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Found 42 results

  1. A big shout out for the boys at AOA, a few weeks ago I bought a bar of dog wash soap for our new pooch, Eddie. Washbar, I think its called. http://washbar.nz/products/original-washbar-soap-for-dogs/ Neem and tea tree oil. Finally got to use it on Friday, as we had some purina puppy wash to use up before we got to the soap. Well the results are amazing, his coat is the best it has ever been, and he still smells great 3 days on, no hint of dog anywhere . What a great product. I hope you continue to stock it. Especially impressed with its Anti-Flea, lice and tick properties too. Once again you guys know how to pick a great product . Two thumbs up and thanks again. Grubby.
  2. No more breaking pots, great caves, big, has handles, cheers mums garden
  3. Hey, anyone else keeping this fish, the photo is probably upside down
  4. My new jag and gt settling in to thier new tank. Rip jagged my big boy. Was a casualty when my 8×2×2 gave way. Got some new era cichlid food to try. How do people rate it?
  5. Shogun 500w Aquarium Heaters Now in Stock at a Great Introductory price of only $59.95 ( well $53.95 for QLDAF Members ). Digital LED read out with built in memory that remembers last shutdown temperature. Precise temperature control with a tolerance accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius Energy saving design Quality tested For fresh & salt water Safety cut off circuit ensures the unit does not overheat even when the water level drops sharply. Will power off automatically if removed out of the water. Heating function turns off automatically and shows 'HH' when temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Shatter resistant safety glass Heater Guard included 2 Year Warranty Rated for up to 1000 litres ( based on manufactures recommendations ) length: 52cm - We have tested these units and have found them to maintain an even temperature in aquariums up to 1500 litre's depending on ambient temp. Link - Age of Aquariums - Shogun Heater 500w * Introductory Special * Ben
  6. Hi everyone. I just had to tell someone about my day as in reality my friends and family do not understand my excitement...but I think you guys will. So, I saw a tank on gumtree at a bargain price. Tank is 60 inches x 24 inches x 32 inches. Needs to be resealed ..But that's no problem for me. Really heavy, with stand, thick glass, NO scratches, already drilled. The best part - ONLY $50..the lady owner just wanted her space in lounge room back. So, I say I'll take it. She says "would you like the sump as well?" ITS FREE She did not have to ask twice. Within 1 hour tank and sump was safe and sound at my home. And then. Go to LFS and pick up my new baby oscar (my first oscar) and chocolate cichlid. What an AWESOME day. New tank will be my South American tank. Future home of my new oscar (he/she is so tiny), chocolate cichlid and severum.
  7. ..We received an offer for some of the Aquael Pond Filters and Pond Systems and we just had to jump on these. Due to the price we got them for, we are taking 30% off and you still get your QLDAF discount off that again! To give you an idea just how good these prices are do a google search on the Aquael Klarjet 15000 and compare the prices. The Klarjet 15000 is designed for ponds up to 15000 liters - it comes with a Aquael PFN 7500 pump (we normally sell this for $219 by itself) and a massive filter box 52x100x75cm with media and also includes a 11 watt UV and comes with a 2 Year Warranty. By the time you take off all the discounts - the QLDAF Member Price ends up a bargain price of $472.50 With a bit of thought you might find these useful with IBC's too. Anyway - here is the link to all the specials so check them out... Aquael Pond Filters
  8. .We saw the new Gyre Generator with the cross flow technology at the Pet Expo and we were very impressed with what it had to offer. It helped to resolve the issue of dead spots in tanks just check out the youtube below and it shows the Gyre at the 2.50 minute mark. Controllable and the cross flow technology. We just found out they are due into Australia very shortly are expecting these in the next week or two and looking forward to them and worth keeping an eye out for them. Click on the link below for the pricing. Not as dear as what you would think for an item like this, its top value for money. Maxspect Gyre Generator (50w) Here is a YouTube and you will see at the 2.50 mark just how well they flow in a tank.
  9. Hello all. I have just come back from NZ and have a photo I thought you night enjoy. It's of some moss growing on top of a wall and although it's not been done on purpose - at least I think not - it looks really good. I think I will use it as inspiration for my next nano planted tank. 3
  10. The diodes are a high quality cree model of 3 watt leds with 80 degree optics all round and quite a few colours including the main ones being true green and red/orange and all are providing results that are really nice. The first day the corals went into shock because I didn’t use the dimer function, but by the third day,nice!!!!!
  11. Stumbled upon this today, awesome predator tank, awesome rays, slightly overcrowded though!! But they do all appear very healthy
  12. What are these guys? They look like Clowns X Blennies! Tell me they're called Clown Blennies? haha
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  16. UnderwaterTimes.com | Frozen In Time: Researchers Find Australian Lake That Resists Human Impact, Untouched By Climate Change For 7,000 Years
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. hello fellow hobbists i'm had this blue for 6 month but recently i've had a few people over saying.............. so id like your opionion quality or cr@p be rought i can handle it lol... personally i thought average but ta last four or five visiters reckon he's flippin awesome
  19. I learnt a few years a go, that contaminants occasionally make it past AQIS inspectors, and through quarantine, and can end up in a LFS tank. Well today I believe I found one in a tank of Laetacara dorsigera. My first thought was "that looks like a juvenile Aequidens metae" . I spoke to the LFS owner, and after going through some paper work and looking at some overseas wholesaler lists, it's possible that the little fella (or sheila) may be an Aequidens tetramerus. Either way, he's been removed to grow up in a display tank. I guess in a few months I'll know what he is.
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  21. amazing some of the advances with led lighting. was in the ideal electrical store on pickering street the other day and saw this amazing product. its actually one huge led panel, super slim and lightweight and extremely cheap to run, nice and bright with even coverage. this one is 1200x600 but they have other sizes. its from the robus range of led light panels, not cheap, but then again, for the money, a great investment...selling for 160. LED Panel Light - 600mm x 1200mm Light output equal to 4x36W fluorescent (replacement for fluorescent modular fittings) Fits into standard sizes of ceiling grid, 15mm and 24mm Complies with Part L1 and L2 of building regulations 50,000 hour average lamp life. Up to 5 times that of a standard fluorescent Simple to install and low/no maintenance Low glare diffuser and 4000K colour ensures this product can be successfully used in offices, hospitals, restaurants, leisure, retail and educational centres Suitable for PIR switching
  22. Chao, Came across these last night and thought I would share since there are a few beginners and planted tank lovers on here. Great step by step tutorials of how to hardscape, use of substrate, aquascaping tips, planting techniques, time frame vids etc. Those wondering what piano piece it is in the background, it is Ludovico Einaudi - Earth Prelude ~ one of my favourite contemporary composers Check out the other vids in the channel too! Link for those on ipads or what not Tropica Aquarium Plants - YouTube Enjoy Cheers, John
  23. Found this...i want one! anyone seen anything like this before?
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