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Found 33 results

  1. Been having people looking at my fronts and pointing out white spots above the middle bars saying y bars or could split or something? What does this mean?
  2. I have a 4ft breeding tank with 4 pairs of L002's my question is I have some black bar scarlet endler in the tank aswell, will they be ok together or will they eat my fry cheers
  3. This a little community is in not a great spot! Early last year I cleaned the pray bar and broke it off, but not the bass so it grew back. Last year. Early this year. Yesterday.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Hey guys, im having problems will stocking my central american tank... i dont want larger fish, i want fish that reach around 15cm at most. looking online i found these guys Cryptoheros sajica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia i have had a look on gumtree and livefish.i cant find them anywhere. Anyone know why? Nate
  7. As I mentioned in an earlier post. I got my new filter now. In your opinion/s. Where is the best place to place the spray bat. At the back shooting forward? or the opposite end to the intake? I haven't worked with a tank of this size before. So i really would like to get it right the first time is I can. Cheers, Troy
  8. Was just wondering were the best location for the spray bar should be? Across the side or the rear of the tank? Would one of those rotating water deflectors be a good idea to remove dead spots in the tank and create a bit of current ?
  9. Just thought I'd share some quick pics as the boys were horny tonight. Dave
  10. Hey guys i was just wondering how many 7 bar frontosa i could fit in a 4x2x2 tank? and any tips and tricks would be much appreciated Cheers
  11. Just thought I'd get some opinions on the best position to put a canister spray bar. I'm going to install the filter this weekend once I remove the sand substrate in favour of 3mm river gravel and am unsure where to attach the spray bar in the tank. I have a Hydor Koralia Nano 900 on the left hand side creating flow from left to right, so was wondering should I have them both directing current in the same direction? Or fit the spray bar on the rear or on the right hand side :confused:
  12. I was just interested to find the best position to place a spray bar I have mine on the end pointed horizontal at water level which then pushes all the waste back to same end making an easier clean.
  13. Hey peeps, just wanna get some thoughts and ideas of something i have been thinking about all day. I'm doing some changes to my tank and im gonna include an internal Spray bar if possible, I'm just wondering if anyone does this? I havent seen one done before. I'll attach a pic of a diagram i drew up. It is possible, however there are some things that im needing a second opinion on. First....Too much pressure on the internals? The spray bar is going to be 5ft long, divides into 2 and will have multiple exits. (Main Picture) Second..Should i just go 1 spray bar with 2x as many exits? (The single pipe in the diagram) Third....Will there be enough pressure? Fourth....Do you think the is a suitable filtration? I Just want to get the water flow a bit more even. Oh and the filters are rated at 2,000lph each. Perosnally i think it will work, same principle as a normal spray bar but just on a larger scale. Just need yas to have a looky and tell me what you think. Cheers, Seph
  14. got a front about 2 weeks a go has not eaten alot from the get go is gettin thin i have tryed lots of foods just takes it n spits it out water and tank is clean ph is 7.8 any ideas
  15. ok gotta make a hard dissision i dont want another tank as it means more time trying to keep it clean (witch i dont have much time) so i have 13 7 bar fronnies but realy want some geos id prob go bracky branchy (poor spelling) i love me fronnies thats y i just cant make a choice
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. Hey all just wondering does anyone remember the year that they bought 7 bar fronnies... Just a question, nothing more but would be really interested in to know when you first aquired them
  18. I have been wearing out the soles on my shoes trying to track down the suction cup clips that hold the spray bar and suction tubes to glass. As most are aware the suction cups get hard after about 12 months in the water. Most of the aquariums that I have been to acknowledge their knowledge of the part but do not hold stock nor advise when in or available. I run Ehiem 2226 and 2228, both have the same size tubes. In the mean time my tubes are hanging in the breeze (or should I say current) Can anyone point me in the direction of an on line seller. Thanks GS
  19. some of my colony soz couldnt take a pic of their tank my camera suks!
  20. Hi all, Just thought i'd put a few pictures up of my fronnies. Had them about 10 months now, they are this size from fry.
  21. Thought I'd share some pics of the new arrival, picked it up today
  22. After three long years i've finally had success with my colont of 2 m and 7f nd which have always been fed Spectrum and spirulina and brine and are my pride and joy, woohooo! got my first mouthful of 24 babies out of it. Babies are now 1cm+ and are growing quick. Whats a reasonable price to ask for 3cm? Worked at Q and we sold them for $29 but that was retail...haven't been on forum for a while but thought maybe $15ea? Any feedback appreciated. Cheers
  23. One of the tie bars is cracked in my 6x2.........there's 2 spaced 2 foot apart. There is a small gap between the crack so perhaps the tank must have bowed slightly. Would you empty the tank and replace the tie bar or glaze another piece over it as is? Lesson to learn is if you light your tank (temporarily) with (hot) halogen lamps for photography........don't leave 'em on when you leave the room for 5 minutes kev
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