicely and the syns are already digging a pit to lay in
  18. Just designing my second sump, it's for a 6x2x2 and will hopefully be made from a 3x1x1' tank. I am thinking I want the overflow piping to come in underwater in the first compartment to prevent noise of having a spraybar directly to media like my first sump. Then 2 compartments for filter medias at and then the last for the pump. Hopefully it will look a lil something like my paint sketch. The only thing with my design I am wondering is if it will splash coming into the pump section or not? Comments would be greatly appreciate especially any forseen problems with the design. Red is plumbing and pump water flows from left to right.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. My poor old 3ft community tank had seen better days. The gravel was so deep, I couldn't vac it well. The plants were being eaten by clownloaches amonst others. This before photo was taken when things weren't too bad, it went downhill from then. I started a new tank and the featherfins and danios are gone from the 3ft community and the angelfish, SAE and clowns will be going to the new tank when its stable. I plan to put my 4 common bristlenoses in this 3ft tank so I thought I would spruce it up a bit. Not a lot of point to fixing plants atm but they will get some attention later. I spent hours painstakingly removing the thick gravel and it was chockers full of rubbish. I vac'd and carefully netted it out but at times, I couldn't even see the fish! I installed a canister filter, aquaworld 1100 and that cleared a lot of my mess, together with the large sponge filter and power filter. To hold back the remaining gravel and to make it look like a beach retaining wall, I put smooth pebbles against it. Then I put in sand and a soaked piece of driftwood. I had sawn it to fit a few days ago and the saw marks haven't faded down yet. I also added a new jager heater, complete with heaterguard for when the bristlenose get moved in.
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