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Found 30 results

  1. Hey guys I'm wanting to buy 100+ baby barra in the spring can anyone recommend a wholesale/farm please? I'm looking for bulk cheap not pet store prices thanks all
  2. Jack is about 12cm $150 Barra 20cm $25 Peacock bass 15cm $50 The jack probably won't be able to be with any other fish Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  3. Any ideas on good tank mates for barra 2 foot long
  4. well.. been 2mth since i had the 3x barras... there now 20cm each... now 2 of them are refusing to eat pallets now.. i know there not sick as when i decide to throw goldfish feeders in they eat it fast lol... any suggestion? how to make them go back on it?
  5. .alright new hobby for me and all, lol.. so i decide to grow a barra.. got everything ready and great to go... they are live and kicking, consider it my first time.. have 4 of them in a 8ft tank, there surround with about 10 clawfish and 200 guppies.... alot of room to hide... however the barra ARE SLUGGISH, there about 5-8cm.. they chase it for like 2sec and give up... is it becuz the way i made it or they just that lazy in general? i have a feeling they stave to death the rate they try to feed at... should i be worried?
  6. https://vimeo.com/110700577 From The Native Dude
  7. I have a 14cm Barra which is outgrown it's small tank, I would like to swap it for Jaguar fry or any other African ciclids to live with Blue dolphins and Vanustus
  8. Someone on gumtree in cairns is selling one for $2k. Problem is... the photo they use has been used in another offering in Brisbane on a facebook site. I'm fairly sure one of the two, at least, is a scam. Anyway, beautiful fish! Barramundi Platinum (White) | Fish | Gumtree Australia Cairns City - Parramatta Park
  9. Hi everyone Just wanting to know what this type of barra is called. and how much he is worth. It's about 50cm and very healthy. It has red eys so thinking something like an albino thanks everyone
  10. Does anyone have Barra pellets for sale on Brisbane Northside, or know of anywhere who sells them ??? I'm after 2mm and 4mm size pellets... 500grams - 1kg of each. Cheers
  11. so, i got a barra bout 3 days ago and i need help, he's still not eating, he's scales are all dark, they where nice and had lots of random marks now all his body is gone shade of dark grey, even the stripe on his head is gone unless i put my hand in the tank and hold him (he seems to like to get pats and to sit on my hand, and im aware of his spines and razor gills lol) then it comes back for a while, he just floats around for a bit then goes and lays on the bottom near the plants, i have 2 snails in the tank to try keep it cleaner and they seem to be fine. barra is 10/12cm eats pellets, same as what he ate in the pet store, well, thats what im trying to feed him, he wont eat filter on, brand new filter pad too, airrater on, heater in the tank if it drops below 26', themometers (2, one in the tank, one stickon) both at ~32 (hot day) ph is bout 7.0 tank is 35X20cm 20cm deep, will get a big 4ft real soon tho, its on its way lol light is on a auto cycle of 13h on 11h off (i work odd hours so its needed) its about sunrise to sunset, off at night, on at day what am i missing? i don't want this little guy to die on me, should i be worried?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Just a couple pics to show the force these guys strike at. Its hard to capture but I did alright with my new galaxy s3. FTS
  14. hey guys just wanted to know what would be the easiest way to catch and transport my barra hes in a 6x3x2.5 and hes 65cm long, this is the second time ive had to move him, the last time i had to move him i ran into trouble trying to remove him from the tank safely, i tried using a towel last time but was to strong he started stressing out big time and in the end i had to use a landing net which wasnt the smartest idea.
  15. ok so im going to go and buy a 30cm barra(might be bigger!) anyway i have 3 smaller barra's in my 6ft. 1st barra- 16cm approx 2nd barra- 12cm might be bigger 3rd barra- 10 would the 30cm barra eat the small ones? if my 3 smaller barras are going to be eaten i will just transfer them to my other two 4ft tanks. YES I KNOW IT'S A DUMB QUESTION!
  16. Hey guys, I have just gotten my first barra and having done a bit of researching,some sources are saying they do better in a brackish enviroment...Just looking for some opinions,experiences.I am aware they can live in a freshwater set up but if they prefer a brackish enviroment then I would look at setting this up.Also best tank mates for a brackish set up?...would scats be ok with this guy and are there any other big guys that could go in a brackish that are native?....
  17. Hey everyone Been doing some reasearch on these two tank mates for a while and thought I would see what everyones opinions on here were. I have had the Barra for close on two years now hes around 45cm now and always have dreamed of keeping a peackock bass (mono). I started researching (dreaming) a while ago and was actually quite suprised that the majority of the info says it will work. They would be housed in an 8fter and i would up the filtration a bit more. But as for aggression it appears from my research that they would be fine tank mates. What does everyone else think of this or have you done it or it seen it done? Cheers Deeg
  18. Hey everyone how would a large red devil and a large barra go together?
  19. Hey Everyone Had a major F*&k up in the aquarium side of things today that almost cost me my favourite fish. I fed my Barra and jack shrimp feeders like always, but i was not greeted with the usual feeding frenzy. Alarm bells immediately rang, I stuck my hand in the tank and then got an electric shock, which scared the shit out of me....I then switched the power off and turned each powerhead and filter on one by one. I isolated the problem to a faulty powerhead that was giving off an electric shock. I then realised the water was quite warm, checked the temp and the water was sitting on a cool 38 degrees. This was also caused by the faulty powerhead, picked it up out of the water and was so hot I could barely hold onto it. I am now replacing the water slowly and bringing down the temp, hope they all pull through ok. Has anyone else had this happen?
  20. Hi all, Stripping and starting over on my 5ft tank this weekend .Current residents are 40cm+ Barra and Sleepy, considering another edition to my underwater zoo, suggestions? Thinking grunter or similar. Cheers
  21. my mate said his is bout 20cm no heater just in a tank with a light and a filter wondering if i can do the same with mine but ive heard there from northern qld where its hotter so some people think they do need a heater and one know for sure? cheers in advance
  22. Will a toga and a barra go alright together? Will a toga out grow a barra?
  23. hey guys how do you go about getting a barramundi off live food. he is starting to run me dry of cash cheers, sam
  24. just wondering if anyone can help me out with what levels i should have my ph levels at I have been told alkaline but then neutral.... everyone has their own opinion. Also what ph should my levels be at for electric yellow and bristlenose etc. Your help would be great.
  25. barra in my native tank just thought i share him with you guys
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