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Found 19 results

  1. Anybody know of any places or websites that sell nice 3D backgrounds. Not looking for them jewl foam one or them latex couple you get from aru. Cheers.
  2. hello looking for some advice on building backgrounds such as what types of materials that last paints tools cheers.
  3. Hey Guys, whats the best tape for attaching those picture sheet backgrounds to the back of your aquariums...? I've got plenty of Electrical tape, Duct tape or masking tape. Would one of those be suitable? I don't want it coming off every second day.
  4. Hi Everyone Just chasing some info on 3D backgrounds. 1. I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that I could get hold of a good one from ( Not a fan of the flat ones, I would prefer something with a bit of structure). 2. Are they difficult to make yourself? 3. Are they are a pain in the ass to fit if the tank has bulkheads? I am looking at getting/ doing one for my 4x4x2 so it would only need to be 4ft wide by 2ft high. It currently has white sand, melaluka roots and some flat sandy stones in it. I would love to continue along that theme and have a background looking something like a bank?? Something that suits Geo's, dicsus, lemon tetras set up. If I fall in love with the 3D background for that tank, I will look at getting one for my 8 x 2.5 Thanks in advance Deeg
  5. Just a general question. I like a black background on my tank and did not want to paint it (in case I ever decide to change it) so have used the usual old black shiny stuff you get from the LFS on a roll and stuck that on. I know you can do vinyl etc (such as sign writing stuff) but abit hard with a full 6 foot tank against the wall. So I was wondering has anyone every tried thick black fabric with success? I can access dense black blockout roller blind fabric - but worry it might create more of a "mirror" effect? It will be easy to put on so that is not a problem, I just wonder how successful it might be? Has anyone used fabrics before with success? I guess I am just puzzled as the shiny stuff you buy from the LFS might be shiny for reason? Funny that is not matt black?
  6. Just wondering if there's a place that does 3d backgrounds for a 6x2 tank, and for a good price too
  7. Well the new 6 foot was delivered yesterday, now I am considering backgrounds. On my 3 foot I just put the black background on you buy off a roll at the LFS and it has been pretty good. I was wondering with such a big tank what is the best to stick it on with should I go that option? Double sided tape more secure than old sticky???? the other option I have considered is black vinyl (such as what sign writers have) - but worry how hard that is to put on and take off should you want a change down the track? Anyone tried it? I dont want to paint the back of the tank though - that is not an option.
  8. Hey guys im thinking about buying a 3D background from Aquariums R us. I would just like to know if anyone has used one? And if anyone has any pics of there tank with one in it so I can see it? Cheers.
  9. Hey everyone I want to get a 3d background made for my 6x2x2. Does anyone know of anywhere that has this size backgrounds or can custom build them? i want to have the back and both sides done, themed for an african tank. thanks
  10. there are enough youtube vids to teach a monkey how to do these..... the only thing I need to ask is the cement I have for coating the foam is Australia Cement Co "POSTCRETE" - its for fencepost etc (who would have guessed). Anyway its the stuff you just dump in the hole and then hose it...... Do you guys reckon it will be ok to use as an initial coating to create that furry looking surface?
  11. Hey does anyone know where to buy those 3d backgrounds from in brisbane apart from aquariums r us?
  12. Where is the best place to get the styrofoam background from
  13. Hey people, I was just wondering if anyone has made there own backgrounds out of styrofoam? And either used concrete, silicone and gravel. What works best? If so have u had any problems since. I'm thinking of making my own background and cave creation for my fronnys. Any info or suggestions would be most appreciated Thanks, Timbo
  14. hey guys i have some really large aquarium installs comming up where i want to use a THIN fake latex rock background as well as some LARGE fake latex rock. just wondering if anyone has some recommendations where o buy.
  15. does any one know where to get the glue for the paper backgrounds, sick of sticky taping them up
  16. Input please. If painting back panel (outside) what type of paint? color? would you paint the bottom too? Any one used that special background adhesive? thanks. Alice
  17. Hi All, Just a quick question on how everyone sticks the background to the back of tanks ? I have been told to apply Vasolene or Baby oil then ger the bubbles out Cheers Josh
  18. Hey, I'm not sure if this is the correct place, but where on the northside would I be able to find some black backing for a tank? If any one knows, that would be great. Thanks, Raff.
  19. Does anyone know what brand names or products I can buy that would do the job of Concrete pigment in black and brown and Quickcrete Quickwall? I want to make a DIY background following these steps: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/d ... ground.php but I want to know what is safe to cover the stryo with. Any help would be awesome!!!! Thank you
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