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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys and girls, Lately i've noticed Petbarn's prices and stock varieties of tropical fish have been quite good compared to fancy aquarium shops around Brisbane. What are peoples thoughts on shopping and buying fish at a petbarn rather then their LFS? They have a policy if the fish dies and your waters ok they will replace or give u a discount on your replace fish within a few weeks apparently. I know you'd never go there for the advice but the fish stock seem 90% healthy not to many dead or sickies in there and pretty clean tanks. Curious who shops there for fish or aquarium products bc of price or shorter travel times and their thoughts on how it compares to their LFS cheers,
  2. Just found out that for the second time in the last 12 months, the Pet Barn chain has bought out and taken over a longstanding independently owned Gold Coast pet shop. 100% Pets at Tweed Heads has now joined Coomera Pet Barn as a member of the Pet Barn chain Now neither of these shops was a specialist lfs, but both did have a strong interest in the fish side of the hobby and tried to maintain a wider range of fish than the basic "bread and butter" species usually stocked by these chain stores. Both shops as part of the Pet Barn chain are now required to stock only a limited range of fish purchased exclusively from a Melbourne based wholesaler. You may be aware that the Pet Barn chain also took over the City Farmers chain last year. This appears to be a corporation intent on dominating the whole pet supply industry by taking out the competition. Reminds me of a couple of other major corporations that started by dominating the grocery industry. If this has happened twice in the last 12 months on the Gold Coast, it is probably happening around Australia. Personally I don't believe this situation is beneficial for the fishkeeping hobby. We can't blame the struggling owners of existing businesses for taking the money offered, we can only help make that decision harder for them by supporting their businesses. Think about this next time you, your family and friends are looking at supporting your local chain pet barn by spending your money there.
  3. So driving to the coast. Like at least 4 pet barns on the way. good for the hobby or bad? Thought?
  4. Shame to see petbarn chain take over another independent pet store.
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  8. ive been to this shop a few times now and they are definately worth looking at. clean tanks, good stock and quality fish. i reccomend checking them out
  9. Hi we have over 180 tanks with a large ,native collection including 8cm saratoga, 5 to 25cm jacks, mudskippers 'very cute 40cm giant prawns, riffle shrimp prs 4cm rainbow crab rainbow fish ,bullrouts, soul and heaps more. Also a big discus section only 5 malaysian strains at the moment but adding each week we have 1 big breading pair with fry very nice. Plus heaps fo cichlids and tropicals. Our first marine fish arrive this week with live rock. corals next week ,we also have huge reptile section We are looking for juniors with some knowledge of specicies, and fish keeping eg water conditions for saturday and sunday and also holidays for our new store to work mostly in the fish room but will also have to help out with reptiles , puppies and birds occasionaly. ask for Vaughn or Nikki . Coomera pet barn 147 old pacific Hwy oxenford 4210 ph:55299177
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