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Found 13 results

  1. I'm chasing good quality pouris base rock! Where would be the shop to go to please I'm chasing about 9kg
  2. Does anybody know how much it would cost to replace a cracked base on a 6x2 tank? Or could anyone give me a rough idea of what it might cost? Would ot be cheaper to find a cheap 2nd hand tank and forget about fixing the broken base? Thanks
  3. I need a new styrofoam base for my gf's tank, any ideas where I can purchase these from?
  4. Hey guys, I bought a second hand tank recently and once I got it home I noticed it has some weirds marks on the glass that are almost like dents where someone has sanded the glass. Maybe from where a rock has sat over a long period of time and slowly worn away at the glass. Now I'm hesitant to fill it because im not sure if it will give way. Its 12mm glass so its quite thick. Has anyone else ever had a similar problem?
  5. Is there anything wrong with a split base on a 6X2X2, Split at 3ft Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_218 using Tapatalk
  6. So I'm setting up an L number tank this week will probably be a 4x2x2, was considering using play sand as the base or river sand however was wondering what everyone else would recommend? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hello, Bought about 60kg of Coral Base Rock that was used in a system quite some time ago. Has been sitting in a shed. Just wondering what the best way of making that rock safe to put in a new reef tank im building. Is just a good wash and dry in order or is there more i should do? Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks
  8. hey everyone was gunna flip some old tanks ive got with cracked bases upside down and silicone some ceramic tiles to cover the whole base to repair it? any thoughts? will post pics once i get around to doing it
  9. Hey just after every ones opinion on my golden base breeding with my red devil. they were in a divided tank while i was setting up another for my rd but my fh has knocked down my egg create and has started doing the dance with her and she seems pretty keen as well . should i let them go and see what happens or move her to another tank ?
  10. i got a couple of these guys off blade a lil while back thought i would share a pic of my boy.....
  11. Is it a must to have live rock in your tank, or can you have it in your sump? And use all base rock in the tank itself? Would only the live rock in the sump provide enough bio filter? Any help is greatly appreciated8O I would like to end up with reef system:)
  12. hey all.. Due to a dishonest and a complete liar, one of the forum members has sold me a tank that has previously been leaking from the base edge of the tank where the silicon is and said it will hold water however he did another silicon job on top of the original one and said it was just to make sure it doesn't leak??. so now im stuck with a 6x2x18 tank that leaks. SO just wondering if anyone know where i can take this tank or know of anyone that can fix it....? any help will be appreciated. thanks all.
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