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Found 6 results

  1. hello peoples, I'm new to fishkeeping as an adult. My family was into it a bit when I was young but I don't remember a lot. Have always liked aquariums and the like and was looking to get into a new hobby so I put together a basic setup. !00ltr tank, 200w light, filter, couple of ornaments and most importantly, I've 15 Ender guppies of which 4 are male. Some of the females are pregnant I believe so they should be multiplying fairly quickly I believe. Any tips, advice or anything at all appreciated. Thanks Pete
  2. I have acquired a couple of sumps, one will be used for marine, the other im hoping to use for freshwater. For the freshwater setup Iv come up with a very basic idea of how to utilise media in it. Just after some comments if it can be done better. My aim is to also make it easy to clean etc, Water will enter via pre filter sock, then hit K1 media, will run under baffle through sponge and out via pump. Planning on washing the sock up to once a day - easy task done in about 10 seconds to get rid of solids. The sponge is there to contain K1 and also act as redundancy media in case air pump fails and K1 stops tumbling. First sump Iv setup so just wanting to make sure Iv got the right idea. Any comments are welcome, whats good whats bad? Sock a good idea? K1 still best option? Thanks.
  3. Hey I'm looking at setting up a basic salt water tank for a mangrove jack, I'll be getting it in three weeks so I'd like to have a tank cycled by then its a 4x2x2 1/2 with a chamber sump but I have a wet and dry sump I could use also, I have fifteen kilos of coral pieces heaps of Jap mat, filter sponge, Dacron, Scoria, and sponge filters I can use. I've been reading on the internet all different ways and looking at all different setups but it seems everyone have there own opinions so I'd like to get a few opinions from you guys and see what I can come up with thanks in advance.
  4. I have a little Fluval spec 5 setup with a few cherry shrimp and some local moss. Want to add more plants. It has LED lighting, a thin layer of black gravel, no heater, no co2 so i know my selection will be limited. Can anyone give me a few idea on what to use? Ground covers and small tuffed plants are what im mainly looking at. John
  5. Hey everyone, Just wanted to know if any one on here makes/sells basic unpainted steel/metal stands? I need one for a 2x2 tank, I'll be covering it my self and painting it just need a somthing basic to build off. I want the stand to be 800mm high, So if theres anyone out there that can do it just send me a pm. Thanks, Skinnyman.
  6. Hi Iam looking at doping a basic 3 foot stand. If anyone can help by posting plans or pics of there aswell as nailed or screwed? Any help or tips would be awsome.
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