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Found 32 results

  1. I got back on to Facebook last week (much to my disgust) as my mate is getting married tomorrow and all the photos are going to be put up into a private page for all invited to see, so now that I have created an account again, I thought I'd use it to suss out pages, groups on native Australian fish, shrimp, plants that are getting around, can people suggest a few off the top of their heads? [MENTION=17713]LukeEggler[/MENTION]?
  2. Wondering if there are any other South Australian fish keepers on here besides myself, if so, what are you keeping, where did you get them from, cheers.
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  5. Just wondering what other Rainbows are found through out South Australia besides the Desert and Murray River Rainbows, does anyone know? Cheers.
  6. So im going to do an Australian aquascape with native fish and plants. Has anyone got ideas for plants and fish?
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  8. So I know I havent been on here for a while. Basically, I was keeping Dwarf Cichlids, Thomasi, Ellioti, Bolivians, and German Blues. My 5 year old emptied a whole container of NLS small cichlid, killed everything pretty much. I was left with 3 Black Neons, 1 Thomasi Male, 1 Male Ellioti, 1 swordtail, and my male Bristlenose. Cleaned the tank all out and have let it be for a few months. I have started going out and doing my own collecting. Ive been putting most things back, just seeing whats out there, and learning how to catch fish with a net. I found the best time for me to go is at night, I just find it easier to do things, no people around etc. You guys may have seen me posting up pics of things I have found, and what they are. I havent found much to be honest, but Im ok with that. I have been a few places. Bulimba Creek, Cedar Creek, Albert River, and Northbrook Creek. At Northbrook, I have caught Australian Smelt and Marjories Hardiehead. At Bulimba, I went in the day, didnt see a thing, but that was with no berley, so Im trying again tomorow night. At the spot on the Albert River, I found a pair of Pacific Blue Eyes. At Cedar Creek, I found lots of Longfinned Eels, a catfish, a heap of nice healthy Smelt, and cought my first rainbows there, some M. Doublayi. There colours were beautiful. So Im going to keep this thread open, as Im only learning, to post my experiences and trips and to keep up some info on the local Biotopes around. I have found some useful info at other sites, but it hasnt been updated or added to in years. Im going to be trying 5 spots tomorow night. These are Cedar Creek, a creek in Acacia Ridge (not sure of the name of it, not much hope of finding anything, but you never know), Bulimba Creek at Wishart, A creek in Springwood/Rochedale (also not sure of the name of it, have seen fish there though, not sure what), and the Albert River where I found the Blue Eyes. What I have been using is my Fenix TK15 Tactical Torch, a bucket and a large environet style fine mesh net with a long handle. Some old shoes and a pair of boardies. Tomorow night Im also going to be trying out my opera house net with some Big Johns Secret Burley mix. I find it really interesting being out in the middle of the night (left at 1am last time) in the middle of unfamiliar creeks with noone else, just you and the creek seeing whats in there. I think the scariest was out behind Glorious in the middle of the night, lol. You get to see some awesome things whilst out there. Long claw prawns, eels going around your legs, spiders using you as an escape from the water, I had a large water dragon fall from a tree and land next to me one night, made a big splash, and scared the **** out of me. So on Friday, Ill post up the best info I can on how I go, including pics of everything I catch and see, and what the environment is actually like. I find it interesting just knowing what is out there. Josh
  9. So a few days ago I got an Australian native mussel for my goldfish tank. Looks kinda cool and overnight hes buried himself under the substrate. I was having a look online about their behavior, what they eat, and more about their breeding- some people are of the opinion they can harm the fish? But everyone had pretty big differences of opinion and I kinda gave up looking. Has anyone kept them before or can offer advice?? Cheers, Dani Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  10. I'd never heard of wild fish getting obese to the point of liver damage! Apparently P.volitans does so well on cleaning out US fish stocks they've got issues with their waistlines...
  11. Just wondering if anyone had knowledge on these guys and their availability.Cant say I've heard of them until just recently (thank you google and MFK you guys are good buds )...so yeah being even more realistic I have looked into smaller sharks that would suit an aquarium enviroment even better...these guys max out at 2ft which means even more room for them in a big sized tank..at the worst at least Im letting people know that there are even smaller sharks that live amongst coral/reef networks other than your "aquarium standard" bamboo and epaulette varieties...So any marine guys out there have thoughts on the aussie marble catshark??...seems to get confused with a few other small varieties so maybe the scientific name(Atelomycterus macleayi) is better to work off...do these guys pop up in the marine hobby/stores very often????..any other small varieties marine divers/fish keepers know of??? (always interested to learn more )...
  12. Yep i hate australia post, very much so that i swear if you recieve something from them its going to be detroyed or half melted in transit. the fact that they melted a very rare vinyl Lp that came all the way from hawaii and was only 2000 of them ever in the world, is now useless unless i want to play frisby with fido, if that didnt frustrate me enough this really did, An Eheim 2180 ($1200 rrp) that i won on ebay came interstate and this is how i found it enjoy..
  13. In pond underwater camera test of Canon Power Shot D20 Finally bought a new waterproof camera and took the el cheapo back So have been testing in out in my ponds and fishtank Results are ok so far, still testing out all the functions. enjoy
  14. Not finish yet but getting there still yet to get more fish and plants on the way.
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  16. Nice to meet you all, Big fan of your discussions but first time poster (please be gentle I've seen many comments made about keeping ghost shrimp/glass shrimp/grass shrimp with guppies and the risk that guppy fry may be eaten. The problem is that there are many different types of shrimp referred to as above, American species e.t.c. I have captured some glass shrimp (pretty sure that they're Paratya australiensis) in my creek and put them in a tank with my guppy fry to clean up sinking food/waste. These are the same species that are sold on livefish which claims that they are unlikely to harm even the smallest fish. My question is - for people who have bought glass shrimp from livefish or caught their own shrimp in the Brisbane region, do THEIR shrimp eat the fry of livebearers (guppies, platys e.t.c)? Thanks Andrew
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  18. Free new australian fish magazine but you have to subscribe for it. Redfish Aquarium Magazine
  19. Hi all was after someone with a aae account, anyone willing to help please pm me. Thank you.
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  21. Hey guys im thinking about doing an Australian Native tank in my new 6x2x2.5 setup. Just wanting to know some things before i atempt doing it. I have only ever had African Cichlids so any info will be gold. Cheers guys.
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  23. Does anyone know of stores or something where I can buy a large Australian bass 10 centimeters + around the Brisbane area. Cheers.
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