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Found 54 results

  1. Howdy So my male BN has been hiding in a little ceramic decoration and I now have babies starting to swim around. My question is should I move them all into my swordtail fry/shrimp tank or leave them in the big tank that has neon tetra, guppies, 1 cory dory and 2 grown female swordtails?? I'm not sure if the swordtails will eat them
  2. Experiment Shows That Fish Can Recognise Human Faces - Gizmodo Australia https://apple.news/AAe0tlS0lSkO-tvJhblWuJg
  3. Wanted to get opinions please? I'm looking at setting up a small breeding tank for my guppies, and was looking at a cheap heater from eBay. Has anyone had a US plug adaptor running full time...or wouldn't u risk it. TIA
  4. can anyone help confirm. I found these two doodads in a tank being eaten by guppies. I only have 6 Kuhli loaches and a dozen or so Guppies. I didn't think the Loaches were old enough to breed.
  5. Health checked the young MRabs and FS Hardy heads, thought I would post some pics. Has anyone here bred Fly Specked Hardy Heads? Seems to be still fry hatching (Guessing they are HH...but could be MRabs ) in the ring tank although the water temp is falling ~ 18º C. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rwthcx7z2sqefls/Fly%20Specked%20Hardyhead%2010mm.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/q4qnb8m6ptxm3hj/Front%20%26%20Side%20MRB.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/oknvhtt2g8vnzmw/MDR%2020mm.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4blj05p6z9eamu/Murray%20RB%2020%20mm.jpg?dl=0
  6. ..With so many LED lights available - Here is something totally different. Ticks all the boxes. Want a LED that you can adjust. Add the colour you want. You can highlight area's in a tank and slide to the area you want! Want Blue with dimming option? Cool White? Colour enhancing Red? Warm White? Simply add the PODS you want - where you want. We have not confirmed the price just yet but best of all looking at roughly $79 less your discount for the 60cm. 90cm we will list shortly as well and there is a 120cm still yet to come. Blue Planet 60cm Tracking System POD LED Light <<<-----Click here for more details
  7. I have a 450L tank with 2 x Jack Dempseys, 2 x Silver Dollars, 2 x Silver Sharks and 2 x Petricola. The image shows the Jack Dempseys on the 28th of March, 2015 when I bought them and then individual photos of them in the 18th of June, 2015. Last night while feeding I noticed I have babies.....lots of babies. I'm am curious whether these are infact Jack Dempseys as I'm seeing various pictures and conflicting information on size when they breed and these are only 4 -5 inches tops. Any thoughts or help of this would be highly appreciated 😊
  8. I have a display tank with silvers dollars, sailfin pleco, peppermint plecos, gold spot pleco, rosy barbs, perchlet (some Australian native), khuli loaches, pair of rainbow sharks and a breeding pair of bristle nose catfish... the bns have around 80 or so babies every 8 weeks..... they all end up disappearing within 1 week after they come out of the log! filter intake as a sponge on it, so who is eating them?
  9. .A friend has two Green Terrors and they just had babies. This was unplanned, what should he do and is there any food he should get ?
  10. Just caught a pair of Electric blue balloon rams in the act, then noticed the male was also fertilising with poo at the same time, I don't think my wife would like it if I did this PS These 2 flew up from melbourne with me last week, in my luggage, can be too unhappy about the flight.
  11. A quick update on Kasmans latest Thai silk sale She settled in with my big boy nicely (a daddy many times) Displaying all breeding signs , cleaning tile, shaking, etc.... Stay tuned!!! Kasman sold me a beaut male but he's still a bit young. Soon though, soon ...
  12. My marble bristlenose had babies. I put the dad and babies in a 1ft tank. How long do I leave the dad with the babies and when do i put the babies in with the big fish?
  13. This is my 5x2x2 tank that now has three Oscars (one new, the smallest one) 9 Silver dollars, a goldspot, a salvini, a convict and heaps of ellioiti my Oscars never ate lol. I like but let me know what you think Runs on a internal and canister that runs along the top of the tank. Cheers
  14. i have a new batch of bristlenose fry that are only 5mm to 1cm long and i really need them gone in the next couple weeks. can i sell them at this size ?
  15. Went to do a water change on my 5 x 2 x 2ft this morning and found at least 6 baby electric yellows swimming around amongst the rocks is it safe to do a water change still and put the babies in my bristle nose tank with a sponge filter or should I leave things alone till they grow a bit more cheers Yellows
  16. Hey guys Just had my second batch of little Mouthbrooders, the female is 5cm and she managed to spit out 40 babies with 1 left in her mouth. Last batch was only 13... I'm going away for the weekend so i had to milk her today, pic of the parents and babies Seph
  17. This is my new Opal girl Scott ( I'm a kiwi and when I bought her my Aussie boyfriend said shes "Scott eggs bro". Sigh.) Not long to go now!! This is my first lot of babies and I am so excited about it I thought I would share some pics
  18. ive just found my first batch of babies unfortunately when i moved the log some came out they are all in a 4 litre ice cream bucket with the male and the log what are the chances of the loose ones survive and also the male is a comon one however the babies that i can c are yellow will they change over time or has he mated with one of the albino girls in the tank ?
  19. hey guys i just moved one of my girlsout of the main tank into a smaller tank as she was holding fry but in the move she spat some of the babies out which still have the egg sacks attatched so ive put an airstone in there not sure what else i should do any advice would b greatly appreciated
  20. So tonight I checked my tank and found, cory eggs all over the glass, bn male fanning the biggest clutch of eggs, and two angels spawning. Wtf!!! I move in a few weeks, have been here for a year with only a few bn batches here and there.... Why tonight and why now!!!!! I hate moving let alone fry too8O
  21. Hey all, have had my first batch of frontosa's. They are in a 4 x 2 x 2 tank with mum and dad. Hopefully not to many become fish food. Dont have any space to move the parents or the babies to. Plenty of hiding spots though. Hopefully all goes well. Cheers Dale
  22. Just thought id post some pics of my ellioti fry.This is the second lot.The first lot got cleaned up by some yo yo loaches(now living in my 6ft with bigger fish).Id just like to say thanks to roz as these fish are from her and are excellent quality.You are a legend mate thanks.
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