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Found 97 results

  1. In cleaning my gravel and canister filter i have about 5 baby loaches. About 1 cm long but thin. Anyone have advice on feed etc. I have put them in a floating fry trap as my clown loaches like snacks. Greg Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  2. Hi I'm looking for somewhere that I can buy dwarf baby tears (HC) does anyone know a good place on the Gold Coast or does anyone have some spare that I could buy? Also looking for a cryptocoryne if I can kill two birds with one stone great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. my new little bubby crowned pearscales cheers mick
  4. The history: I have a densely planted 4 foot tank with 8 adult silver dollars. They have been displaying mating behavior off and on for months, but nothing ever came of it. Most nights there are some big splashes and they are reasonably skittish. Most of the tank is a jungle of java fern anchored to driftwood with clear areas at each end for ease of feeding. The fish can swim freely and hide easily. The females are saucer size, the males a bit smaller. They do NOT eat the java fern. A while back, between regular water changes, my intake tube to one of the canister filters became blocked with plant and I decided to do a major water change to make sure everyone was ok. A whole lot off white eggs appeared from amongst the plants, obviously spawned and dead. I continued on as normal, regular water changes and gravel siphoning, big mass of plants in the tank. Imagine my surprise on Thursday night when something dashed across the tank and disappeared - definitely not an adult. Of course, the light went off then (on timer) and I couldn't see anything. Next morning, 2 babies about 10 cent piece size appeared, just swimming around plain as day. I hadn't seen either of them before. Great excitement ensued, much to the displeasure of the adult fish who promptly panicked. I sat in front of the tank for ages and then another tiny face appeared in the plants, all of about 4mm in size, a tiny silver replica of the adult fish. At that point I got the torch out and found some more babies in the medium of the filters. I retrieved all but 2 alive (no easy task) and they are in a guppy trap in the tank. I have 3 distinct stages of development with the fry. Newly hatched/few days old, tiny but distinct shape and 2 big babies. Easily 3 spawnings. I have noticed that the fry are feeding on tiny worms, stirred up from the gravel. I am assuming these are some form of black worms left over from when I used to feed my catfish (no longer in the tank). They colonized the gravel and the catfish used to have a field day. Every time the adult fish stir up the gravel, worms float through the tank. Self sufficient babies, except those in the guppy trap, I have been siphoning out and syringing worms into it multiple times a day. The parent fish just go and hide until I'm done. My dilemma now is, of course, what to do when the babies are grown? Is there a market for young SDs? Obviously I won't be able to keep them. What do other SD owners think? They have a great pedigree - non-plant eating herbivores!
  5. Hey everyone, I have these new little fellows Although I am not sure of what breed these little plecos are Does anyone have any ideas? I can't really get them to fit into one L number. Maybe L002, or the store owner thinks they are L389. Unfortunately he has mis labeled fish before Appreciate any help Sorry not the best pictures. Thank you everyone
  6. Hi Guys Sorry To Bother You At this time but my kribensis have had some babies and wanted to know what they eat do they eat brine shrimp or artemia for the kribesis thanks do they eat brine shrimp or do i need the artemia food also do theyeat the flake food
  7. Hi everyone. This is in regards to an ongoing problem I am having with my baby oscar. On the 2 of march this year I purchased a red oscar (my first oscar). He was the smallest of 5 that I got to choose from, and he was being bashed up by the others. So I took pity on him and bought him. He was probably not much more than 4cm when I got him. I also purchased a baby chocolate cichlid as well as as a baby severum. The plan being to eventually have a south american tank with these 3 as well as some silver dollars.. (I have bought the tank...just need more manpower to get inside of house) I thought that buy growing them up together they might get on better in the long run. Since purchasing them the chocolate cichlid and severum have almost doubled in size but my oscar has barely grown at all. He is finikey about his food. I have Hikari gold which he just spits out. I have tried garden worms (which the chocolate loves) as well as frozen blood worms and another frozen product which combines all sorts of ingredients such as peas, brine shrimp etc. which is made for cichlids. He tried this and seemed to like it first time but is now ignoring this as well. The only thing he seems to like is freeze dried brine shrimp. I have seen him poop - and it looks normal. But I am concerned as although he looks like he wants food, when it is put in tank he does not really show any real intent to want to eat. Apart from being small, he looks okay, his fins have all healed up from his bashing at the LFS and he is swimming around and chasing the little feeder fish that also live in his tank (some sort of tiny rainbow fish) it's just that he is not growing or putting on any size that concerns me. (Have I bought a dwarf oscar?) As he was being bashed in the LFS tank I was wondering if he is not eating due to the chocolate cichlid (as she is protective of her food)..so I started coaxing him down away from her and feeding him at other end..I put food in but he just swims away. I was under the impression that oscars grow fast..but mine is not...It has been 4 weeks that I have been trying to find something that he likes...What else can I try to get him to eat more?..I was wondering if because he seems to like chasing the rainbow fish if he is wanting live food??.I have these small cockroaches in my bathroom(not contaminated with insecticides) that I can try..would they be okay?
  8. Hi everyone, I purchased a green severum 6 days ago from petbarn. All the severums were tiny maybe just under the size of a 20 cent piece. I now have it in a 38G growout with some rainbow fish. (rainbows are bigger than severum) Is a planted tank with river sand and driftwood. Fitration is a hamburg matten filter utilizing poret foam. Severum is active but will not eat anything but frozen (thawed) bloodworms. I have tried flake, crushed hikari pellets (had to crush as he couldn't fit the small ones in mouth..but ultimately spat this out)..tried mashed peas, zucchini...it is getting frustrating that he wont eat...he seems healthy though for now, but I just want to know if anyone can suggest an alternative food I might try..I was going to look for some worms tommorrow..even though they are going to have to be very small..there is no way he will be able to eat a big one. This is my first south american fish and I want to ensure that I am doing all I can to raise a healthy fish. Thanks.
  9. .Where would i go to buy live foods for baby axolotls, an online shop that posts in australia would be best or anything in queensland cheers guys.
  10. Thought I would post a pic of our new baby. I will keep this thread updated to show the progress.
  11. so I have a tank with baby bristle nose in it and i want to add some fish that wont eat them any suggestions, i thought maybe small tetras like rummy noses? please give me your advice. thanks
  12. Just so you know... It turned out very well. I named her "Baby" and she is living with 3 other large GPGs in a 10ft swimming pool (approx. 4,000 litres). The last time I moved her (from an 8ft swimming pool to the bigger one) she was about 50+cm, so she's still growing :-) Thanx for the interest.
  13. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick
  14. What would be the easiest way to catch baby shrimp without a turkey baster??? Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  15. Hi everyone, Had a bit of excitement this morning. Went in to do some maintenance on my female betta tank and found a baby albino pleco on the glass. Wow!! I've never had plecos breed before. The tank is overgrown with swords and has a big piece of gold vine wood in there. Should I be doing anything else for these guys. I would assume that there is more than one in there, although I can only see one at the moment. The tank is a 2ft with two female bettas and two adult bristlenose plecos. Running a fluval U4. Sorry about the pic quality, I had my hand in there stirring things up when I noticed him. Cheers, Col.
  16. Great White Shark Lydia Veers Away from UK | LiveScience Lydia is a champ!
  17. hi all my endless have been doing well but for some reason the fry are growing up with a odd shape to them,they look a bit like a small "V" head is high with a v shape towards the tail,why are they growing this shape? thanks mick (sorry i put this thread in the wrong section b4 )
  18. Will take some pics once batteries charged
  19. This could be the smallest marlin ever caught | GrindTV.com
  20. Im babysitting a tank for a few days while someone is taking a holiday - and it looks like one or two of the fish are getting sick. Water test parameters - all good, no ammonia / nitrites (some nitrate, maybe 20/40ppm) and Ph about 7.4 The fish are harlequin rasboras, and one of them looks a white/grey kind of colouring on its body. His fins are a bit tattered, but not sure if that's because he's been bullied, got stressed, then sick, or just a symptom. They are only about 2 weeks into the tank, don't know if he's just stressed out from that. He seems to behave alright, eats ok and swims around etc. I've looked into ich, but it doesnt seem like there is is any of the discolouration on the fins, its body based, and only on one side of the body. Fungus? Photos attached, but a cameraphone and little fish does not lend itself to well focused images. I suppose main questions are - What is it? - What can I do about it? Ancillary to that is how harmful is it likely to be to other occupants (other fish, some RCS and a snail) is it worth getting him into isolation (or is too late?) Tools I've got would be - Can do a water change - Stress zyme and / or stress coat - table salt (no marine salt - so this probably doesn't count) - can isolate into a small container.
  21. Picked up two gorgeous dats last night, one is 7cm and the other is 9cm, gorgeous fish. Got them eating hikari krill straight up. Can't wait till they settle and become comfortable so I can get some photos. I had one at 30cm lined up in rockhampton, I decided against it as it's a bit big for what I'm after, not even five minutes after I told the seller "I'm sorry it's gorgeous but doesn't suit my needs" I got a message and I was on my way to Brisbane to pick 2 youngens up. The bloke I bought them off said I called him just before he was about to advertise them. Funny how things just work out sometimes.
  22. Omg, they're adorable and SO TINY!! :3 .. There's soooo many of them.. We saw them lay eggs a bit ago..then the eggs were gone.. so we figured they got eaten. The tank has an Oscar, 4 JDs, 4 Silver dollars and a peppermint bn.. we assumed they were lunch. Looked in the bottom of the tank today -- babies.. Um, what?.. They're all swimming in a cluster and mummy and daddy JD are taking on anyone and everyone that comes near them.. We have a 4ft x 1 x 1 that's cycled and currently housing 3 barbs that we can put them in.. but iono how different the water would be :s (I used rain water to fill it up, the JD tank has strictly tap water for starters... ) OH MAN.. THEY'RE SO CUTE AND ADORABLE.. And I can't take pics -- they don't show up. .. they're about 4mm long :3 AND SO FREAKING CUTE. Hulp? :3
  23. This is a little cutie from today’s south east Queensland aquarium society dive trip. One of the hundreds seen!
  24. When do baby cories colour up? Mine are 1cm and still clear/opaque will they be albino??
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