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Found 20 results

  1. Hey everybody Chris here again, I added 3 new females to my colony today all decent size one of is quite big intact she's bigger then my dominant male.. My question is, will that be ok and my dominant male is chasing them all around being pretty rough really.. Is this just him showing them who's boss or does he feel threatened by them cause their the same size and bigger then him atm.. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Chris,
  2. Anybody know if different species of silver dollars will school together? for example will spotted silver dollars school with normal silver dollars?
  3. I have two Pearl (or Pearl Lace) Goramies in my tank along with two Dwarf Gouramies. Yesterday my Pearls were facing each other and "kissing" - they were having a go at each other head on. Then one of them turned away and went into the Wisteria, and it seemed to be all over. I noticed that their throats seemed very ruddy, very blushed, compared to previous obsevation. Have I got two males??? The Dwarfs chase each other around, but I haven't observed any 'face-to-face' standoff to date. Snaps taken with my Samsung Galaxy -
  4. Was at the aquarium shop yesterday for supplies and stood watching the marine set ups as I always do, dreaming of having my own one day and saw a Duncan's coral with a clown fish half stuck inside one of its mouths. The poor clown fish was history. A friend who is a marine biologist said this is quite unusual as they generally eat plankton and other smaller creatures. What other strange things does everyone's fish do? I love how they all have their own little personalities. My Oscar has a love affair with the hose every time I do a water change lol quite funny to watch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys!, I have 3 12-15cm raphael catfish in a 4 x 2 x 2 tank with lots of hide spots/driftwoods and live plants and have been trying to figure out how to trigger these guys to breed?. Online all i seem to find is people saying its hard to get them to breed but would like to know things i need to consider/do to help assist? PLEASE HELP:D thanks guys. Chris
  6. I think my little buddy might be sick. It's been hiding a lot and just doesn't seem interested in anything. Currently he's on top of the castle laying flat on its belly. He's not going sideways, but not swimming around either. I do weekly water changes and gravel cleaning. I'm fairly new to fish keeping so I don't know if he is sick or what's going on really. I did start them on a different brand of food yesterday, but none of my other fish...or electric yellows have been affected in any way, he hasn't been attacked or anything so I'm at a loss as to what's going on.
  7. Vid with my girl she has her tube out n dress on. Will add more vids later of eggs and them courting
  8. A couple of my Tiger Barbs seem to enjoy flicking their body along the airline in my tank. It can happen one at a time for a few seconds, and sometimes up to 4 at a time for a few seconds. I've felt the airline, and it's a little slimey, but the water was only changed yesterday and I added Aquamaster Armour Coat. Just not sure it's normal behaviour and my Platy has just started to do it as well.
  9. As some of you know, I recently got some eggcrate to seperate my Red Devils as the male was constantly chasing the female causing her to hide all the time. Anyway since I put the divider in, they have both dug out all the sand near the divider and spend most of their time right next to each other. Does this sound like breeding behaviour? Should I take the eggcrate out and see how they go together? She already has some fin damage. Just don't want him to kill her.
  10. hey guys, I did my 10% wc last night in the kigoma's tank and today have noticed one of the females digging a huge hole in the sand making a big cave under the large rocks i have in the tank. she has been hanging around it a bit this afternoon and the male has also been showing a bit of attention going in and out of the cave every now and again. Im new to breeding fronnies and am just curious as to what are the usual signs of them wanting to, or about to breed? cheers and hopefully someone can inform me. steve.
  11. Hi all, Wanting to add a few juvi cuckoos in with my breeding e yellows, will they mess with spawns before they are at breeding size? Or can I breed the yellows with the cuckoos in there no worrys, until they are large? Thanks!
  12. What are these 2 doing? They do it every night when I come home from work. Always in the same corner. They have been doing it for almost 3 weeks now. I was finally able to record it. Extra Info: They are both just over a year old and both about 26-27cm. I have no idea of there sex. But I did notice two pink "Spikey" looking things in the Albino ones never region. Video is stil uploading....give it about 5 minutes.
  13. Hey guys, Recently purchased 6 x T5HO for my new three foot set up and lets just say wow, what a difference. Pretty much lights up my whole room haha. I have a problem however. Need to sell my current lights on my existing 3 foot set up, as someone has purchased them weeks ago, however went to swap them over tonight, and when I took out my old 4 x t8 lights, and put my new t5HO x 6 lights in, the discus becomed so scared and shy. Both of them instantly went to the bottom of the tank basically laying in the substrate and both hugging the corner of the tank. As soon as this happened I immediately turned the lights off. Has anyone else come across this. I know they were shocked but I left it on for 30 seconds and they did not seem happy or look happy and I could not leave it on knowing they are unhappy. I guess the only thing to do is keep the old lights on until I purchase another set of t8's or the likes? Has anyone come across similar findings when swapping lighting over in existing tanks? Sure as hell was a wake up to me at how bright 6 x t5HO lights are haha!
  14. I rescued a 30cm+ comet with a bung eye from the LFS, got a pair actually for my large pond. Since introduced the other goldfish (10-15cm) tend to follow the large comets around, to the extent of sticking to their sides. It is almost like herding them in, yet not nipping at the big fellas who swim separately. The one with the bung eye is distressed by it as he is constantly going to the waterfall and swimming sideways underneath until the other fish end up spiralling off in all directions (funny to watch). He then tries a dash away but they come to his sides again fast. He hasn't been left alone that I could see before heading to work and I'm wondering how to interpret the behaviour. Is it bullying the new fish despite their obvious size ? Is it bonding/following the leader ? Normally the smaller goldfish swim in groups and interract a lot, always welcoming and mixing with each new goldfish (same size or smaller) that I've added. I've never had any aggression before. Haven't seen what the turtles think yet
  15. Hi All, My first ever jag (purchased as a 1.5" baby in March this year) is now about 6" long and lives alone in my 6 footer. He was sharing with a bristlenose until today, but his behaviour of late has become so aggro towards the bn that today i liberated the bn into my other tank. It didn't seem to be getting injured, but was being forced to live in hiding and not able to come out for fear of being enthusiastically bashed. The past few days the jag has also started vigorously digging himself a deep hole in the gravel at the back far left hand end of the tank. He scoops up a big mouthful of gravel and spits it out against the front glass. It's quite interesting to watch and he is also obviously trying (unsuccessfully) to bite into the latex background to continue his excavation. He seems very devoted to the whole endeavour. Can anyone shed a light on this behaviour? Is it perhaps that my little jag is now a hormonal adolescent and doing a bit of nesting? Also, any tips on sexing the jag? Perhaps "Pablo" is actually a "Conchita" or something like that... Any suggestions? A recent photo was posted in the photography section, titled "Newbie noyakfats jaguar cichlid".
  16. here is a vid can any one explain.... View My Video
  17. ok have a tank approx 5.5 ft have had a colony of kingseizi in there(one male 3 fem)for a while have just added a flavus,neon spot,afra cobue ,the flavus and kinseizi have picked on each other alot but have seem to have soughted themselves out. but the trouble is they are always hiding never see them even when i put food in nothing but they wait till its behind rocks then eat it. the kingseizi have been doing it for a while when they were by themselves. they r all healthy swim in behind rocks all the time but u never see them. is this normal behaviour,will be setting up our 3 foot tank on weekend for female fish so i can breed them in our 2x2 tank. will things change by taking the fems out ?? can anyone recomend wat other male cichlids to stick in the 5.5 ft tank? thanks in advance Ben and Renee
  18. Why on the 5th day as the eggs are almost ready to hatch, did the male kick all of them out of his log, only to be eaten by other fish. I wasnt quick enough to get the eggs to put into another tank? Marc
  19. hey guys i am restocking an american tank with geos. I have a brasiliensis who sometimes picks on new fish. Doesn do it to all of them but does it to some. I have got 3 new brasiliensis who he wil not leave alone. They are now all in a corner and all i can see is him nipping at them. Why do they do this? Could it be cause the new ones aren 100% healthy? Any help wil be great. The tank not over stocked either its a 6 foot and all thats in there atm is 4 brasiliensis, jd and parrot all of medium size.
  20. I've noticed my male Ps. Zebra Long Pelvic doing something weird a couple of times this week. I just added 3 females to his tank a week ago (thanks Mark T), and have since seen him swim up to them and have what looks like an epileptic fit i.e. his whole body just shakes for a couple of seconds. I'm very impatient for them to start breeding, and was wondering if this is a sign that they are getting ready? Or is he just an epileptic fish?
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