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Found 40 results

  1. Meeting starts 7.30pm Annerley Arcade 478 Ipswich Road Annerley, QLD 4103 This month's meeting will feature a talk on Wild Bettas of Thailand and a brief discussion on the up-coming National Show. Light supper provided. All welcome https://www.facebook.com/events/225809091111818/
  2. On tonight! Betta Australis table show and March meeting. Doors open 7pm, Meeting starts 7.30pm. Bring along your solid coloured Siamese Fighter for the table show. Bought or own bred, all welcome. Members' draw, lucky door prize, supper provided. Tonight's discussion is on the much threatened wild Bettas. Come along see some of these beautiful fish "in the fin"! Cheers, Jodi-Lea
  3. REMINDER: TONIGHT - Betta Australis AGM Tuesday 19th 7.30pm Ace Comics & Games "Magic Room" Annerley Arcade 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley Q 4103. Nominations for office bearers taken on the night. Please consider taking on a position, the club will benefit from your input. Following the AGM will be the general meeting and table show. Bring your own bred Siamese fighting fish along to compete for these great medallions. All welcome. www.bettaaustralis.org
  4. Q.F.A.S. Caboolture Markets Show & Betta Australis 10th Anniversary Show. 28th & 29th November 2015 Please note new dates Group 1 1 Australian & New Guinea Rainbows, Sunfish & Blue Eyes 2 Australian & New Guinea Any Other Variety 3 Goldfish single tail 4 Goldfish AOV 5 Amphibians, Invertebrates & Crustaceans 6 Marine Fish or Marine Invertebrates Group 2 7 Livebearers Guppies 8 Livebearers AOV 9 Anabantids - all species 10 Tetras, Barbs, Danios & Rasboras 11 Loricariid Catfish 12 AOV Catfish 13 AOV Tropical Freshwater Group 3 14 African & Asian Cichlids 15 North & Central American Cichlids 16 South American Cichlids Group 4 17 Community Aquariums 18 Furnished Aquariums 19 Planted Aquariums 20 Novelty Aquariums Note : Classes with less than 6 entries may be combined where possible Prizes and Awards Champion Group 1 Trophy and $50.00 prize money Champion Group 2 Trophy and $50.00 prize money Champion Group 3 Trophy and $50.00 prize money Champion Group 4 Trophy and $50.00 prize money BEST DISPLAY OF SHOW Trophy and $100.00 prize money Class Places 1st Certificate and $25.00 prize money 2nd Certificate and $15.00 prize money 3rd Certificate and $10.00 prize money Entry Fee - $5.00 per entry for first 5 entries $3.00 per entry after that. Time Table Tanks can be installed on Sunday 22nd November between 2.00pm and 6.00pm. Entries to be installed on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th November between 2.00pm to 10.00pm. Hands out 10.00pm Friday 27th November. Judging will take place Saturday 28th November from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. (Only judges and stewards allowed during judging) BBQ dinner & Presentation of Trophies 7.00pm - 10.00pm Saturday 28th November - all competitors, judges and visitors welcome. Open to the public 6.00am - 1.00pm Sunday 29th November - Competitors and club members welcome to man stands. All entries must be removed between 1.30pm and 6.00pm on Sunday 29th November. Conditions of entry Entries close Tuesday 24th November at 10.00pm or sooner if no space remains. Entry is open to any person who wishes to enter. Entries to be sent to Graeme Day either by email gday@firstclassaccounts.com or ph. 0402 841 627. Or they can be handed in at club meetings. Entry Fees must be paid in full before entry is installed. Fish and animals will be judged under the QFAS rules and sizing system that is current at the time of the show. Judging to be done by Judges nominated by Q.F.A.S. Equipment supplied includes stands, lights, power supply, and air supply. Competitors must supply own aquariums, heaters, and filters. Aquarium sizes acceptable are: 2 foot tanks - 600mm length x min 300 to max 450mm width x 330 to 380mm height 3 foot tanks - 900mm length x min 380 to max 450mm width x 450mm height 4 foot tanks - 1220mm length x 450mm width x 450mm height NOTE: There are a number of 2ft, 3ft and 4ft, tanks available for competitors to use, these will be made available on a first come basis. No free standing displays accepted. Maximum of three (3) competitive fish entries per tank. Maximum five (5) entries per tank where Community, Furnished, Planted and Novelty entries are combined with fish entries. You are allowed other fish in the tank to improve the display or to keep the entered fish from stressing. Fish to be judged MUST be nominated by competitor. No best in tank accepted. Nominated fish MUST be measured by the stewards before installing in tank otherwise a maximum of 15 points will be awarded for size irrespective of the size of the fish. Where permits are required for display of the species then copies of said permits must be given to the stewards before installation of entry. If your entry requires live food then it must be fed before hands out Friday 27th 10.00pm and should be fed no more than can be eaten overnight so that no live food remain in tank by time judging takes place. It is the responsibility of the competitor to provide supporting documentation to the stewards prior to installation of the entry. Where new/rare species are entered this is extremely important. All care is taken with entries, but Q.F.A.S. accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages incurred during the show. Steward’s decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into. Please note: Tank spaces available for this show are limited to a total of 48 spaces (28 x 2 ft, 16 x 3ft and 4 x 4ft). As a result competitors will be limited to a maximum of 5 tank spaces each to start with. If all spaces have not been filled by Friday 20th November then competitors will be able to have as many extra spaces as they require until all spaces have been filled. Get entries in early to avoid missing out.
  5. Meeting was put back a week due to the conference and show. Club members watched a slide show of the winning fish and scenes from around the show, then Mr Steve Baines presented an interesting talk on making artificial tank backgrounds. Next meeting October 20th 2015. Held at Ace Comics and Games Magic Room. Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley QLD 4103. Contact bettaaustralis@outlook.com to join the club or for more details.
  6. Betta Australis "Little Champions Charity Betta Show" Riverlink Shopping Centre - North Ipswich This coming weekend 11th - 12th April. Open to the public. 9am - 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday. Most Betta for Sale after show. About 250 International and Australian Bred Fish entries. Come along and see, purchase some beauties and chat to Betta enthusiasts. Proceeds to Charity of Choice- Ipswich Hospital - Children Ward.
  7. Check out our Livestock Auction Fundraising folder on our facebook club page for some cute locally bred girlies all kindly donated by Fiona Hoy. They are all siblings and carry marble in their background. Bid Now! No reserve! https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/media/set/?set=oa.657295147660177&type=1 *Australian Bidders Only **Winner to pay shipping costs
  8. Show info/rules/classes and entry forms : HERE
  9. For more info, CLICK HERE
  10. Judges: Hermanus Haryanto (Head Judge), Todd Knight Stewards: Jodi Lea Matheson (Head Steward), Jarrod Nielsen, Peter Kann Show Chair: Jodi Lea Matheson Entry Fees Entry fees for the show will be $3 for Betta Australis club members $5 for non-members (Pairs count as one entry) Entry deadline All entries and accompanying show fees must be submitted by no later than Thursday October 10, 2013 contact enquiries@bettaaustralis.com with any questions. Australian Entries All Australian entries that cannot bench in their fish in person, may send their fish to the show via mail, courier or QANTAS freight. Entries must arrive between Thursday 17th October and Friday 18th October only. If shipping/dropping fish off, please ensure fish arrive on those days only. Must be before 1pm on the Friday. If you require your fish to be returned after the show, fill in the appropriate section on the entry form. If you wish to sell your entries after the show, fill in the appropriate section on the entry form. Please note there is a 20% commission on all fish sold. For further details, contact enquiries@bettaaustralis.com International Entries Arrangements can be made for International entries. Please contact the show chair for further details fishchick@gmail.com Please note – International entries cannot be returned, but can be sold. There is a 20% commission on all fish sold. Eligibility You must be a member of the IBC (International Betta Congress) to show in Group A: Regular Classes (with the exception of Divisions “F” and “G”) Non IBC members may show in Division F: Wild Type Pairs, Division G: Arts and Crafts (Optional) and Group B: New Breeder Classes. Prizes Prizes for the show will be - GROUP A: Regular Classes Division A: Halfmoon Singletail A1. Dark Solid Colour STM A2. Iridescent Dark Solid Colour STM A3. Light Solid Colour STM A4. Bicolour and Patterned STM A5. Metallic Solid Colour STM (dark and light) A6. Solid Colour STF A7. Bicolour and Patterned STF Division B: Halfmoon Doubletail B1. Solid Colour DTM B2. Bicolour and Patterned DTM B3. Doubletail Female (all colours/patterns) Division C: Crowntail C1. Solid Colour CTM C2. Bicolour and Patterned CTM C3. Crowntail Female (all colours/patterns) Division D: Shortfin D1. Dark Solid Colour Show Plakat STM D2. Iridescent Dark Solid Colour Show Plakat STM D3. Light Solid Colour Show Plakat STM D4. Bicolour and Patterned Show Plakat STM D5. Metallic Solid Show Plakat STM D6. Giant Show Plakat STM (TRIAL CLASS) D7. Solid Colour Show Plakat STF D8. Bicolour and Patterned Show Plakat STF D9. Giant Show Plakat STF (TRIAL CLASS) Division Awards: Best of Variety Male – Trophy & Certificate + Sponsor gift Best of Variety Female – Trophy & Certificate + Sponsor gift Class Awards : First – Certificate Second – Certificate Third – Certificate Division A-D Winners compete for BOS & RBOS BOS Male - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Male - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate BOS Female - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Male - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate Division E: Breeders Division E1. Colour and Form Variations E2. Form and Finnage E3. Pairs Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs F1. Bubblenesters – small F2. Bubblenesters – medium/large F3. Mouthbrooders – small F4. Mouthbrooders – medium/large Division G: Arts and Crafts (Optional) G1. Photography G2. Illustration G3. Crafts Division H: Temporary Classes H1. Traditional Plakat Male H2. Halfmoon Shortfin Male H3. Doubletail Plakat Male H4. Female (H1-H3) Division Awards: Winners from Division E & H compete against Division A – D (according to tail type) for Best of Variety Male and Best of Variety Female Best of Division (Divisions F & G only) – Trophy & Certificate + Sponsor Gift (Division F & G do not accrue IBC show points) Class Awards : First – Certificate Second – Certificate Third – Certificate Divisions “F” and “G” are not eligible to compete for BOV, BOS or RBOS GROUP B: New Breeder Classes NB1. Singletail Male NB2. Doubletail Male NB3. Crowntail Male NB4. Shortfin Male NB5. Singletail Female NB6. Doubletail Female Class Awards : First – Certificate Second – Certificate Third – Certificate Group B Winners compete for Group B: New Breeder Classes BOS & RBOS BOS Male - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate BOS Female - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Male - $25 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Female - $25 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate Not eligible to compete for BOS and RBOS (Group A) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule (Times may vary closer to show date, go to Betta Australis for up to date details) Friday 18th October (times to be confirmed) – Benching in Saturday 19th October (Morning - times to be confirmed) – Benching in Saturday 19th October (Late morning – afternoon – times to be confirmed) – Judging Saturday 19th October (5pm approx.) – Trophy Presentation Saturday 19th October (6pm approx) – Club BBQ Saturday 19th October (7pm approx) – Hermanus Haryanto talk: Wild Bettas Sunday 20th October (6am – 12pm) – Betta Show “Public Day” & Caboolture Markets Sunday 20th October (12pm – 4pm approx) – Bench out Sales (Details may vary closer to show date. Go to Betta Australis for up to date details) For this show, the IBC has granted Betta Australis permission to sell fish that entrants nominate for sale, rather than the usual end of show auction. During the show, stewards will have a book available to record expressions of interest for fish available for sale. Please note, there will be a 20% commission on all fish sold. Sale times After 12pm Sunday 20th October. Pickups between 12 – 2pm Sunday 20th October, or by arrangement. **The Betta Australis Livebearer Interest Group will be holding a Fancy Guppy show alongside the IBC International Betta Show. Judge and prizes to be announced** More details as they come to hand. Hope to see you at the Show!! Jarrod Nielsen Secretary, Betta Australis
  12. A special show meeting will be held next week to discuss plans for our upcoming IBC sanctioned show on 20th October. Date: Tuesday 3rd September Time: 7pm Venue: Ace Comics, Shop 18 Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley QLD 4103
  13. Betta Australis is holding a Fundraising Online Auction, starting tonight and ending Monday night 7:30pm. Money raised from the auction goes towards holding QLD's 1st IBC Sanctioned International Betta Show in Oct. Items will be open for bids from the moment the photos go up, until 7:30 Monday evening. Highest bidder wins. Items can either be collected at Tuesday's Betta Australis meeting - 7.30pm 16th July 2013; via private arrangement, or posted at buyers expense. Details of how and where to bid are on the Betta Australis website. Check out this amazing HMPK pair up for grabs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt1c96XySaw&feature=youtu.be
  14. So much going on this month! Please take note of the earlier start time! More info at: News
  15. More info here: Next Meeting
  16. Hope you have some stunning Bettas ready to show off at our second table show of the year! Bring a fish and bring a friend to our May meeting on May 21st. Great prizes, great company and great muffins More info in the May newsletter and future forum updates!!!
  17. More Info : News Come along....I'm making muffins! ....mmmmm muffins...
  18. Hi Gang! Just a quick note to let you know that it is that time again... Come along to the Betta Australis is having it's April meeting next week. I you are in Brisbane, or are visiting, feel free to drop by. We welcome everyone
  19. Hey Guys n' Gals, Just a quick reminder that the next Betta Australis meeting is next Tuesday, 19th of March at 7:30pm. The meeting will be held at Easts Leagues Club, 40 Main Avenue, Coorparoo . Hope to see everyone there. Pete.
  20. G'day guys and gals, Just a reminder that next Tuesday is the first meeting for 2013. Sorry I'm not as competent as Jarrod on the puter, so no fancy E-flyer. Hopefully I'll have the E-Newsletter emailed out tomorrow night after work. Cheers, Peter
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