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Found 25 results

  1. Just bought a litre of these from AOA. Age of Aquariums - Marine Pure 1.5" Spheres 1 litre Guys just installed these in the 2213 under my Central American tank. Can't wait to see how they work. One big advantage I can see over the Biological media that comes stock in an eheim is that I wont have to go hunting for all the hundreds of little ceramic balls at the bottom of the bucket when I do my filter cleans. Think I might pay you guys a visit and get some more for my other tanks. Anyone else using these amazing little spheres yet ? Great value for money to compared to things like K1 media.
  2. Just wondering apart from the price is there much difference between Bakki Balls ( bacteria House ) and Marine Pure Spheres or do they both do the same thing as they both say they have huge surface area
  3. Hi Guys, I started a 30cm cube set up as a shrimp tank. Nothing to special, just for Red Cherries. Anyway i had the tank with a Mystery Snail and two small Bristlenose in it for a month or so. It only has one live plant of Riccia about 2 inches square On the weekend i added 5 Red Cherry Shrimp and a few mineral balls that the LFS told me were needed for the shrimp to shed their shells So within two days both Bristlenose have died. Water perimeters are all in spec 6.6PH, 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, and Nitrates about 5 - 10 PPM So i suppose my question is if the mineral balls may have effected them in some way , changing some other component in the water Thanks in advance for any help Cheers
  4. The Bakki family has had the new addition today of Bakki Balls. Originally it started with the Bakki Rods and Mini Bakki, then cam along the Bakki discs and today we get to add the Bakki Balls that arrived into stock today. Here is the range now available. Bakki Rods have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Mini Bakki Rods 5kg have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Bakki Discs - 5kg Bag (Bacteria House Bio Discs) Bakki Balls have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps
  5. Some new items from Benibachi have rolled in - first up Benibachi Breeding Liquid. There are more to put up on the site but here is a few of them. Benibachi Shrimp Breeding Liquid - 20ml Here is also a YouTube of it in action.... Benibachi Mironekuton Rock Benibachi Mironekuton Mineral Block 1kg Mironekuton 150g Natural Deep Sea Mineral MIRONEKUTON Natural Deep Sea Mineral - 150gm Benibachi Crimson Balls http://www.thetechden.com.au/Benibachi_Crimson_Bee_Balls_Pack_of_10_p/ben-cbb10.htm
  6. What Are These Odd Green Balls Covering This Australian Beach? | IFLScience
  7. Bio balls – your opinion? Who uses them? Who doesnt? why? To me it seems they are now a thing of the past, with so many modern media types available such as matrix, marine pure and K1. Been doing some reading on the net (so it must be true lol) to try and work out the effectiveness of bio balls/cubes. A study done by Cermedia (the manufacturer of Marinepure) claim that bioballs are as effective as an empty filter lol - study report can be found here http://www.cermedia.com/MarinePure%20Project%20Report.pdf I have some in half my sump as I got them for free but questioning there usefulness now... (other half of the sump has marine pure/coral and matrix)
  8. Hi , Can anyone tell me how I might go about making a floating moss ball ? I am finding my java moss a bit messy and out of control ! Am thinking a bio ball, moss covering it and possibly some sort of netting to hold it in place and finally attaching a bit of fishing line to anchor it ? (Assuming it will float of course !!! LOL ) anyone got ideas that will share ?
  9. Hi All. 50% off 32mm Bags of 2000 Bio Balls. Today only - Age of Aquariums - Bio Balls 32mm x 2000 Ben
  10. Hi All. Great Deal today. Link Below. Age of Aquariums - Bio Balls 42mm x 1000 Ben
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hello, Could someone please tell me if Marimo Balls are illegal to own or purchase within Australia? There is so much contradictory information online, I would rather ask real people. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks c:
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Mineral balls that is. I've seen mineral balls in crs tanks, do you need them ? What exactly do they do? Are there different types that do different things? If i do need em where do I get them and what are they actually called?
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. So, without talking about the fact that I HAVE a marimo ball (I want more, but seems unlikely), I'm wondering if adding a few flying fox to my 4 ft tank (to help with algae) is a death sentence for my marimo? If it is, I'll just put the marimo elsewhere, but since I doubt I can get another if this one gets eaten, I'm not keen on killing it by accident! On that note, anyone have a few marimos they'd like to sell? =)
  17. I've been told by different ppl different things what do you guys recommend for a freshwater sump? Considering shell grit is for free:D
  18. ok there is allways a thread on a sump somewhere and the good ole bioball comes up in discussion as to whether they should be submerged or not. This thread is here to discuss what they are used for and where they should be used... Ill go first with my understanding but would invite anyone to correct me if I am wrong.... ok, from my understanding of the whole process, and Ill keep it as basic as possible, Yes you can submerge them, and they will house anearobic bacteria, but they are not as efficient as other media such as matrix, scoria or coral rubble etc... Preferably, when bioballs are used in a wet dry sump, in the dry trickle section, they are there to house aerobic bacteria, and many would be led to beleive that this bacteria is de-nitrifying? yes?... well no, since denitrifying bacteria will only thrive in low to no dissolved oxygen and low water flow environments..... how can they survive when the top section of the sump where the bioballs are is saturated with dissolved oxygen from falling water from the tank, well, they cant really can they? so in saying that, youd think the common trickle filter sump setup would be a waist of time then, yes?.... NO! the nitrate is being removed BEFORE it is even formed....huh...how you say? well, ammonia is a gas, but will dissolve when in water but it prefers to be a gas. A good amount of ammonia is removed by the falling action as the water tumbles over the bioballs. Removing ammonia before it goes through the nitrogen cycle means that less will remain to be turned into nitrate by biological filtration, leading to reduced levels of nitrate in the tank! How ever much or little nitrate is 'removed' would be hard to measure, but any nitrate removed, especially from a non planted tank, is beneficial IMO if the above were wrong the bio balls will still house beneficial bacteria, and will greatly oxygenate the water so its win win Thats my understanding from what I have read and digested over the years ....
  19. i got some small fury white balls growing in my jarva moss does anyone know what they are ? it is a well aged bn tank and also there is some in the sponge fillter
  20. As above, looking for the cheapest place to buy bio balls - either online or at a store. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great BTW I do not want to use gutter guard.
  21. Hey All, I built my first sump I used a 2'x1'x15" tank. It has a 1'x1'x1' bioball section with Filter wool on top n in the 2nd section I plan on using Seacem Matrix. The questions I have are: - What type of bio ball/cube (brand name if applicable)? - Would Balls or Cubes be better? Any advice would b appreciated Thanks Tim
  22. G'day everyone I have been told that bio balls arethe way to go but there seems to be a lot of people using gutter guard. Do they both REALLY do the same thing? I took some of both to work and had a look under a microscope. The bio balls were much smoother than the gutter guard. And just for fun I put the gutter guard through the sand blaster and now it is VERY rough. If it is rough it should be better for the bacteria to grow on...I think. Is that right? And I have been looking at these two products.http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 99&catID=9 http://www.aquariumsrus.com.au/filtersp.htm Can anyone please give me there advice on these or other products. And would it just be easier/more effective to put 20L of matrix in there instead? I know I am all over the place :upsidedown: But I would really appreciate any advice on this. Cheers Jono
  23. ok so im new to the fish game as most of u already know. im setting up my sump and have seen that people are running bio balls or guttergaurd. i have been told on more than 1 occasion that these are usless unless they are a wet/dry set up. if constantly submerged they are useless... your thoughts please.
  24. Ok I've been looking at running a sump on my next display tank and have read heaps of info but I have seen conflicting info on the correct way to use them. I have seen some sumps with bio balls submerged and others with the water trickleing through them. Can anyone shed some light? Also if you have any sugestions on the media and arrangment in the sump. So much info to absorb.....No wonder my brain hurts Rob
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