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  1. Hello everyone, I am back into fish keeping and decided to join the forum to learn more and get help with my issues: fish related of course. I kept American cichlids way back in the late 80s and still have my 2.5 footer from 1986! I am currently running a 180, 400 and 2x200 litre tanks. Plus a the old tank and a small hospital tank. Community planted aquarium, African cichlids, another community/discus tank (400 litre). Acquired a 5x2x2 recently and considering a tang community tank with a sump but I will probably need it for the malawis as they are growing fast... Most of this in the last 6 months. Wife still talks to me...
  2. The sea stars are no good any more, the peroxide makes them look lazy in algae reduction. These quite rare forms of algae come up like mushrooms, not coral mushroom's, land mushrooms, lol. It seems not only were the sea stars eating my other pretty algae forms, but they had these guys to scared to come out as well. I have only ever seen these guys in 2 sites, never any where else, and their name, I have no idea. They vary from blue/purple to extreme orange/pink and all colours in between. They grow sort of like flowers and spread via a vine like method, then up come like new flowers you might call them. These must have been waiting under my corals to appear. They are not completely safe, the imperator picks at them, but not enough, it appears, to make them retreat again.
  3. Hi all, im just getting back into the hobby with an ar620t and figured i would keep a log of everything here, so here it is,cleaned the sand this arvy, got some slate from a undisclosed location filled her and here she is
  4. But not how we expected. Turns out that bio balls make an excellent media to grow plants in when using the floating rafting method. Just had a good yarn with one of our favorite aquaponics ladies, and well, I am convinced. Not that my opinion matters when the systems are producing so much food! The proof is in the veggies Those of you looking for an aquaponics youtube channel to learn from, check her out. She rafts at a Kon-Tiki level!
  5. Hey everybody quick simple question, I'm going to paint the back of one of my smaller tanks, does it matter what paint I use like just some cheap stuff from Bunnings should be ok hey?
  6. Looking for black vinyl for the back of my 3×2. Does anyone know where to find it on the northside? Cheers
  7. Hey guys just wondering how many people would like forum competitions back. Been talking to webmaster about it and am just awaiting replys from sponsors about prizes. If/when this happens I with anyone else's help (as I am in school and am getting a lot of homework)would be happy to run and moderate the competitions page and bring it back to its former glory. Cheers TheAquaHolic001
  8. Ocean Free Junior Jumbo Sponge Filter- Sponge size is 14cm x 16cm. Perfect for larger aquariums as supplementary filtration or keep a sponge filter going in your tanks for those times when you need a fully cycled filter in a hurry. It can be a life saver!!!! Head on over to our website to snap up some of these massive sponge filters today! http://www.thetechden.com.au/Ocean_Free_Junior_Jumbo_Sponge_Filter_for_up_to_68_p/qhu124.htm
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Hi Guys and Gals, It's a great day here at AOA, made even better by the arrival of our Vectra L1. As always your QLDAF 10% discount applies. Very Limited numbers available so first in best dressed. Hope you all have a great weekend. Regards Josh
  11. Are you looking for an alternative to live or frozen food? Do you want to condition your fish for breeding? Are you looking for a high protein food for either marine OR freshwater fish? Australian Blackworm could be the answer you have been looking for!!!! These freeze dried worms are available in cubes or a loose form and fish go absolutely crazy over them!!! The only difference between freeze dried and live is the water content of the live worms- they have the same nutritional value!!!!!. Click on the link below to spoil your fish today. https://www.thetechden.com.au/SearchResults.asp?Search=black+worm
  12. my bristle nose was laying on his back not moving but still breathing moved him into a spair tank and added salt is it just a waiting game now or anything else i can do to save him
  13. Went to Tasmania for a couple of weeks did the drive, stayed some real nice places but whats that got to do with aquariums? Ive managed to go puddle jumping a few times as cold as it was while doing day hikes and short walks and have a heap of footage to go through - fish and native animals and will post them soon as I can SEE AUSTRALIAN & PNG NATIVES SECTION FOR VIDEOS more to come heres a couple of pics of the fish and some habitat These would make great aquarium specimens.
  14. Hello all I am going to be moving back to fresh from a reef tank shortly and would like some advice on what fresh water fish to go into a planted 6x2x2. My last fresh setup was mainly africans cichlids. and I have a small planted nano that I will decommission shortly that has just one otocinclus and I love the work it does to maintain your tank. So basically I havent really had anything to do with fresh inn over 10 years so I am a little out of wack and would love some input on a fish list please TIA Florix
  15. Hey guys so its been a whole year since ive done a thread or had a fish tank.... a year ago i moved to Moranbah which is 2 1/2 hours west of Mackay so the wife could pursue her teaching career. Its a great small town but the Aquarium hobby here is nearly non existent so finding a tank for sale was very hard. it took some time but i managed to track down a second hand 4 ft tank here, next goal was to get a filter which i had sent up from brissy, i went with a ehiem 2217. Our hardware store here is Mitre 10 and is very limited so i sorta had to work with what they had when it came to building the cabinet and hood. They came out all right but if i was living in Brisbane still it would have looked very different. Im a stainless steel fabricator by trade so timber isn't something im used to and after watching a few DIY videos on you tube i thought id give it ago, the worst that could happen is id break something and have to start again lol Materials here arent exactly cheap so i was determined to get it right the first time! this build has taken a couple of months as ive had to wait for most things to come in the mail from all over Aus, So here are some pics of the build in a few stages, ive decided once the tank has cycled it will be a geophagus tank which ones tho depend on availability in mackay i guess!
  16. Thanks [MENTION=6066]webmaster[/MENTION]stig and [MENTION=7291]ginger[/MENTION]ale I guess we better use it or lose it.
  17. Hi guys/girls just getting back in the aquarium game after a few years break, I mainly stick to big American breeds and will see me in the trader till I get setup again Thanks for the best place to do it without gumtree millionares
  18. Hey guys after a couple yrs away from the Hobhy (due to my son arriving) I've decided to get back into it. I'll be starting from scratch and since I have bigger n better priorities I wont be going all out this time. im going to get another 6x2x2 stocked with americans. Gold n white saum n mayb a couple fire mouths n others? im not spending big bucks on filters this time round. im looking at getting the aqua one 2700 x 2. I had a fx5 n the biggest eheim classic. The biological filtration was amazing running both of them and the turbulence wasn't bad at all running both. thats why im opting for 2 2700's. is anyone running them n if so what's ur thoughts n media preferences. Good to be back.
  19. We had our 25th and 26th off and now we are now back to work - just the 1st is the next day off. Hope everyone is enjoying their break and had a good Christmas.
  20. Hey all. I'd like to tank everyone that help me whilst I setup my first fish tank, And if like to share some pics and what I have in the tank As always, any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. So I I know have: 4x blue gourami's 2x gold gourami's 10x neon tetras 4x khuli loaches 3x sapphire Angels And 1x bristle nose catfish Here's some pictures I snapped today, of the new Angels and my gourami's. I picked up my new Angels today, and I am in love with them. But I know they are very small, so I am keeping a close eye on them. Enough talking here you go. From allboutthebass
  21. ...Fired Clay Bristlenose caves start from $6.25 with your discount - and Australian and professionally Made. When we dropped the price on the Zigzag bristlenose caves they sold out really quickly - we just received our shipment of over 300 caves. Sounds like a few but they go quickly.... Here is the link to them... ZigZagFish Breeding Logs and Caves
  22. Back to Nature guide to L-Catfishes has been out of stock for a little while and there were a number of people chasing it - if you were one of them - there back..... Best of all it is still at a great price of $33.50
  23. Hi All. We have now received our stock of Shogun 500w Heaters. Thank you for everyone's patience. Link - Age of Aquariums - Shogun Heater 500w * Introductory Special * Ben
  24. We have received in a few shipments in, in the last week or two and have a good range of Sera happening. After a long delay we have been able to get back in the Sera San Colour Tropical Flake in the 10l tub. Anyway here is the link to check out all their food and pricing. You will probably notice a few label changes / name changes too. Sera <---click here for pricing and info
  25. I am looking at joining 2 4ft universal rock back grounds for the back and a 2 ft back ground one side of an 8x2x2. Has anyone ever tryed to join these back grounds? I was thinking i can try and join it in a similar way that people make diy back grounds. If anyone has done this any info or pics would be great. Or know of another quality 3d back ground brand???
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