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Found 6 results

  1. So garlic is added to some fish foods why? According to what I have read it enhances the appetite of fish. Why do fish need to be encouraged to eat more? Is it to help them grow quicker? Garlic: What has been Studied Versus What has been Claimed by Steven Pro - Reefkeeping.com
  2. I'm a member of QCG Queensland Cichlid Group Because I keep Cichlids. But there's clubs out there for all types of fish And I thought I knew a lot about fish but I've learned so much since joining Made some amazing friends who can talk fish all night Been to some great places including interstate and soon even overseas Get to be a part of a great club and learn About how auctions work. Fish judging. Enter fish in completions ( win cash ) Have talks on filters fish rooms making tanks diseases etc We have club sponsors who give discounts on shop sales You can sell your fish @ the auctions It's all first hand experience without the BS. and it's face to face Anyone can read the internet. Anyone can post on the internet. Right or wrong There's no filter for wrong answers or misguided information Half the stuff I read on any forum. FB. or google page is not how I would do things And normally you only get one choice The clubs members have been there and done that and could give heaps of different ways to answer a question you may have You are also welcome to attend any of the clubs meeting as a guest the first couple of times just to see if you like it. And yes you can bring your partner. I think you'll be surprised how many couples are members and just how many woman are in fish clubs I could go on. .............. In summary I just wanted to put it out there that clubs are very beneficial to everyone and That your crazy IMO not to join one It's cheaper than you think All clubs can be found in there own section on this forum. With full contact details FJ
  3. Hi All. We have been trading online since 2000 and started our store in Brisbane in 2001. Over the years we have grown to become one of the largest online stores in the country by providing good service and competitive pricing along with a ever growing range of in demand products to suit every facet of the aquarium hobby. The following benefits are applicable to QLDAF members - 10% Discount across our whole range online and in store. ( Please mention your Forum membership in the shipping instructions section on your online order form or when placing the order over the phone - 07 3800 5592. We charge all credit cards manually so we will adjust the total on our end ). - Fixed delivery fee - Only $7.50 Australia wide regardless of weight or quantity of items ( including Frozen Food ). - Confidence in knowing that we source our products exclusively through the Australian distributor where applicable so you are 100% covered in regards to spare parts and warranty service. We do not grey / parallel import products full stop. I hope to serve our loyal base of customers for many years to come. Sincerely Ben Broekhuizen Managing Director - The Age Of Aquariums Pty Ltd Age of Aquariums - Home
  4. Im kinda a nooby in the pond world... Only had one for a few months. But I must say, the growth and color that comes with ponds is awesome! Seems like a combo of weird bugs, algae, as much duckweed as they can eat, actual sunlight and well.. Whatever else decides to grow and fall in what are your thoughts?
  5. Hello, I've recently got back into the hobby and am looking to expand into a few 3 tier set ups. I've read a bit and seen that a lot of people use sumps as apposed to internal filters. I have always used internal filters with the odd canister filter on the larger tanks and was wondering what the benefits of using a sump with a freshwater setup will be? Also does it work out to be cheaper? Any tips would be appreciated or if there is another thread already addressing this i apologise and mods can delete this. Thanks very much.
  6. Have a 3ft tank and have been looking into uv sterilizers to control algae, viruses, and to generally help to keep the aquarium water clean. However some of these units ie. debary, pentair, deltec etc costs literally hundreds of dollars. I know you can get cheaper ones like attman, pro aqua and jebao etc only havent heard how good they are compared to the expensive ones. Basically before i got out and spend 400 bucks i would like to know what other peoples experiences with uv sterilizers are?? ARE THEY AS ESSENTIAL AS THE MANUFACTURERS CLAIM?
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