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Found 8 results

  1. Evening all. I'm looking for some advice from the forum elders. I have been lucky enough to have had a colony of African Haps sold me to me this week & the were transported via fastaways and arrived today. The owner of these fish has been in the game a long time & transported many fish over the years & they were double bagged correctly males separate, largest female separate & 2 bags with 2 females each with black plastic bits in the bag as well, so he has done an excellent job of packaging them for me. However, some have traveled better than others. Males which were transported separately are in excelent form, striking fish. The large girl by herself looks great. But I have 2 out if the 4 smaller girls who traveled in pairs have extremely swollen bellies, I haven't seen anything like it before. Yes I am aware & am read up on Malawi bloat. So, because I had planned to quarantine them in 1 tank as a colony I decided to split the group, the boys are in separate tanks & all 5 girls are in together. The fish are all swimming fine together no real lethargy in any of the fish. I gave them some deshelled peas just to see if the would eat & they were taken with no complaints from all fish. I inspected the underside of the larger of the 2 fish with the swollen belly & the anus appears normal & vent seems a bit stretched but deffinatly not protruding. They are in a single tank with 2 sponge filters, I have used prime & double dose of tech dens easy start cichlid salt (I use double in my system all day everyday, works for me) as this was the only 'salt' available to me after work this arvo. No food will be offered in the morning. I have just checked the fish, after lights out & they are fine, breathing fine, staying upright, just have massive beer guts. Any advice on where to go now with treatment would be appreciated. Is it worth isolating the 2 fish with the issue from the others? Has anybody encountered this happening after transport? Thanks for your help, Craigo.
  2. I have lost a few of my electric yellows with sunken belly and a couple of other larger yellows without the sunken belly. I have tried seperating the sunken belly fish and feeding them up with a tablet the LFS gave me to grind up and mix with a shot of vodka into my food to bind the two with no luck. I also notice the fish seem to be scratching themselves against the gravel. Would this be itch? I have been searching online but am still confused. I raised the temperature of my tank to 30 yesterday as I read doing this for 7 days can kill off the parasites. Any help is greatly appreciated! I dont want to loose any more fish
  3. I have a Red Zeb that has a sunken belly. It hasn't always been that way. He seems happy. His poo isn't clear or stringy link i have about what happens with worms. How do i make him healthily again?
  4. hey guys wondering how to treat sunken belly for malawi africans, have put some epsom salts in to raise the GH but any other help will be appricated, they are all eating well and only did a water change on the tank on Saturday Thanks Poyter
  5. My marble bn has recently had a really fat belly over the past few days and now she had lost it last night but no sign of eggs anywhere. What has happened?
  6. Wondering what place has these fingerlings cheap? Not the ones who obtain from the breeding farm and then sell on for a profit. Want the breeding farm and cut out the middle man if possible.
  7. Im not sure what has happened here and was hoping someone could give me a bit of an idea... the situation wasn't ideal but it was the best option I had at the time. I'd rather know if I did something wrong so it doesnt happen again. I bought 10 peppermint fry Saturday afternoon from the North Brisbane area. When I got them they were in a plastic bag, some were 3cms, others were lucky to be 1.5cm. As I wasnt heading back to Kingaroy till today I emptied the bag into a bucket and put a bit more rain water into the bucket as well. The bucket has only ever been used for fish. I didnt have any air stones or anything in but I changed about 30% of the water this morning with rain water again. This afternoon when I went to leave I found that 8 had died and had bloated guts and what looked to be air bubbles in them. Ive got a photo... I did the same thing with a pair of Orange Spots (breeding size) and they are fine and have settled in really well. They were in different buckets. Any ideas???? Its just a little upsetting as I'd been wanting peppermints for ages and this goes and happens Cheers Amy
  8. FROM THE AGE ... http://news.theage.com.au/business/a-se ... -6sc7.html Aquarium Industries has gone belly up after the slide in the Australian dollar and falling consumer spending hit the bottom line of the country's biggest wholesaler of ornamental fish. Aquarium Industries appointed Greg Keith and Trevor Pogroske of Grant Thornton as voluntary administrators, the Melbourne-based company said in a statement on Friday. The falling local currency hurt the business by making it more expensive to import fish, which made up 60 per cent of the business. Customers had also become more reluctant to buy ornamental fish, as they sought to save money instead. Aquarium Industries, which supplies 1,000 retailers in Australia and employs 60 people, will continue to trade as the administrators look for a buyer for the business. "The effects of the global downturn and the substantial increase in the cost of doing business overseas has been felt across a range of industries and enterprises," Mr Keith said. "As the flow-on effect of the global economic climate becomes apparent, we are seeing businesses from all sectors impacted." HAMZA
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