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Found 12 results

  1. A week or so back I bought some frozen krill as I do for amix I make to add in, but this time it was just for the pig anthia I am stuckwith. I got it home still frozen, but when I used it, it becameobvious that it had thawed before, yukk, even the anthia thought twice beforetaking any. I am not that keen anymore on collecting, getting a bit old, but still encourageothers to correctly, it is more so due to lazy ness, but this made me get my own, not kril, glass shrimop, like I alwaysdid in the past! It is legal to use the prescribed style of shrimp traps andfor over 12 years mine has worked nicely. Chuck it in and leave it over night if you want, with asteel frame to stop sets of teeth from ruining it and taking off with it or as Ido, just set it up for a some hours to catch many small fish species or feedershrimps and more! Dam krill, I had to make a run up the coast to the canals toget fish food, still the surf was okay, so that made up for it. I settled with Curumundi creek, lots there. This lot should last me until next time we go up there. To be frozen.
  2. ok so today, I got a mouthful of Protomelas virgatus. About time too, she spat the last 4! got 28..... which is at least 1 more female. And thank crap for that, becuase I cant find any anywhere!
  3. Hey guys, I thought I would start a new one of these in the american cichlid section since there is already an African cichlid one. You are also welcome to list catfish or shrimp spawns if you want . So, whats you best batch of fry today, or this week?
  4. Hey guys, Just felt like announcing that I received my first batch of Bn fry this week. Parents are from Doug so a bug thanks to him. Anyone got any pointers for rearing them? At the moment they're in a gold fish bowl sorta thing with a sponge filter which they all seem quiet happy to munch on. On Monday I'm getting a 50cm tank for them to grow in and in planning on having an intake from One of my canisters and a syphon hose coming out of my African tank. Whatever advice or experiences you have to offer will be appreciated
  5. my pair of purple flames have just laid their first batch of eggs, question is will they raise the fry OK ? or should i remove them ? and what stage do you remove ? can the parents feed them ok or should I feed fry crumble etc ? only reared Angel's and Braz's before and pretty stoked I've got my first FH :-) Cheers Jenni
  6. These guys are from the 1st batch of Ranchu babies(mother died during spawning) and now they are turning into strong little guys...some of these guys have great back curvature and some are lesser grade(this why they grade goldfish and adjust the prices accordingly!)but I have kept them all going(some I might have culled normally)as there were only about 30 fry that I was able to keep and I want to work off the genes and continue the mums bloodline...
  7. Now that I have been hit with the baby season I have 3.5(yep thats 3 and a half) batches of eggs(group 0.5 is just over a week old,group 1 is hatching as we speak and groups 2 & 3 should be hatching in the next 72 hrs)...i was thinking of running a thread for each batch of the babies (as all 3 batches have different parents) and see what you guys think of the different genetics,colours etc that come out of each batch....I'll also show the parents so people can see where its all coming from...cheers So might as well put the first batch on here.... Batch 0.5: This is a very small batch of babies with only 70 appx eggs...(as mother died during spawn) so is limited by numbers but has very good babies(kept close to half after 1st cull) and even a dorsal finned throwback(rare!)in the batch so interesting to see how these guys turn out...
  8. hi everyone im pretty rapped have just discoverd pep eggs in the cave male is fanning on them like he should be. funny thing is i have only had the pair together for just under 2 weeks they must have got busy quick. and also just wondering are they harder to raise then commons and albinos as i breed them and raise there fry rather successfully? cheers olly
  9. Prolific numbers from this batch. Photo taken 4.12.2010. I don't have the patience to count them
  10. Hi Everyone! I will have pictues of new batch of endlers posted up real soon! Jeremy
  11. I picked up a colony of young ones in Sydney early this year. This is the result of one of the first batches of fry. With fins included you would be stretching to get 2cm. 2nd batch look like smudges next to the end of my little finger. I have bred hundreds of common bn over the years but these blokes look great. :cloppy: No photo's of parents because the entire adult colony is very shy.
  12. i striped one of my electric blues 2 days ago ond FINALY found 5 or 6 tiny tadpole looking things with 5 or 6 eggs . i am tumbling them as usual and the eggs are disaperind and i need to know what i should be feeding the cuckoo fry any help so excited to get them this far
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