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Found 12 results

  1. Hello QAF peeps, I've decided to merge my threads into a journal on my 5ft cade with 4ft sump. A lot of planning has gone into this and I've only been into this hobby ~6months. I will list off the features of the tank and then bomb the thread with pictures. Haha Project Includes: Basic: - 5ft 'Aquatic Style' CADE Rimless Tank (predrilled from Gumtree) - 4ft Reef ready sump with minimal baffles (refugium) Hardscape: - 4x Bags of ADA Amazonia - 1x Bag of ADA Amazonia Powder (Top layer for carpeting plants) - 1x Canister of ADA Bacter 100 - 30kg+ of Seiryu Stone - 5x Pieces of assorted Mangrove Hard Driftwood - 20kg of Double Washed Playground Sand (most of it is in refugium) Sump build: - 1x 7"Filter Sock & Holder - 2x Hand-Cut to size green and black course filter pads - 1x Chopped up and siliconed Bread crate to replace eggcrate - 5 Litres of Marine Pure Spheres - Cut to fit Fine Filter wool - Double Washed Playground Sand (refugium Substrate) - Spare volcanic stone from previous tank Tech: - 1x 6.8kg Co2 Swap'n'go MKOL bottle from Brewer's Choice. (To be Purchased) - 1x Ista Co2 Inline Reactor (To be Purchased) - 2x Left over light fixtures from other tanks to grow moss/plants in refugium - 1x Nios Viper 5000L/Hr Pump (To be Purchased) - 1x Eheim Jager 300w Heater Tech in Display Tank: - 2x A360W Tuna Sun Kessils with goose-neck and 90 degree anglers - 1x A150 Amazon Sun Kessil with goose-neck and 90 degree angler (from another tank, will be added later) - 1x Twinstar Nano Algae Inhibitor (Tank is too big for it, but having it wont hurt) Tech To be considered: - Jebao DP-4 dosing pump - Neptune Apex Controller - Kessil Light Programmer More Pictures to Come feel free to ask for updates!
  2. Hey guys, Ive just started up a tank after months of thinking on it so I don't know a lot about the technical sides of what species go with what other fish. I know all the basic's. But James from Caramel's Fishy Friends @ Flinders View referred me here. Anyways, for the last week I've cycled the water and got the Ph levels right at about 7.8-8.6. Water temp at 24 degrees. Using a AQUA ONE filter doing 2000L per hour, very big for the tank but thought id go all out I will attach photo of my set up. At the moment I have 2 clown loaches, 1 peppermint bristlenose, 1 red top zebra. I'm wanting to add 5-6 iceberg blue cichlids and 5-6 electric yellow cichlids and maybe have a couple of others like mpangas, flamebacks, peacocks. Is this an okay set up? Will i be facing any issues or if this isn't a good set up what is an example because I've done a lot of research and can't really find out too much help with this.
  3. Hey guys and girls I just wanted to get as much info as I can for starting up a salt water tank like the do's, dont's, what to keep an eye on/ look for, common mistakes, remedies for problems, how to set up a good salt water tank / system, what are good beginner salt water fish?, how long to run the tank before adding fish, the more information the better.. Thankyou everyone and sorry if it's been Answered a million times
  4. Hey guys I've just got my first 4ft tank, it's currently cycling Any tips? Also places to buy yellow tangs and blue surgeon fish cheap? Also does anyone have any spare live rock for sale? I need about another 3kgs. I'm in morayfield
  5. Hello QLDAF, I've been hit with the tank bug like a brick ****-house and now my wallet has a hole in it. This is my current project, more updates to come.
  6. Hello! My name is Krista Located in South Brisbane and I have recently bought a fish tank... ahha. I like looking at photo's, so I will put as many in this post as I can! My partner and I decided that our 6ft tank would be freshwater. We picked it up second hand with some good quality gear included which was great! (tank before we bought it) About 4 weeks ago a bunch of mates help us pick it up and put it in our house. We filled it up a bit! and I put some of the things that came with the tank in there to fill space as it cycled for a bout 2 weeks. The Kitties have a great view ! After we completely filled the tank up and the cycle was complete we added the new additions to the tank! Some Serpae Tetra's. We later on then added more plants and more fish! Lemon Tetra's and Glass Catfish! Also I haven't seen anyone sell Glass catfish on here, are they not likely to breed in captivity? All these photo's were taken on my phone. Sorry about some of the quality. Atm we have 2x 2217 Eheim filters with 2 medium sponge filters running as well!. We also bought a Titan 600w Heater, to replace the ones that came with the tank as they were quite old, and Fluval aqualife and plant LED light to run in conjunction with the standard light. This is our first tank and we are still learning lots of useful information as we go. Otherwise the fish seem happy which is what matters most! We hope to add more fish and plants in the near future Thank you for taking the time to read !
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Hi im just starting to get into cichlids and would like to start breeding aswell. How do you tell the difference between a male and female, jack dempsey, jaguar, green terror and gold saum they are all aroung 2in. What size tanks do i use, what ph levels if that makes a difference. Just anything that anyone thinks i should no would be let me no plz it would be very grateful thanks.
  9. My fenestratum and coatzacoalcos did the business. I’ve moved the eggs into a small tank, they’ve hatched a few weeks ago and there are now 15 around the 6mm mark. Tank is about 30 litres, has a light, bubbler, small stone substrate, and heater set at 28 degrees. No filter. I’ve been feeding them a pre-packaged food recommended by Exotic Fish (will have to check name tonight) plus some very fine guppy food. The tank is growing lots of brown algae including some tendril type stuff as it gets the sun through garage door window. I haven’t done any water changes as I’m afraid of sucking them out. Any tips on what I’m missing/doing wrong or what I should do next greatly appreciated. I plan to transfer of few of these to my main American tank if they get to a reasonable size. Any thoughts on what to do with the rest of them? PS - I've only been keeping fish 6months so be gentle
  10. Hi I have recently rescaped my four foot tank and want to add a few L catfishes in with my angels. However i am only new to Ls and have no experience of keeping them. Looking for suggestion of which type of Ls are easier to keep and look after. The more common ones selling on the forum are L002, 202, 333, 397, is any of these ones easy to keep as a L beginner?? The Tank size is 48x15x18, plenty of driftwood in there for the catfish to hide and chew on. Current stocks in the tank are: Angels x 10 SAE x 1 Bronzw Cory x 1 Comment Longfin Bristlenose x 1 Upside down catfish x 1 Thanks Manho
  11. Hey all, glad to be part of this forum I accidentally stumbled upon while googling legislation (go figure) Anywhom, Name's Kyrin (Rhymes with siren, try it:p) I suppose I should say something about my aquaria. I've got roughly 60 fish, most of those feeders, 4 beautiful angels at about 6 months old, 4 gold fish about 8 months old, a Bala shark roughly 6 months old too and one lonely neon tetra (he's food) I've just made the switch from fake plants to the real mccoy, started with Java ferns, they look horrid for now and I'm going to give aqua scaping a crack, with fish in the tank I know!
  12. Hey all i am looking at starting a marine tank up and was thinking would a nano tank be the best? i just want some live rock, 2 clowns, 2 shrimp and a star fish. The tank i was looking at is 46L. Comes with the following. Dimensions 41cm x 40.5cm x 42.7cm (l x d x h) *Filter Sponge *Ceramic Ring *Bio Balls *a circulation pump *UV light *Protein skimmer *High efficieny light tube with long life Will this get me started or will i need anything else? I will get a heater also. All Input welcome! Im new into the marine and dont wanna make the mistake that could cost me my aquarium. Cheers, Nick.
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