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Found 25 results

  1. Wondering if anyone knows whether these are available in Aus? http://www.tunze.com/149.html?&L=1&C=AU&user_tunzeprod_pi1%5Bpredid%5D=-infoxunter012 [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION]...
  2. Hi there, have had fish for about 6 months now but sadly lost 90% of them whilst moving from Toowoomba to cloncurry, so looking at restocking and trying my hands at aquascaping! hopefully getting some killi eggs to fill a new tank I have coming but apart from them at the moment only have two bettas, (my partner would walk away with the lot from a Lfs is she was allowed) two clown loaches a red tail Bala shark and a common corydoras, ooh and about 1000 very small snails I'm trying to unsuccessfully remove. All in a 150l tank, (apart from one betta he chills in a medium size tank by his lonesome. Looking to stockup as mentioned so if you could suggest a good online fish store would be brilliant thanks. Cheers and I've really enjoyed the forum great threads and tons of information.
  3. Just wondering if they are in aus. Apparently they are one of the smaller freshwater species. Love the look of rays and one day hope to have the means to keep some
  4. Nuvo Aquarium - Mini 38 from Innovative Marine I love the look of these systems and would really like to get one. Anyone stock them in Australia?
  5. Zebra tilapia Black diamond cichlid If so where could i get these?
  6. Are Lemon Jake available here and if so does anyone on the forum breed them.
  7. can u put silver scat, red scat, silver mono agents and ell/salmon tail catfish in a tank together?? cheers
  8. just wondering who else on here has or breeds rainbow. as i need some advice on some things
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hi all, Dunno if anyone can help but a fair while ago I remember someone putting up an on-line store that offered really good prices in Aus. I cant remember the site how ever. If anyone has any good ones and could give me the details would appreciated it. I am trying to get some details together to try and sort prices out for a mate who want to start a whole complete set up. Cheers
  11. If there is what are they? As i would be interested in some
  12. .......................................................................................... Giant channa 2.5 ft long feeds well on chicken breast. beautiful fish 500 ono text or call 0434 xxxx xxxx .......................................................................................... Its really quite supprising what species are already in the country, I think almost everyone has seen the youtube vid of what these can do.....to fish and eco systems
  13. hi every one have some new plans and they are labidochromis i am starting to colect all the lab species that i can find and was wondering wat species that we have in aus that people have seen or have at the moment i have lab mbamba lab chisumulae lab caeruleus (yellows) lab hongi and would like to start getting a good colection up of great quality fish so was wondering if anyone was keeping some dif breeds that i can colect in the future so basicly just getting a wish list ready any input would be great thanks chris
  14. Hey all, pretty new to all this, but am looking at an Aro for a 6x2x2. Been researching, but can't seem to find Red or Golden Aro's available in Australia? Are they illegal to import. Are there any Australian breeders? If yes, whats the $$? Cheers all, Wellsey.
  15. As above the Oxydoras niger catfish looks awesome
  16. im after some sort of pleco but have limited tank sizes cheers Matt
  17. Anyone know if Paratilapia bleekeri are in Aus? Never seen them here before and would be great to get hold of one. Here's a pic for those who don't know what they areP. bleekeri.jpg[/attachment:15vndw6j] Cheers
  18. Even tho im not a queenslander i thought id sign up anywayz. So hi my names Karl. I have 4 aquariums and a 90L tub with breeding colony of bristlenoses. I keep, goldfish, plecos, endlers, loaches, shrimps and a lot of bns.
  19. >> <<Ive had it for about 2-3 Months, so thought ide chuck it up for people to see. Specs are on the right in the Youtube Video, just click "More Info". Comment if you have any Questions... Cheers, Seph
  20. Hi guys, Yes i know this may sound like a dumb topic or one that many people are sick of seeing.. However I do have spare tanks laying around the house with compatible filtration systems and all proper equiptment to run however have put soo much emphasis and money and effort into the main discus and tapajos tank that the others have been forced to be not run anymore. I would love to get back into using these tanks especially a 2 foot I have laying around and turn it into an aus native set up. I am not some noob at looking after fish as from my discus and tapa pics can show you that i can maintain a nice healthy environment and nice healthy fish and love caring for them, however i am new at doing stuff on a budget as previously budget isnt an issue. I hear people saying to others on this forum to go up the little nerang river and find a heap of goodies up there. But I have a few questions I want to ask as I want to create a Aus native tank setup on a budget. *Can you take drift wood and other pieces of rocks and wood from dams, river systems, and creeks? *Can you take Australian Native fish from dams, rivers, and creeks? *Can you take any sort of plants that are ofcourse live from the dams, rivers, and creeks? *What species of natives are available close to the Gold Coast region within a two or three hour drive maximum? *How do we catch these species? I have many cast nets, bait nets, and landing nets of different size netting. *Lastly where abouts do people go to collect such awesome pieces of wood and native fish species... I did work on a mine as a mining engineer and come across so many awesome bits of wood from removal of overburden on the mine site however did not even think of taking any home or loading it in the light vehicle back to camp. Was also on the Dawson River where Aus natives did live so i guess theres a kick in the back lol.. I have been reading up on native aus fish but still after any more information from you guys if possible. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks, Adam
  21. Afternoon all, I have a tank which I am trying to get set as a decent native tank, and I am looking for some good ideas for some aquascaping. It has a large red scat in it at the moment who has thwarted my attempt at some Val, but I might look at relocating him soon. I have a large piece of driftwood that was in there, but I have just removed it to clean off the lovely black algae that has covered it... So now got thinking it might be a time for a change. I am stumped what plants to use, I am unsure to what is native in that department, and thought about the idea of some rocks instead of wood... Anyone got some good ideas or pics of their native tanks, or of some good aussie plants to use? Cheers, Daniel
  22. Another trip and a lot of fun and some nice stuff for the guys. The water wasn't that clear but we got some good stuff in the three hours we were in the water. I only wanted one fish,Shane actually did the best this time. But a few clubbies a glad we went now. Enjoy all!!
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  24. Pseudotropheus sp. "flameback" Kanjindo Rocks
  25. Parachromis Loiselli are these guys around aus at all?? any info would be greatly appreciated!
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