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Found 17 results

  1. Would Golden Rosy Barbs be OK for an outside bathtub pond? Bought about 15/20 a month ago at less than a cm large and are between 2cm/3cm now.
  2. I live in Brisbane and am thinking about building a pond and trying to breed some rosy barbs in it with a bunch of plants. Would the rosy barbs survive the summer and winter?? The pond will be about 200 litres and in the shade. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  3. hi everyone im looking for around 6-8 tiger barbs please closer to caboolture area wood be excellent if possible ty in advance
  4. When I bought them, they were 1/3 of their size today:
  5. Hi everyone very new to aquariums and been doing a lot of research on what to put in my new tank. 200L tank. I like tiger barbs and neon tetra but just wondering will the barbs just be too aggressive?
  6. Hello all! Am trying to figure out whether my tiger barb is pregnant or just a Fatty 😂
  7. Hi, I am new to this site and having an aquarium. I started my tank 280l 5 weeks ago and everything was going fine, however over the last week I have lost 3 barbs, I chose these as they are hardy and thought they would be fine as I have 6 harlequins which are surviving very well. I added more plants thinking this may help with the ammonia spikes, but sadly 1 died this morning. Any advice is appreciated
  8. I had two female Rosie Barbs pregnant but they have not laid eggs. One haemorrhaged and died, the other is on it's way there. Any information on what type of plants they MUST have to lay their eggs would be appreciated
  9. Been bred in numbers overseas, wondering if anyone has seen them around yet! Should be here by now! Plus Kudos to CV Maju Aquarium in Indonesia Cheers
  10. Hi all i have finally got my redline torpedo barbs they are in my 6x2x2.5 soon to be planted up with a few discus and other fish. How do discus go with torpedo barbs? What else should i put in the tank(fish and plants) Thanks
  11. hi guy just wondering does anyone keep red line torpedo barbs. im interested in getting some and just wanted to see if anyone has had any success/problems with them before i did.
  12. dropped past Aquarama on sunday & they have huge tinfoils, normals & albinos $150 each or 5 for $500. i thought that was a pretty good price. Also RPC has good sized juvies for only $19.95! Get on it peeps!!
  13. Hi Although I keep large Americans I also have some Black spot Barbs I was put on to these by a friend down NSW as dither fish Black-spot Barb Care And Profile - Puntius Filamentosus There fast swimming grow quite large for Barbs and aren't to hard to find or expensive. 6 would do but I have 11 I bought mine half grown and I wasn't sure at what size they became mature I knew they were egg scatterers so I watched for that Problem was they were in a bottom tank (with small gravel) I was going to leave them and just grow them up Anyway the system they were on got a makeover and I changed the sump I sucked all the water out moved it out the way and thought I'd clean it later. two days later I walked past and something caught my eye in the sump I looked very close and could see a little baby fish. I found four in total but I had to just put them in another tank I had no water in the sump to use for PH leveling anyway 2 didnt make it and 2 I still have growing up Bad pic but they just swim fast all day (one in pic is about 5cm) More to come FJ
  14. Hello everyone, I am new to fishkeeping and am currently setting up my 4x3x2ft tank to eventually house some discus with a few other peaceful fish. I was wondering whether cherry or rosie barbs would go ok with Discus? I intend on introducing a few different schools slowly and ensuring my paramaters are spot on by the time Discus make it into the tank. Other tankmates I am considering are a couple of Blue Rams, Cardinal tetras, corydoas and a few bristlenose. I would love to add a few cherry or rosie barbs in to mull out the Rams a little..... At the moment I have 4 Rams and 2 cory. Any advice is much much appreiated
  15. Hi Everyone Was cleaning my motoro tank tonight and I found what I am 100% sure is the barb off my motoro, however the motoro still has its barb. The barb I found is identical to the motoros barb, even down to the jagged edges, the only difference is that it looks like a bone. I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this? Cheers Deeg
  16. Hi guys/girls. I'm new here so Hello firstly, secondly, I was wondering what price you should pay for tinfoil barbs (lets say 2-3inches). I've found them at three stores ranging from $50-30 all around the same size. Is this a decent price?/how much are you likely to pay from a breeder rather than a store? Cheers
  17. Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to keeptiger barbs and silver sharks in the same tank??? It is a 3 foot tank. Thanks Larry
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