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Found 75 results

  1. Ok so after a few weeks of using Epsom salts to raise GH i started to get a little iffy on it, due to a few things. #1 It has a laxative effect on fish, and on humans, its used to treat dropsy aswell because it draws fluid from the body which if your not sick that's a bad thing. #2 fish,just like people become dependant on laxatives,its not a good thing in the long run for both ppl and fish, the muscles associated with moving waste through the gut quit working as efficiently because the laxative does alot of the job for them. Apparently if you don't know exactly how much Epsom salts is too much or if you use it to often (e.g. every water change) the salts build up. #3 it also has a sedative effect along with the laxative effect, which might be useful in some cases but its all very un-natural and when you think about it you wouldn't like being on laxatives 24/7 esp if it wasn't necessary! So why would the fish like it? Lastly I'll admit I thought the fish were going good on the whole Epsom salt thing but I think they were just going good because of the small amount of sea salt I was adding to boost iodine in the water which apparently is extremely important for fish and the mineral quickly depletes from the water and the bad effects of iodine deficiency on fish are proven to be numerous. But in general I wasn't happy with the way my featherfins started to look and act after a couple weeks using Epsom salts and a few days ago I started using riftlake salts again and their looking better all round in general (and if you want an indicator of good or bad water conditions that effect colour and active behaviour in fish you cant get a better one than cyathopharynx as you'll get far from decent colour from these fish if general good water conditions are off!) or atleast they wont be coloured for long. So yeh I for one am NOT gonna be using anymore Epsom salts to raise GH and recommend ppl who do use it to take a close look at the facts of its effects etc and take a close look at wether your fish are actually doing as well as they could or should be while living in a sedative/laxative state 24/7. Theres many who debate this and say that their fish do well on the Epsom salt/bi-carb/marine salt D.I.Y. buffer but theres many more who consider it a no go, and now that I think of it the issue of the laxative effect alone is enough for me to consider epsom salt a no go for my fish. Cheers ;
  2. A while back I let this pain in the butt in into my tanks and for a while I lost interest and hair algae really got going. A couple of weeks back I decided to get rid of it all. The greying, lol, is the start of its demise.
  3. Brutal. http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/20/asia/great-barrier-reef-coral-bleaching/index.html
  4. I recently got my first Betta for a couple of years. He has character and spunk but seems to loose his motivation very quickly and he doesn't really seem to be eating his food. I can't work out if he is sick or if he is depressed. He seems to be spending a lot of time under his driftwood. When he sees me he gets excited and does a little happy hello dance but after a minute or two of attention goes back down under the driftwood and either watches me or turns his back to me. When it comes to feeding time he gets excited but spits his food out and swims away. He hasn't really 'swallowed' any of his food for a few days (yes I clean out the uneaten stuff). i put a mirror up for him for stimulation today and he flared beautifully a few times but then started swimming in the corner looking at the mirror and started to visibly appear stressed which I've never seen him, or another betta do before. im really not sure what's happening. Here's a couple of pics I took today. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66379-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66377-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66380-image/ http://www.qldaf.com/forums/members/tabeck1990-6233/albums/graeam-618/66378-image/
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  6. A week or so back I bought some frozen krill as I do for amix I make to add in, but this time it was just for the pig anthia I am stuckwith. I got it home still frozen, but when I used it, it becameobvious that it had thawed before, yukk, even the anthia thought twice beforetaking any. I am not that keen anymore on collecting, getting a bit old, but still encourageothers to correctly, it is more so due to lazy ness, but this made me get my own, not kril, glass shrimop, like I alwaysdid in the past! It is legal to use the prescribed style of shrimp traps andfor over 12 years mine has worked nicely. Chuck it in and leave it over night if you want, with asteel frame to stop sets of teeth from ruining it and taking off with it or as Ido, just set it up for a some hours to catch many small fish species or feedershrimps and more! Dam krill, I had to make a run up the coast to the canals toget fish food, still the surf was okay, so that made up for it. I settled with Curumundi creek, lots there. This lot should last me until next time we go up there. To be frozen.
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  8. Afternoon guys. I am seeking some advice, I want to restart my 2 largest tanks utilising the sump that was used including the 2 tanks on a rack system. which as we all no went south super quick! White Spot (ich) & then ammonia spike finished everybody off. The 2 largest tanks 6x2x2 & 6x2x700 are the only tanks left with the 4x2x18 sump, still sitting as they were when I drained them including sand in the tanks & I also had bulk little black snails that lived in my sump & drove me nuts! Basically I want to fill the tanks & sump, plug the pump in & if possible BOMB THE **** outa it with whatever. I want every last bit of bacteria, be it good or bad DEAD, also I want the snails DEAD. Then once all this has run it course, I want to clean out the sump, IN TAP WATER :0 OMG! Then start the cycle fresh & new. Any advice would be appreciated, I just want to make sure I get everything including what lives in the sand substrate. Thanks you guys & girls.
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  11. Hello! I have a newbie question please for anyone who has a bit of spare time to read. I have had my first 3ft (120l) tank for 6 weeks. I had two mini molly's, 1 dwarf gourami and a small catfish in there for 4 weeks no probs. (I have a few live plants, add flourish excel for them, added stability for the first seven days, always use water conditioner for water changes and my filter is a Aqua One 1000.) I added four guppies two weeks ago and have had nothing but problems. Suspected Ick then cotton mouth and now bulging eyes??? Tried white spot remedy, then pimafix, don't know what to do for the weird swollen eyes. My questions are: Are the guppies the cause? Did I get a bad batch? Are guppies prone to disease? Or is the 6 week mark that time of the cycle that problems crop up? Is it my fault for something I am doing or not doing? I want to try another tank (eventually) with more aggressive fish but if I can't even manage a guppy / molly tank I am screwed...lol I had thought that if I added fish too quickly the ammonia and nitrites would still be high. I have an API testing kit. Currently - Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0 and Nitrates about 25-40 but not surprised there as found intake pipe full of brown algae. So my filter was most likely not flowing at full capacity. (Common new tank problem according to my google sources...lol. It must have been quick growing as I cleaned the filter/pipes a fortnight ago and didn't see any algae.) Usually nitrates are 10-20. I flushed it all out and cleaned pipes. I did a 20% water change and will do another in the morning. Anyway thanks for reading my long winded post. Can anyone shed light on my problems? I really want to make this work. I am just a little disheartened here at all the problems cropping up. Would love pointers even if they are harsh..... smile emoticon Thanks again. Criss
  12. Just woke up, fed my silver perch, went back after half an hour and discovered one that had been mangled by the yabby and other perch if say. It was literally cleanly gilled and filleted! There was a cut in its belly and gills cut. From The Native Dude
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  14. I have acquired a couple of sumps, one will be used for marine, the other im hoping to use for freshwater. For the freshwater setup Iv come up with a very basic idea of how to utilise media in it. Just after some comments if it can be done better. My aim is to also make it easy to clean etc, Water will enter via pre filter sock, then hit K1 media, will run under baffle through sponge and out via pump. Planning on washing the sock up to once a day - easy task done in about 10 seconds to get rid of solids. The sponge is there to contain K1 and also act as redundancy media in case air pump fails and K1 stops tumbling. First sump Iv setup so just wanting to make sure Iv got the right idea. Any comments are welcome, whats good whats bad? Sock a good idea? K1 still best option? Thanks.
  15. Hi all, I saw a Aquavis 130 in store for the first time today and I was intrigued. I already have a fluval edge - and I love the look they are spectacular tanks - but they are small, and the lighting is not always great for high growth plants. This looked great - and I was wondering if anyone has one yet or could offer some feedback on it? Specifically I'd like to know what its like in terms of oxygen/heat diffusion - it doesnt have the grill/mesh top like the fluval does so heat diffusion and getting oxygen in there might be an issue? The one in store was not set up - i'd also like to know about water level for it - how full it can be filled and what the evaporation is like.
  16. The Bad New:- Well it had to finish and the bad news is that it is over and just can not run a special for a while, otherwise it is not a special. Good News:- We have dropped the price - again!! - and it is going to be a everyday buy at under $100 with your discount. The only thing better than a special is when the price is a everyday low price. Thanks to those that did get it when it was on special and thanks to you this is the reason that we will continually have it at this price so thank you for the support.
  17. I have an outbreak of macro in my tank, not sure what it is but wondering if there's anything that eats it & is reef safe? Also I have a fair few sponges popping up all over the place, should I be getting rid of them or just leave em there for the ride? Oh & this thing is growing, I thought I'd somehow got glue there but it's growing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  19. Noticed some hydras growing in my planted tank this afternoon. I currently only have plants and the odd snail in this tank but am being graciously gifted some juvie guppys, R.C.S. and bristlenose from peterw. question is, will these tiny jelly fish like organisms harm the soon to be new editions?
  20. Hi team over the last couple of years i have read i bunch of gumtree 'horror stories' BUT personally i have only have positive experiances.. I find most my sales (2/3's) go thru gumtree and i get little, to no 'gin' around from buyers, unlike here (qldaf) where i find heaps of tyre kickers/time wasting shats. what your opinion....
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  22. Look at all these fools on gumtree, I find it sad that they buy 4 oscars and a barramundi and then put it in a 3 foot fish tank they should do there research before buying fish that can grow very large. I found one a couple days ago where someone had 3 oscars in a 2 foot fish tank. I mean seriously how bad can they get? its a good thing they are selling them though, but they should never have put them in there in the first place. some examples: Oscar | Fish | Gumtree Australia Brisbane North East - Chermside West | 1035439461 twin deck fish tank stand | Fish | Gumtree Australia Cairns City - Bungalow | 1035464670 post all the links of bad fish keepers please. It is very interesting to see what they are doing.
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  24. Phosphorus identified as the missing link in evolution of animals
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