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  1. .I noticed my albino b/n laying on the floor on his side a couple of times and when I looked closer I seen these little red think out of his anal. Is it normal? ?
  2. Hi Everyone, I bought 2 B/N tonight male and female plus i already had 3, just wondering if anybody could help me sex them and how long does it normally take for the new male and female to settle in and start breeding? top left pic is of a 1 of my original b/n (10cm) top right pic is of the new female (9cm) bottom left pic is of smaller original (6cm) bottom right pic is of new male (10cm) bottom pic is of original (5.5cm) when I added the 2 new b/n my original b/n and new male were fighting but my original b/n only has bristles on it's lip not up it's face Thank you for all responses Cheers Doug
  3. hey guys last weekend my b/n laid some eggs and today i found her dead in the tank which i worked out it was from being egg bound this has happened a few times just wondering what causes them to become egg bound and why she died as ive read that they can absorb the eggs. could it also be that the male bashes them around to much as he is a big albino male prob about 13-14cm the female was about 8cm
  4. How would u get these b/n to breed fast and all the time?? is it the temp or what u feed???
  5. does anybody have marble or orange spot bn for sale
  6. Hi guys i was thinking on getting some marble bristlenose and was wanting to know if they would be the same as breeding peppermints or other b/n. If you have bred them before please any tips would be great thanks anthony
  7. This has puzzled me for a while... I see these around, people asking good $$$ for them. What are they, to me they look like bad quality commons (Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus). No markings no colour. Or are they some other Ancistrus sp. ?
  8. I just had a look in my tank and i have 2 male b/n fighting over a log and i think i saw a female in there. The logs had 1 small male fanning in it for days and now the bigger lazyer one has come over and appers to be attacking the smaller one. Should i do anything or let it go and see what happens . The tank has 2 ceramic logs and a bamboo log in it. With 2 males and 2 females. Thanks
  9. hey everyone i was looking at some of my common b/n today and they seem to have heaps of little orange things stuck to them it looks like white spot but the spots are bigger and they are orrange just wondering if anyone has had the same problem or knows what it is. cheers tyler
  10. Hey guys, I need some help... In posted this a few days ago common b/n with red/infected sucker, b/n with a badly cut/infected sucker. I added salt yesterday (1g per litre), then some melafix just then (5m to 40L)... and immediately the b/n thrashed around in the tank. then rolled over and layed on its back as if dead. I took him out straight away into some fresh water. what do you think?? I did some research and it looked like melafix should have been ok with scaleless species... but my observations tell me otherwise.
  11. This is my male common. He has been hidden away in some bamboo for the past month, pumping out fry. What do you think is wrong with his mouth/sucker? Doesnt look good.
  12. Hi Ppl, My B/N breed on Monday and I hadn't checked on them until today. I noticed that some of the eggs were "White" which assume is fungus. Also there are some wrigglers. Is it possible for fungus(if that is what it is) to spread to from the eggs to the wrigglers? Also how do I fix/stop fngus from growing on the eggs?
  13. as above need to know the correct dosage have googled it but so many different answers if anyone has done it on b/n please let me know the rates please; cheers
  14. hey, my albino's have thin red strands hangin out the warzoo,,, google says its callasumthin worms..... how do i treat?? is it serious?? i found threads sayin they used lemuisole (bad spellin) does it work?? or have other people cured it?? let me know please please please. cheers
  15. i got old today that my albino longfin pair is to white?? just wondering if any1 could elaborate on that or anything im quiet confused to what is ment by it i quite like there colour heres a pik i was told they chould be more golden???
  16. Ok i have raised 400+ fry in the same way so not sure what im doing wrong now there in a 4 foot tank i removed the eggs and moved them to a floating container till they hatched i left them in there for 2 weeks after and feed them on zuccini and only 1 died out of approx 120 i then released them to the main tank area and within a week there all dead about 3 weeks prior i lost 80 the same way but at that time i had 3 siamese alge suckers and 1 clown loach all were around 5 cm so in a chance they were eating them i removed them before releasing the second batch but still they died other tank mates are approx 100 cherry shrimp and 6 pears of pep adults and 1 pair of albino adults did a water test and ph is around 7 and ammonia at 0ppm and all else seems normal havent done anything different i recently remover 100 albino fry as i thought they were hogging the food from a 3rd batch but still they drop like flies is it posible the adults or the cherry shrimp are killing them ???
  17. I have a common long fin b/n and i have just relised it has a cut on this head i duno if its infected. If you know what it is or any ideas pls let me know.
  18. hey me again... my male laid couple of days ago and just went to check it out and the eggs were out of his log pretty much scattered throughout the tank.... so i netted them (as many as i could see) and put them in one of those fry saver square nets... is that alright to do???? the water flow where it is placed is pretty good.. help help!! cheers
  19. Over the last 24 hours I have pulled about 15 half eaten Baby B/N and not all at the same time either. I pulled two out yestaday, walked past half and hour later and was a couple more. This happened several time yesterday and today. I did a 20% water yesterday when I noticed it then again today. Had a close look today and it appears they are eating the smaller ones. Is this possible? Water Perimeters are all normal 0 ammonia and nitrite and nitrate low.
  20. It has what looks like a healing sore on the side of it head. The sore looks white, kind of like a healing scab. Will try to get pics. very had to get a good photo.
  21. Hi everyone:) Ok, I have woken up this morning to find one of my b/n with it's tail eaten off. They have lived in with my turtle for 2 yrs now and he has never tried to eat them, so I don't know if it was the turtle or the cray's with their nippers, that have done it. I have taken the b/n out and put him in the shrimp tank to try and save him but he's not really moving anywhere much at all. He is heavy breathing, so looks a bit stressed the poor thing, I feel so bad for it. Will he survive you think or should I just put him out of pain? Could the tail grow back like one of my bala sharks fins grew back? (the crayfish got hold of it too, it wasn't the turtle) What about disease, could he get an infection or something? Any advice would be appreciated, as I just don't know what to do with him. Thanks
  22. hey i have a 4ft with 5 longfins a pair of albino sf and a pair peppermints.. how many cubes of bloodworms do i need to put in? i don't want to put in to many...the b/n are between 4cm and 12cm... peace
  23. hi all i have a 4ft with 2pair b/n (1 just laid) and a few rouge longfins in there... and i have a trio of pepps in a different 2ft tank that i'm having trouble breeding, so what i'm asking is should i put the pepps in the 4 ft tank with the other 2 pairs??? or is it too much or not a good idea etc i'm reasonably new to b/n's so any feedback will be greatly appricated. peace
  24. Just had b/n eggs hatch, around monday (3 days ago) about 6 little fry came out of the log and are swimming around healthy, but if i look in the log with a light i can see plenty more fry in the end, but there not coming out. Is this normal? or something i should do? Just wondering as i cant find any information on this and this is the first time breeding them for me.
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