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Found 8 results

  1. OK, so here is the beginning stages of the Australian native fish and plant bathtub pond I'm setting up. Scored a cast iron bathtub last week for nothing, someone was gutting an old local home and wanted the tub gone, so I jumped on it straight away as soon as I saw it, heavy as all ****, took 3 of us to lift it into the back of a mate's pick up. I used some capping from a down pipe to block off the drainage of the tank and sealed it with Selleys 3 in 1 sealant, worked a treat. Filled the tub up slightly to check for leaks, all good, so filled the tub up last night with tap water and added half a bottle of tap water conditioner to it. Got all my plants this morning in the mail, as well as the 2.5 watt solar powered aerator which is running an absolute treat I must say, it's water proof as well so have it sitting on the fence in direct sun behind the bathtub. Plants I got were Vallisneria nana, Myriophyllum papillosum, Marsilea drummondii, Marsilea Mutica, Myriophyllum Simulans, Nymphoides Spinulosperma. I'm going to let the tub run fishless for a couple weeks to get a little population of mozzies and wrigglers going in there and then will either grab a small group of Murray River Rainbows or Desert Rainbows. I have another bathtub coming that I scored for nothing, not sure what I'm going to keep in there fish wise, so suggestions would be good and will probably run with the same plants as I've mentioned above.
  2. Scored a bathtub today, pick it up later in the week, can some people throw me some suggestions on setting up, position in terms of sun light, suggestions on plants, bare bottom, or gravel, can an solar aerator be used, do I have to have it filtered, any info at all really would be really appreciated. I've let go of the tank, so that now belongs to my Mum, but I need something so I thought I'd go with a pond outside to house the 3 Desert Gobies and a handful of Desert Rainbows I might be able to get a hold of, cheers.
  3. I've got a fibreglass bathtub outside as a fish pond, the ph seems to go up all the time. My tap water is about 7.6 but it has been raining a lot lately and filling the tub up. I thought the rain water would lower the ph if anything. I don't have any substrate in the tub Just duck weed and some goldfish the ph gets up to around 10. The goldfish have been eating and growing no problems. The seal on the bath tub seems abit rough, just wondering if the fibreglass would push the ph up?
  4. While scavanging at the kerb side collection I got a circular fiberglass bath tub over 4 feet in diameter and somewhere between 30 and 45 cm deep. It didn't have a plug so I need a way to seal it. I could get a plug but I don't want it to perish and leak. Does anyone have any suggestions? matt
  5. I am looking at buying 2 fibreglass 2 person spa bath blanks which hold approximatley 1000 litres of water as grow out tanks. These will be outside and I am wondering what is the best and cheapest way to filter these baths thanks steve
  6. Hi all I am currently setting up a bathtub to rear Bn fry in, i am also wondering if it is possible to rear african fry aswell? What will i need to do to ensure top quality fry, will it stunt growth or possibly make them lose colour? Cheers Et
  7. Well i got one bathtub set up a couple of months back but now when ever i put fish in they die within a couple of days, there is alot of algae since it gets alot of sun and i think thats the prob. Any idea on how to get rid of the algae? I moved it into less sun but still lots of algae.
  8. Got 3 bathtubs the otherday which i will use for rearing freshwater shrimp and small fish, also turtles when i have bubs. How would i go about filtering and attacting a pipe to the drain hole to empty it?
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