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Found 196 results

  1. thanks mate for putting up my guppie pic for me i am greatfull for you helping me to do it thanks mate
  2. So... out of the large20cm plus preds and that such as champsochromis caeruleus, spilorhynchus, compressiceps, fusco, buccos, polystigma and 35cm gentile frontti . Who is the tuffest baddest and the winner when it comes who is running the unit/show/tank And then who wins and who flees like a whipped dog when it comes to those preds vs mpangaz???? The answer isssssss!!! My 5cm mpanga! This little bad ass has gotta togo!! Hes terrorizing my mature adult haps non stop! Iv never seen a fusco flee so fast from some thing smaller than his pectoral fins haha. Even managed to scare off the malawi trouts whilst they were mating and ate 3 eggs. Too small to catch out of my tank. Man I wish i cud spear gun him out grrrrrrrrrr
  3. Hi all I'm sick and tired of replacing big ball air stones in my BIG tank can anyone recommend a big air stone that wont clog in 6 months or less? atm I'm using big ball stones and they just clog up in no time at $7 each I use 4 at a time iv tried cleaning them soaking them in vinegar nothing works very well any ideas out there? its a display tank so the plastic screw together type are a no go
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. I could do with some help on this. My 'brilliant idea' just cost me $350 getting water removed from carpet. Not to mention having to drain 90% of my tanks to be able to move them to clean the carpet. Setup: 2000L/PH aqua one maxi flows up to 30L above tank sump then goes through mechanical filtration (in a coke bottle) biological filtration (media, rocks etc) then flows (via gravity) through two Hansen 20mm fittings back to tank. I've watched this setup closely for a while and had no problems however upon waking this morning I found that the sump had overflowed and emptied half of my tank. I'm not sure how exactly my only thoughts were that something got caught in the overflow and then it must have come unstuck before draining my whole tank. (I did have mesh in the overflow to stop anything getting in there but maybe something blocked the mesh?) Now I need a solution. I have some ideas but would like professional advice. 1. Drill another hole above the overflows and silicone in Some tubing as an emergency overflow. (If the overflows get blocked.. Water rises and falls out of the next one instead of overflowing) but what if the safeguard then gets blocked. 2. Float switch? I could make a switch that turns of the power to the pump if the water level gets too high. 3. The pump has suction cups so I could change the plumbing and stick the pump at the top level of the tank (If a blockage happens it can only pump out a little bit of water before running dry) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hi mate just want to say thanks 4 great healthy fish and 4 being honest about how to keep fish in good condition
  7. Hi does any one know whats happened to my Jag, he looks as though he wants to be a Blackbelt. He has developed this black patch on his side over night, I do weekly water changes except for last week I missed one nitrates got up to over 40ppm. ?
  8. Does anyone else out there seem to cycle between keeping cichlids and tropicals? I've got tropicals now and feeling like I want an oscar or red devil back. There more like pets
  9. Prompted by a sales post on our facebook page, does anyone have a big kissing gourami. It reminded me of how big these fish get and how beautiful they are. Anyone breeding them? I could also get excited by moonbeams/silvers and pearls.
  10. Where's the best place and what's the biggest size air stones you can buy I have noticed some of the ones in pet shops are huge or are them air bars better
  11. Just like to say a huge thanks to [MENTION=1568]spongebob[/MENTION] for the quick and easy sale of my Acei fry today, was nice to meet you and your wife and to have a chat I highly recommend Bob to anyone thanks again
  12. Just a quick thank you to vreazz for my new Pisces Pagoda rock. He was understanding of my travel from south side to his as it took a few days ( Kids and "financial advisor" ) Transaction went smoothly and more than happy with what I got. If anyone can tag him, since I'm new here that would be great
  13. I have recently been lucky enough to meet/deal with some great fishkeepers over the last few weeks and it really helps you remember why this is such a great hobby! I just wanted to say a big thanks to one such fishkeeper (Scott or @hareysfish as people would refer to him on here) for being the great fish dude he is! Big cheers mate
  14. I want to put out a big thank you to Kev (fishking) of Exotic Fish Connections at Rocklea, for helping me today to get a shipment of rainbows off to Evilpierre down on the Central coast. Thanks again buddy I owe you big time.If your looking for great Cichlids you can't go past Exotic for selection and quality. You guys rock !!!!!
  15. I would like to express my gratitude/appreciation to [MENTION=3443]Sclero p[/MENTION] - you're the man, for his unsolicited recommendation / providing his expertise to help out our breeding plans. Being on a different field and struggling on breeding, [MENTION=3443]Sclero p[/MENTION] took time to suggest ways on how we can improve breeding some fish. Not something you would hear as most will charge you "retainer fees" to provide there expert opinion. here's some of the notable suggestions that can be handy for other start up breeders: I would recommend you use the following hormone regime. • Estradiol : 2 mg to 4 mg (sublingual) daily. • Estradiol Gel : Apply 2 to 3 measures daily to the skin. • Finasteride : 6 mg Propecia (divided, morning and evening) or 5mg Proscar in the morning. • Spironolactone : 100 mg to 200 mg divided dose, morning and evening. • Progestin : 5 mg to 10 mg daily for 10 days of the month (optional). Truly a wealth of knowledge. The Team can't thank you enough Steve. Keep up the good work. Karma will get back to you. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/images/icons/icon14.png
  16. Hi all. We have a new 4 foot, 360-litre tank and we've just added our first fish after having our water tested. We're hoping to add new fish each 2-4 weeks depending on water parameters. Our first new residents are 3 Clown Loaches but our long-term goal is to have, in total: 5 x Clown Loaches 10 x Gold Balloon Rams 1 x A pleco (maybe Starlight) 1 x Rainbow Shark I've tried researching whether or not that is too many fish for our tank size but I'm getting really conflicting answers. Obviously we want the fish to be happy and comfortable in their environment so if anyone can help us out with some advice here it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Thanks to lictoga [Russ] who GAVE me some FREE tanks. Plus he dropped them at my house! And added bonus? He is a real nice guy as well.
  18. Hey guys just after a tank 8 to 10 foot X 3 foot X 2.5 foot to upgrade a natives tank and also how do u sedate a big fiah to move it
  19. Hi guys, I have an angelfish that is on the ropes. I stopped in at vet supplies on the way home from work and they are sold out of Big L! Is there anyone close to Springfield that would have some I can use? (would replace it of course or compensate with $) I've tried a course of Sterazin but he has continued to deteriorate. Any help would greatly appreciated! Thanks, Beau. 0438 793 496.
  20. I'm looking at suggestions on effective and presentable auto feeders for my tank. It will sit on top and will be loaded with 8mm-10mm pellets. I'm initially looking at pond feeders but saw some cat/dog feeders that may work at a fraction of cost. It can also contain a few kgs of food so less hassle to keep topping it up. Some even have voice recorder so you can call the fish on feeding time.
  21. Hey everybody just wanting some advice and hints on this move, i have a black shark that is roughly 20+ inches, i am moving house from Brendale to Brighton about 20 mins travel, i moved her 6 months ago but i had a fresh tank already set up for her to go right into so all i did is put her in a 100L tub and trailer-ed her there as it was 2 mins travel down the road, but this time i am keeping her in the same tank which is a 6x2x3 and its a lot longer of a trip and am unsure of the right way to go about the whole move, the options i have thought of for transporting the fish are: 1, getting a giant fish bag to put her in and place that in the 100L tub with some padding but not sure how long she will survive in a fish bag? 2, possibly using silicone to attach kids floaties to the inside of the 100L tub to limit the amount of bruising she gets from trying to jump? that way i can use a portable air pump for travel? the other issue is moving the tank, it is a 1000L tank so it has a hell of a lot of bracing and very thick glass so it weighs far too much was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make the move easier? we had four people last time one on every corner but 2 of them were lacking arm strength and it almost didnt make it inside the house, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks dan.
  22. Hi tech den from mick 19 i am from victoria and buy from you for the great prices and quality service My best mate lives at tweed heads and has just got back into fish hes not currently on this forum He was after a cannister filter and other equipment so i suggested you guys he gave you a call yesterday And was very happy with the suggestions you made and the ease of the transaction so looks like you Have another long term customer. So thanks again
  23. i've been looking into alternatives to using aquarium heaters. i was considering going reverse cycle before i stumbled upon these. 4 4 5 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heater Solar SPA GAS Heating Cooling | eBay They seem like the could work with the addition of another pump to cycle from the last chamber of the sump, through the heater then back into the sump to be pumped up to the tanks. i would also use a solar controller to shut off the heating system if it passes say 26 degrees, and turns back on around 24 degrees. the fish room is around 6500L and well insulated so heat loss shouldn't be too much of a problem. im leaning to these over reverse cycle as well as i wont have to worry as much about closing the door into the fish room or moldy ceilings. anyway whats your guys thoughts? anyone had any experience with these heat pumps? steve
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