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Found 8 results

  1. anything i can do to help her recover she kinda looks bad but is swimming around i did have her in a fry saver net in my 4ft breeding tank and somehow she has got beaten up and there was a male that jumped in there somehow but her gills on one side is a bit red and her fins have been nipped she was holding at the time but i dont think anymore got her in my fry tank now still in the fry saver net anything i can do to help her recover cos i dont have many fermales left :S:(:(:(:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::(:(
  2. hey guys, today my female texas got beaten up pretty bad while i was at school, she has a lot of scales missing and a lot of fin damage, i have added some salt to the tank but is there anything else i can do to help her heal and will her scales grow back? thanks!
  3. ok so i had a barra(little one 6-7cm) in my 3ft with my convicts and he gave one of the convicts(4cm) a hiding and her eye is all puffy its bin lkike that for about 2 days now will it go back to normal? it just looks swollen thankyou ash
  4. Ok so i notice a female sitting at the top of my tank and colours were a bit off (sign of stress im guessing) so i netted her and chucked her in a box within the tank. not massive but big enough, her fins have been nibbled at. They have all been getting along fine until now. Should i just isolate her for a bit then re introduce or just get rid of her? they are Pindani's btw. All water paramounts are sweet as. EDIT: there is 18 in the colony 16 females and 2 males
  5. Ok so last night i noticed one of my young male bristlenose had been badly attached. BIG white graze on his side. tail stripped almost to the bone and fins split. most of his bristles have been damaged. hes not in a good way. got home from work tonight and managed to find him, hes still alive, still sucking onto the int filter that isnt used anymore.... i dont have a spare tank to hospitalise him. he would be about 6cm TL i think .... does anyone have the abality and spare tank to help him ... hes VERY active and eats well normally ..
  6. Hey all, Just wanting some opinions with what to do with my firemouth. H'es 7-8cm long. This afternoon i noticed he must have been in a scrap, he has prob 1cm by 1cm square just behind his head, you know it has that white look where the top layer is of, an his right fin is a bit chewed. At the moment i dont have a hospital tank, bout three weeks time i will be moving them all from their current 3 foot to an 8. he seems fine, hes eating.. I have a few things here at home i could probly treat the tank with. But i was wondering if i could avoid not treating, and letting it play its course til i put them in their new home.Then i'll have a hospital tank. But im thinking three weeks might be to long and im a little worried about infection. Any other advice ? Rock salt maybe ? There due for their water change in the morning. Then i'll go from there.. Thanking you all in advance.. Cheers Steve
  7. hey my acei yellow tail seemed to have gotton picked on ( i think ) and now his tail has gotton a bit smaller and seems to be a bit stiff in the tail , placed him in a Q tank now after a couple of days of being in there he seems to be swimming around, put some 5cm maingano in there and he's became the boss takin over the tank but still has shorter fins , put salt in his tank ph is 7.8 and the tank is about 28 deg , just wondering if he will recover?
  8. hi, my convict cichlids hade fry. they were free swimming about 3 weeks ago and now i can't see them (i think there all dead) and my female convict is all beaten up and now has no back fin. my male seems to be chasing her and biting her. there are both by themselves in a 68L tank. i have now moved my female into a fry saver in the same tank and wanted to know how long before i can release the female from the fry saver and how long before they can start to breed again. cheers,john
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