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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. A few months back i tripped over a product which I've being trying to find out more about. Catch being, i can't remember the name, brand or where i found it, but i'm pretty sure it was a LFS. It was basically a live bacterial culture for freshwater, along the lines of API QuickStart. Rather than being to help cycle a tank though, it specifically included bacteria that target phosphates. Does anyone know what this might've been, or similar preparations suitable for fresh water? I know Red Sea do a phosphate/nitrate product for marine but i don't know about it's suitability for fresh water. And yes, i know there are a million synthetic phosphate absorbers. I've used a number of them. But i have ongoing phosphate issues steming from my source water so i'm looking for options more sustainable over the longer term. Cheers.
  2. Hello, I know this had probably been asked 1000000000000000 times on this forum and I do apologise for asking again but i can't seem to find a solution. Lets start from the beginning WE got my daughter a: Blue Planet 'Classic 20' 20L tank (inbuilt filter and light) Bag of pretty pink gravel Used: quick start water ager CN (had no idea was cycling was...) Fish added: 2x white cloud minnows 1 x Shukbukin Goldfish long story short: 1 minnow and goldfish died (backend floated up fish could get deep) got a bad algal bloom took last minnow out kept it in a vase for 3 weeks. emptied tank cleaned it with tap water (including the activated carbon in the filter.) left the glass and the gravel in the sun for a few days. Put it all back together tried to cycle water (again without knowing what i was doing...[no boilogical material to create ammonia{i know. i know}]) added prime, quick start, ph balanced, placed minnow back in bought a heater (defiantly big enough for little tank) added 2 x guppies and 1 x BN catfish. guppies ate minnow's tail. it died. one guppy died. (within 3 days of adding to tank) all good for a few weeks. Went away for weekend, over fed fish. came to the tank so cloudy that you can even see 5 cm deep into the water. PH 6.4 Ammoina 8+ppm nitrare 0 nitrite 0 been like this for over 2 weeks. fish seem fine (when i can actually see them) been adding prime, quick start and ammolock every 2 days. 10% water changes (tap water) no change to water levels or cloudiness. added a bag of Purigen to filter box a week ago Wife very angry, daughter too, Please help. sorry for the long message tries to be short! (my wife keeps saying a cat would be cheaper) THANKS
  3. Hi, A friends fish have been slowly deteriorating and have no heater. I've suggested putting a heater in and bringing the temp up slowly, but what else would you suggest to try and save these poor buggers? Any help is much appreciated!
  4. Hi everyone, On friday I noticed that one of my kribs was acting very strange, swimming oddly and flicking. He also seemed to have a rough skin surface instead of the normal smoothness. Looking at the other kribs in the tank, a few of them had the same problem. I took the one who seemed healthiest but was still showing these symptoms to my LFS on saturday to get a diagnosis. It seems they have a bacterial infection due to the pea-sized gravel I was using in that tank not being kept clean enough. On saturday afternoon I set up my quarantine tank, getting it ready to house these guys for treatment with the medicine I bought. I dosed the tank. Sunday morning the fish went in. The medication I was sold is called Bactonex by Aquasonic, and it's active ingredients are 1.66mg per mL Aminacrine Hydrochloride, and o.o25mg per mL Methylene blue. The instructions are to dose 10mL per 40L of tank water, and to repeat after five days if necessary. Yesterday I had noticed the fish were getting worse. Since this antibacterial medication would be killing all the beneficial bacteria in the tank, I decided to perform an 80% water change and redose with the Bactonex, thinking it might be ammonia levels hurting the fish and slowing their recovery. I have decided to follow this regime: every second day, change 80% of the water and redose with Bactonex. I am only dosing the new water I am adding to the tank, i.e 80% of volume, not the entire 100% of water in the tank, if that makes sense. I have also added 1 teaspoon of rock salt per gallon of water since during my research I've seen some recommendations for salt treatment. Oh, and I will readd a teaspoon of salt per new gallon of water I put in every second day, as well. If anyone has any advice or recommendations I would LOVE to hear them, since my fish don't seem to be getting better. I really want to get these guys better! :sob: Thanks for your time!
  5. what is a good treatment readily available to treat external bacterial infections..???
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