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  1. I'm in the middle of making my own 3D background for my fish tank I've made it out of styrofome and need to know what paint I can use I've been told can use quickset concrete, grout and acrylic paint is any of this true if not what can I use please help any info will be greatly appreciated on how to finish this without harming my fish cheers
  2. Been busy this week, brought the 10ft that was for sale on the forum and have been busy playing around with the background. It had been fitted by the previous owner and also hides all the plumbing for the tank, so thought that as it was empty and I have a bit of time, I would play around with it and add a few personal touches. You can see the intakes in the background and I still have a bit to do with the returns. It was multi coloured before and I wanted to make it a bit darker so the colours of the fish are more noticeable, so went for a dark brown and flattened out a few of the rough areas as the Americans that will be in there can crash about and didn't want them to injure themselves on the background. It is made from that expanding foam in a can and quick drying cement, just added the colour to the cement. Going to coat it in a clear epoxy resin to seal it and make is easy to clean. Brought one of better epoxies and came in crystal clear with non yellowing harder. Will update once I get the background complete.
  3. BACKGROUND, SUBSTRATE COLOURS AND TANK POSITION I recently moved my mbuna from a tank with a black background with river sand substrate, to a tank with a light blue background and a play sand substrate. The lighting is unchanged - exact same LED light, and tanks are same in water volume - slightly different tank dimensions - one is wider and the other a bit taller. The rocks are also exactly the same - just a different configuration. I have noticed that my fish seem to be less skittish and are swimming around looking far more relaxed in tank with blue background. (See vid here: ) They have only been in tank for 24 hours and I expected there to be territorial disputes over the new rock configuration, but this has been very minor...far less than the usual spats and fights. I was planning on a black background for their new tank ...now I'm not so sure...I like the new chilled look my fish have...it is like I have different fish...This is more noticeable as before I changed tanks there were fights going on as several of my females are maturing...these, for the moment at least, seem to have stopped. I like the black backgrounds because it makes the colours of fish pop...but the blue is bouncing more light around and revealing more detail in rocks and fish than I thought would be the case. Sometimes with the black background it is like half the tank is in darkness (especially with all the rocks) and so it can make it difficult to always see what is going on in the tank (harder for cleaning too) ....I also wonder if being able to see more is making the fish feel more relaxed....no aggro fish suddenly appearing out of the dark THOUGHTS???.. Looking at footage of Lake Malawi it would seem that the water is pretty clear/good visibility for the most part...this is one reason given as to why the fish are so brightly coloured - so that they can identify themselves and also identify friend or foe from further away. I like white/cream sand substrate as it looks more natural for the fish...and they like it. However, I am liking play sand more than river sand as it is easier to identify mess when doing cleaning/vac...sometimes it is hard to tell if the small pebbles in the river sand are pebbles or pellets..and so you suck up your sand....the play sand is also lighter in colour and is bouncing more light around the tank. To add even more mystery to the change in behaviour, the fish are now also in an area where they get far more people traffic going past front of tank and the light from the window means we are casting shadows onto the tank as we walk past...normally this would freak my fish out...but they are barely flinching...I thought it would be the opposite...I thought I would never see them as they would be hiding all the time...but no, they are cruising around seemingly carefree... What are peoples thoughts on background, substrate colours and Tank position... And has anyone else noticed changes in the behaviour of their fish due to background, substrate colour or tank position?
  4. Hi all, As some of you may know, after 3 years of breeding a variety of Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids I sold off what remained of my breeder and fry at the end of 2014 as I was finishing my last year of school and moving off to University and college the following year. Now being halfway through 2015 I am studying a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Marine Science, at the University of Queensland and living in a college room that’s around 3m by 4m in size, not ideal for my old 6ft tanks. I have to admit I had more then a few looks over the forum to see what has been going on and what’s getting around. However 6 months was as long as I could last without a tank and sure enough after some searching around on gumtree and identifying some space behind my bed, I’m back. For the last weeks we have been on our mid-year UNI break and during that time I bought a nice 3ft display tank with a nice varnished stand and hood. With some extra time up my sleave, I decided I would make a DIY 3D background for it. I found a Youtube channel called the ‘The King of DIY’ by a guy named Joey living in Canada. He has some awesome videos on all sorts of DIY aquarium projects, including how to make a DIY 3D background, and I would highly suggest a look. So after that I decided that’s what I wanted to do and set out to get my materials and equipment. Materials - 1200mm x 600mm x 50mm sheet of Styrofoam - 10kg bag of cement from bunning - Selleys aquarium and window silicone. Equipment - Silicon gun - Wooden spoon (for mixing cement) - Bucket (to mix cement in) - A variety of sharp knives for carving - Wire foam cutter (or the cheap mans option which I used is a filleting knife or Stanley knife as their sharp and thin so foam doesn’t go everywhere when your cutting) - Large paint brush for general use - Small paint brush for edges and hard to reach places - Cloth (to wipe cement off glass) - Its handy to grow your nails out a bit first to I found because you can scrape and thin out the Styrofoam adding a more natural look and saving time. After I gathered everything up the first thing I did was measure up the inside of my tank and workout how I could most effectively use the foam sheet I bought. It worked out that I had enough foam to do the whole back of the tank and one of the sides; which would both be up against the wall in one of the corners in my room. Since my tank is relatively small and thin I opted to go for Styrofoam that was 50mm thick as I wanted it to bulge out a bit, but not too much as it would take up to much of my tank space. The tank I got has a centre bracing across the top which made things a lot more difficult then they needed to be. This is because without it I could have basically slid the whole thing in one piece but because of the bracing I had to cut 8 individual pieces in order to fit them in and then re-assemble it inside the tank. The reason I needed 8 is because I need 3 sheets for the back wall and 1 for the side wall, then an additional 4 for the base. This is because I wanted the background to gradually taper off into the centre of the tank. I made sure to leave an extra centimetre or so while setting it all out as I would loose some length while cutting the Styrofoam. After I had all my individual pieces cut out I tested all my measurements out by assembling the block in the tank which is crucial to do throughout the process to make sure it all fits perfectly and you can make alterations. After making necessary adjustments I set it all up on my building table and decided to draw a rough outline of the shape I wanted on the wall and making sure it looked like everything looked like one piece. After that I begun carving with a few different knives until I found one I liked most. I found by the end that its important to be aggressive in the amounts you take off at the start otherwise you’ll be spending days carving. I think all up I would’ve spent about 10-12 hours of just carving out my background and making sure the structures matched up on one piece to the next. Sounds like a lot of time but to be honest with some good music going at the same time I found it very enjoyable and relaxing. I do however have a lot of admiration for those who make backgrounds for 6-8ft tanks as I’d hate to think how many ours that would take.
  5. hey guys i recently bought a 6x2x2 as my rtgg keeps getting bigger an bigger ( hopefully his jaw gets better ....... ) so ive decided to go with a blue background i was just wondering what was the best way to put it up as ive tried the usually taping the background to the back but the colour looks very dark once the water goes in and the lights are on so how can i make the background look brighter and clearer thanks
  6. Guys, I've been contemplating painting the background of my 6ft tank but am worried that some of the scratches will be emphasised and ruin the look of my tank. Has anyone struck this problem?
  7. Hi all, I am buying a second hand tank this week which has a 3d background installed. It is not currently set up for a sump but I'm really keen on having one. Just wondering if I will have to remove the 3d background for the inlet and outlet holes or if it is possible to have them going through the background. cheers.
  8. Hey I would like to know where I can buy a 3d background for my African display tank in the logan area or gold coast and how pricey are they.
  9. Hi, Just ordered a 6X2X28" and can get the builder (Dennison) to apply Vinyl for me at a very reasonable price. I was just wondering what other people would recommend? I have always used water based acrylic paint on the back of my previous tanks. Let me know what you think Thanks in advance for your input, and sorry if this topic has already been covered.
  10. just wondering some options for a background for a very large tank 10ft x 2ft x 30in h. a latex ones to expensive for a tank that size. diy is a risk , one hell of a mess to rip out if i dont like it. And im not sure what sort of a life you would get out of one ???. I have plenty of access to good rock but i need to be careful of weight. as it is tank ,sump and stand will be around 2 ton!!!!. anyone got any ideas??? i was thinking of trying to make some fake rock using sand cement and bean bag beans to reduce the weight factor. im suffering from info overload and cant find an answer???????????
  11. Okay, what is the best background, black paint, stainless steel, latex, show us yours You can see mine first ;-) Stainless steel sheet clipped on back makes my Americans pop, black they all turn dark, blue is strictly marine
  12. hey guys .. back when i got my tank i made a foam background .. then covered with coloured concrete and then sealed with pond sealer with a step out where my filler comes pumps back into tank.. well .. where the step out is the back of it .. is now open foam and its coming appart and small bits are all over the top of tank .. looking for a quick fix .. would rather not have to concrete and pond seal.. is there something aquarium save i can cover it with and then seal it or something that covers and seals all at once .. its not seen from front of the tank. cheers chris
  13. Hi all, Just wondering, does anyone know of anywhere that I might be able to purchase a large 3d background, I'm wanting one for a 6x2.5ish and the stores up here don't have a huge range unfortunately. Thanks in advance
  14. Any thoughts on using stacker stone tiles as a background in an aquarium? I think it would give some nice dimensions, plus plenty of little ledges ect for the fishies to explore. My apologies if been asked before. Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Tiles, National Tiles, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. cheers bryan
  15. hey everyone, ive decided to make my own background and for my new tank. as im only half way done and i would appreciate it if i could get some advice on any alterations or suggestions to improve the look. it needs to be done asap as mum isnt to happy with me making a mess in the lounge room and blocking the plasma. I think my fronnys are getting to keen, one already wants it done NOW!! lol Sorry about the quality of the pics most files are to large to upload here is some so far Cheers, Timbo
  16. While my fish has been recovering in a spare tank i have cleaned and redone his tank with a awesome homemade fake 3d rock background with a red tree. i have made myself it took awhile as my tank is 8x2x2....heres 1 pic but please feel fee to check out my photo album and let me know what you think! Thanks guys :-)
  17. Hi all! Im wondering what to do with the rear of my new 7x3x2 cant aford a fancy background so gona have to paint it so wondering either blue or black? Im sourcing black gravel so ideas people??
  18. Hi all, I'm attempting to stick my 3d latex background on. I've got the sellys aquarium silicon, since the tank is quite big 5x2 in not sure if I should put the tank on it's side and put heavy items on top of latex while setting or to attemp to make a few clamps up and silicon with tank standing up? Also the tank has had a background previous so I've removed all big lumps in the middle with a razor but what about all the silicon around the sides and bottom? I'm worried if I attempt to remove it may affect the tanks silicon. Should I simply just cake the latex and go over the top of it? I would ultimately like it watertight as possible behind the latex. Any info or suggestions would be great.
  19. Hey i got a latex back ground iam guna silicon to my tank. Its a littel rock face thing that takes up just 1/3 of the back glass. Its a bit dodgie and has a few big gaps where it meets the glass. On the bottom theres a 1 inch gap should i silicon the whole way around or leave the big gap at the bottom as the gravel will cover it? Thanks
  20. I recently bought a background from aquarium r u, It's one of the basalt rolls I quite like it. Problem is its going to be in an already established tank even tho it's not meant to. So aquarium r Us sold me some magnets that I could silicone onto it and out some on other side to hold it in place. Going through 10mm glass that don't have much strength so those magnets were a fail. So I ordered some more through a online magnet store (lucky they are in Brisbane) recived them siliconed them on And still no good they just aren't enough to hold the whole thing in place. It does hold I places but when you try to attach another place it just comes off due to water pushing it away. So no good again. Now I'm putting all the magnet on so will have total of 10 magnets on background and another 10 on other side of glass. But I'm thinking this won't work again. So back to magnet shop to get some More. These things aren't that cheap either. Has anyone else had similar problem? How did you fix do you know what magnet you used? This is really starting to do my head in. Just want the thing in my tank. Thanks
  21. Hi guys, In my research for a new tank I'm looking at the beat background colour. I currently have a sky blue background on my tank, and I keep looking at it thinking it's too bright. But I also think that black is too drab. What are your opinions? Cheers.
  22. just wondering some options for a background for a very large tank 10ft x 2ft x 30in h. a latex ones to expensive for a tank that size. diy is a risk , one hell of a mess to rip out if i dont like it. And im not sure what sort of a life you would get out of one ???. I have plenty of access to good rock but i need to be careful of weight. as it is tank ,sump and stand will be around 2 ton!!!!. anyone got any ideas??? i was thinking of trying to make some fake rock using sand cement and bean bag beans to reduce the weight factor. im suffering from info overload and cant find an answer???????????
  23. Does anyone know where in the Gold Coast or Brisbane that I can get a good background for my 5' x 3' display tank? Was thinking of getting a blue or black background or possibly even a 3D one. Any help you can give me will save me a lot driving around and phone calls and will be much appreciated Cheers
  24. this has been a work in progress i have mover all my africans to 3 other tanks, emptied the 6ft and went out to find some styraphome. i havent done this before but ive been playing around with different ideas for a but and wanted something that is going to stand out. let me know what u think.[/img]
  25. Ok so i am wanting to finally setup my 5x2x2.5 and am wanting a 3d back ground to put in it. The trouble i am having is no one makes a 2.5 high background and i dont want to make it myself!! So can someone help me, either give me a quote on making it for me, or know of somewhere i can get one Any Help is very appreciated Cheers dave
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