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Found 5 results

  1. OK, so here is the beginning stages of the Australian native fish and plant bathtub pond I'm setting up. Scored a cast iron bathtub last week for nothing, someone was gutting an old local home and wanted the tub gone, so I jumped on it straight away as soon as I saw it, heavy as all ****, took 3 of us to lift it into the back of a mate's pick up. I used some capping from a down pipe to block off the drainage of the tank and sealed it with Selleys 3 in 1 sealant, worked a treat. Filled the tub up slightly to check for leaks, all good, so filled the tub up last night with tap water and added half a bottle of tap water conditioner to it. Got all my plants this morning in the mail, as well as the 2.5 watt solar powered aerator which is running an absolute treat I must say, it's water proof as well so have it sitting on the fence in direct sun behind the bathtub. Plants I got were Vallisneria nana, Myriophyllum papillosum, Marsilea drummondii, Marsilea Mutica, Myriophyllum Simulans, Nymphoides Spinulosperma. I'm going to let the tub run fishless for a couple weeks to get a little population of mozzies and wrigglers going in there and then will either grab a small group of Murray River Rainbows or Desert Rainbows. I have another bathtub coming that I scored for nothing, not sure what I'm going to keep in there fish wise, so suggestions would be good and will probably run with the same plants as I've mentioned above.
  2. I've moved the angels and such back to the 4ft, i wanted to do another fully planted and this tank has the lighting for it. It will progress as more plants are added.
  3. So as some of you already know. I brought a Oscar and made the harsh mistake of putting him in a non complete cycled tank. And it cost my little friend his life. So as I've been told and suggested to do, I've gone and ordered a API Freshwater master test kit. And I've also ordered some Bactria growth (filter media stuff, not sure) to go into the tank and to help the Bactria grow. So. The tank has been cycling for about 2 to 2 and half weeks and I'm keen to test it and get my first real tank up and running. I'm still unsure what I'm gonna put in it, I've been told to put crayfish in it, gold fish, spangled perch and a few others. So what do you all reckon. What do you reckon I should put in my 3ft tank? From allboutthebass
  4. well it seems the mts finally got a serious hold. have just about used every spare space in my little unit and the only haven left was the spare bedroom. ...albeit a room totally full of storage! decided to move some of the "stuff" elsewhere and devote one, maybe two walls to furthering my hobby lol. after a few weekends of other comittments and running out of time, finally got into work and welded the two tank stands today...so yeah its underway. have already bought most of the tanks. two big divided four footers, a divided three footer, couple of three foot grow out tanks and another standard three footer for good measure. all this to be operated from a big four foot sump..will keep updates posted. cheers alan
  5. Just thought id wack on a couple of shots of my tank. Its the beginning of my all male peacock tank with a few others thrown in.. Crappy camera im afraid.. so not the best quality pics. Some new additions from last wkend have created a bit more movement in the tank. So its starting to look better.. but still a long way to go!
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