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Found 5 results

  1. Please delete posted in wrong forum apologies in advance
  2. .I have found a lot of information in relation to macropore for fishes but not much info on its effect on shrimps so thought some one here could help me out. My questions are specifically for CRS/CBS/Taiwan Bees. 1. Has anyone use macropore gold successfully to lower the PH? Does it have any effect, adversely or positively, on GH/KH/TDS? 2. Can macropore gold and white be used together? Gold for soft water and white for removal of nitrogenous wastes? 3. Will either macropore gold or white remove beneficial 'elements' of IAL/blackwater extract? I hope to remove the 'tea colour' but retain the beneficial 'elements' in the water. Appreciate any advice. Thanks heaps!
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. hey guys don't know if everyone has seen this but check it out. a video from zee germans on how they take care of their taiwan bees! and could the oxidiser be the key?
  5. Noticed the other day that our Apistogramma borelli pair had fry! Noticed today that the Inca 50's have fry! Noticed 5 minutes ago the viejita II Super Red's have spawned! Must be something in the water... :woohoo: In terms of spawning, most pairs just have a little pile of driftwood and plants (java fern) though the viejita pair have spawned in a small sized bristlenose cave. Might stock up on a few more bn caves if they seem to like em. Just waiting on the other 4 pairs now =)
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