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Found 22 results

  1. Due to popular demand (and mostly @none) we are reviving the QLDAF Auctions. We will hold them at 3 month intervals. There are some changes coming to the rules..... Targeting weekend of 16/17 July. Watch for more information, and start hoarding your fish and your $$$$$
  2. Q.F.A.S. and CLUBS; AUCTIONS and EVENTS 2016 now posted in QLDAF Events Calendar & Announcements forum. Graeme
  3. .....Please Note: Auction dates and venues are tentative and still need to be confirmed, unless the word "CONFIRMED" appears beside the date in GREEN. Saturday FEBRUARY 6th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE ST CABOOLTURE near hospital for more information check out our website at Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists Saturday MARCH 19TH CONFIRMED Q.F.A.S. SUPER AUCTION Fish in at 3.30pm TO 6.00pm. Auction starts 5.00pm *** PLEASE NOTE NEW TIMES *** NUDGEE Junior School Kate Street Indooroopilly index Saturday APRIL 16th CONFIRMED Q.F.A.S. MARKET DAY Set up from 9.00am open to public 10.00am finishes 1.00pm. Ipswich Vigoro Club Hall **NOTE NEW VENUE** Joyce Street, East Ipswich, index Saturday MAY 14th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA. NOTE: this is a FISH ONLY auction QAH CABOOLTURE SHOW AQUARIUM COMPETITION CONFIRMED Setup Saturday 28th MAY Show Friday 3rd, 4th & 5th JUNE Entries and schedules - contact QAH. Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists Saturday JULY 9TH CONFIRMED Q.A.H. TWILIGHT MARKET DAY PLEASE NOTE: following suggestions from people at the Ipswich Market Day this will be a Twilight Market Day. Set up from 4.00 pm open to public 5.00 pm finishes 8.00pm. Bar Jai Hall 178 Alexandra Road Clayfield. Contact; Graeme Day 0402 841 627 for bookings or information. index QFAS ROYAL QUEENSLAND SHOW AQUARIUM COMPETITION CONFIRMED Setup Saturday 30th JULY Show open Friday 5th AUGUST to Sunday 14th AUGUST. Entries and schedules will be available from the EKKA website early in MAY Saturday SEPTEMBER 3rd CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND AQUARIUM HOBBYISTS AUCTION AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.30PM CABOOLTURE HIGH SCHOOL HALL LEE ST CABOOLTURE near hospital for more information check out our website at Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists Saturday OCTOBER 15th CONFIRMED QUEENSLAND CICHLID GROUP AUCTION STARTS 5.00PM FISH IN FROM 3.00PM VIRGINIA STATE SCHOOL SANDGATE ROAD VIRGINIA. NOTE: this is a FISH ONLY auction Saturday NOVEMBER 26th CONFIRMED Q.F.A.S. SUPER AUCTION Fish in at 2.30pm TO 5.00pm. Auction starts 4.00pm Ambrose Tracey College (St Joseph's Junior School) Bridge Street Kate Street Indooroopilly index If you have any information that you would like to add to the above please send me a pm with it and I will include it above. Graeme
  4. Evening all. I just thought I would throw up a post to share my opinion & get others opinions on the market day that was on today at Springwood. Firstly this is the first market day I have dropped into & I must say I liked the idea. Definitely a base to work from. To me these market days are the exact opposite of the auctions (which I have given up on) and that is a good thing. Instead on having to go out on a Saturday night & sit there all evening/morning just hoping that something I was after would pop up, I was able to peruse all items at my leisure. I knew what time & suburb it was on (in the middle of the day, perfect) & could plan my day around it. I used the opportunity to ride the daisy hill mountain bike trails before going down to the Market day. But even if it was further afield for me I could easily plan a day out with the family & still drop past. I feel this can make these types of events more accessible to more people. One of the reasons I don't go to auctions anymore is that Im not going to drag my son out all night nor do I want to miss a weekend family dinner, without all the busyness that comes with weekdays. Instead of having to listen to auctioneers (one in particular) dribble on & on about rubbish & how we don't appreciate all the hard work they put in blah blah blah, I was able to walk around & talk casually to the sellers, which was really nice & they (you guys on here mostly) are always nice people & anybody who knows me knows I like a chit chat. I was able to view the fish, I knew what the expected price was & could carry on looking & come back if I wanted too. And I did. Everything there was very well priced, bargains even. Even had a chat with old mate (josh?) from AOA & grabbed some food I just had dent had time to get to his shop to buy yet, perfect. I would like to hear feedback from sellers from today, as this is only my experience but this was definitely the nail in the auction coffin for me. Come auction time I usually entertain the idea of going but then don't, for many reasons. From now on I will just wait till next market day. Only thing I can think that may need improvement is advertising, how do you go about making this kind of event more publicised for buyers & sellers? Facebook? Cheers guys.
  5. As everyone is aware there was a lot of talk after the last auction. Please remember that this was the first auction of the year. It had been postponed because of the Election. The biggest problems on the night were, not enough buyers and not enough time. With the venue being a school it has to be vacated by midnight. After going through over 200 pages of posts, there were only sixteen actual suggestions made on how to improve the current system. Of these sixteen suggestions only two were actually new ones. The fact of the matter is that 90% of all changes to the Auction Guidelines that have occurred in the last 10 years have happened as results of suggestions made on this or other forums. So any comment that the clubs or QFAS do not listen to comments made on this or other forums are complete rubbish. First I will go through the suggestions made, and I have attached my comments to each, then I will go through some changes that have been passed by QFAS and will happen later this year. The suggestions are blue my comments are red - note these are my comments not QFAS, QAH or anybody else. The sixteen suggestions starting with the old ones first were, 1. Have a list of items for sale either before or available at the auction. Keep reading 2. Have hobbyists only. Sounds great but shop owners can also be hobbyists etc 3. Limit lots to a smaller number per person. 60 was suggested but that is the current limit. 4. Sell Dry Goods on tables not through the auction. Dry Goods tables are available at both QFAS & QAH auctions. 5. Club members only - members of QFAS affiliated clubs only? Both buyers and sellers? 6. Entry Fee to auction. I am not against this idea but could this be seen as a grab for extra money 7. Have sellers prepare a list of items for Greg. At present Greg gets a copy of each sellers sales sheets. 8. Viewing time before auction starts. Too hard to police and would mean sellers would need to have everything in hours before the auction starts and therefore fish would end up bagged for an extra couple of hours - Too much stress for the fish. 9. Separate different types - African, American etc. Way too much work required. This would need a full day to just sort them out unless the sellers were forced to do it and then it would still need to be sorted again into sellers letters. Again creates too long of a time for fish to be bagged. 10. Limit the total number of lots at an auction. What limit do we set? At the last auction approx 970 lots were either sold or passed in and over 250 were withdrawn from sale. A few years ago the QFAS auctions were known to have over 1600 lots sold or passed in and were starting at 4.00pm and finishing at 2.00am. Also if there are limited lots, how then do we best distribute these to the sellers on a fair basis? 11. Replace auctions with Market Days and run every second month. We already have Market Days the next is the 18th April. I don't know about everyone else but my family come first - fish are way down the list of preference. At present one weekend a month allocated to fish auctions, shows, market days, club outings etc and four or five nights a month with club meetings is enough for me. 12. Hold a Southside Auction we are working towards this and hope that in the not too distant future QFAS will hold one auction and one Market Day on the northside and the same on the Southside each year 13. Sell lots by rotation that is one lot from A then one from B and so on. At present this would cause a massive amount of extra work for everyone involved in the stage work at the auctions and at present is deemed not workable. 14. Club members and public get first choice of sellers letters. Keep reading The new suggestions were; 15. Sell lots with no reserve first - I can see major problems with this the biggest being the amount of time it would take to go through every lot and pull all the no reserve items out. Too much work. 16. Lots that are sold in prime time say before before 10.00pm have the full commission taken out while lots sold after that get a reduced commission and those sold very late have nil commission taken out. This would be a lot of extra work and will not solve the problem. At the recent QFAS meeting there were a lot of different items discussed in relation to the auction. Most of the suggestions above were discussed and rejected as not workable. The rotational sale item was rejected and it was then suggested that it be one box per seller. This also was rejected but but a similar proposal where by one sheet of lots per seller will be sold is currently being worked on to see if it can be made to work without the extra burden of having to sort everything over and over again. If this system can be worked out and it is fair to all sellers then it may be looked at again. Two items were passed and they are; Firstly, for the next QFAS Auction, which is on November 21st, you will need to preregister any item you wish to sell. At present there is no way this can be done and linked to the laptops used at the auctions. So I am calling for help from anyone who might be able to come up with a system on how this will be achieved. I will be hosting a special meeting on this subject, on the 11th April upstairs at the Bar Jai hall, Alexandra St., Clayfield, starting at 10.00am. One of the most important criteria is that it will need to be done using a simple program that anyone can use. Excell is the preferred choice at present. I have heard that Access would do the job as a data base is part of what is needed but no one knows how to work Access. Anyone interested is welcome to attend, but be warned this is to try and come up with a workable solution - anyone turning up to winge or complain will not be welcome. Note this is for QFAS auctions only at this time, but if a workable system is developed then it may be adopted by all the clubs. Secondly that for all future Q.F.A.S. Auctions, Sellers letters will be given out in the following order; Workers from previous auction first, Members of QFAS affiliated clubs next, General Public next and shops last. Anyone just turning up on the day will get pot luck at the bottom of the list. With the preregistration this will be easier to organise. Also if the number of total lots to be sold on a night is ever limited then preregistration will help. There was also a lot of discussion on how to make the auctions the faster and it was decided that in future any Reserve price is a hard price. When selling lots auctioneers are to start at the reserve and if no bids are forthcoming that lot will be passed in and not brought up again. This means that sellers need to take a good long look at their reserves and make sure they are reasonable otherwise they will be taking home heaps of unsold lots. That about does it for the auction wrap up but I am going to make one last comment and again I want everyone to know that this my comment no one else's. Criticism and abuse are two totally different things and people who abuse the workers at events such as these auctions, and more especially on forums using pseudonym's, are nothing but scum and should not be tolerated in any decent society. Constructive criticism on the other hand is very welcome at any time. Graeme
  6. I am interested in peoples thoughts on how auctions could be improved. While we are not the club, or hold any sway over the club.... they do read what is written here so have your say.
  7. At the QFAS meeting held last Wednesday night a new Auction rule was proposed and accepted. All Sellers MUST be on stage assisting while there items are being auctioned. There are a number of advantages with this new rule not just for the organizers but also for the buyers and sellers, here are just a few; Advantage number one - one less volunteer needed for the auction. Advantage number two - if a seller needs to lower the reserve then there is no need to go looking for them. Advantage number three - the auctioneer can tell the owner what problems there are with fish first hand ( sick, too small etc) Advantage number four - buyers can see who the seller / breeder is. Advantage number five - sellers can see if auctioneers are missing bid and point them out to the auctioneer. Advantage number six - the seller knows exactly what fish are passed in and can collect their boxes immediately. This rule will be introduced at the next QFAS Auction in November. At present QAH, QCG and GCAS have not discussed if they will introduce it for their auctions. As soon as I hear anything I will post it. Graeme
  8. Does anyone know when there are some fish auctions on either on sunny coast or in Brisbane. Thanks
  9. hey guys im just wondering if someone could please tell me what these fish auctions everyone keeps talking about?? location prices etc?? i live on north side brizzy and i would be keen to give it a go thanks
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  11. hey guys and girls, i was just wondering when the huge fish auctions in sydney are on? cant seem to find anything on the net about it. cheers, luke
  12. Hey guys i just left my job as a chef ( 12hr+ days one maybe two days off a week) just wondering when next fish auction is i've been keen to go to obe just never had time or day off. Cheers wade
  13. Hi was asked to go to an upcoming auction on theGold Coast,just wondering what they are like and the positives or cons of these events ,any input would be appreciated
  14. auctions how do they work do you bid on fish or is it more like everybody goes there and sell there fish from a stall!
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  16. I see alot of people mention the fish auctions on here. Were and when are these auctions and do you get reasonable priced fish cheers sam
  17. Hi everyone, I am relatively new here but I have seen some of you mention auctions that you go to. I know this is probably not the correct place to put this post but I believe you can buy live fish from these auctions Could someone please direct me to where i might find the information as to where these auctions are held and when. Thanks
  18. can anyone tell me how often these are on at the hall, i know it is on today, but is it every week/month??? Thanks
  19. Does the breeder that sells the discus at the auction ever visit these boards, or anyone got a contact. Was very happy with my fish I brought at the last auction and was looking to buy a few more, Cheers Steve.
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  21. well i left really early (due to an expensive accidental bid lol) but i got some albino guppies, golden panchax, and some golden cloud minnows. and some plants lol
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