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Found 34 results

  1. At the moment I'm feeding both of these pellets to my 6ft American tank. Was just wondering what the big difference is between the 2 or just the price tag. Is it worth paying little extra for the bio gold or just stick with regular gold? Cheers
  2. But not how we expected. Turns out that bio balls make an excellent media to grow plants in when using the floating rafting method. Just had a good yarn with one of our favorite aquaponics ladies, and well, I am convinced. Not that my opinion matters when the systems are producing so much food! The proof is in the veggies Those of you looking for an aquaponics youtube channel to learn from, check her out. She rafts at a Kon-Tiki level!
  3. Hi People, First like to say hello just joined the forum. I'm from the superior state known as NSW ;-p :eek:just kidding. I'm in the process of setting up a 5ft brand new tank and have some questions regarding bio media for a new canister filter I'm looking at purchasing (I'm a full time student once again so going to get a sunsun or something similar http://goo.gl/Bgf3P0 would love a fx5 or 6 but $$ is really tight). Anyway my question is can k1 media be used in a canister filter? If not what do you guys think of lave rock? Is there something better? Just for your information I currently have a 3ft tank stocked with the following (A biopro 800 L/h filter on it right now) 1x Oscar 1x Australia Bass 2x Empire gudgeons 1x Southern yellowfin Bream (Which I believe is different from the type you get in QLD) They are all relatively small but I understand they need an upgrade asap (Before anyone ask why the hell I have a Bass with a Oscar I stupidly listened to a LFS that said he always puts Oscars or other Cichlids with Aussie natvies to stop Aussie native fish aggression) Thanks in advanced
  4. The Bakki family has had the new addition today of Bakki Balls. Originally it started with the Bakki Rods and Mini Bakki, then cam along the Bakki discs and today we get to add the Bakki Balls that arrived into stock today. Here is the range now available. Bakki Rods have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Mini Bakki Rods 5kg have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps Bakki Discs - 5kg Bag (Bacteria House Bio Discs) Bakki Balls have a large porus surface area and ideal for canister filters and sumps
  5. I've just purchased an 1800lph bio pro canister from Aquaholics (great price, crazy fast delivery) but the hose isn't quite long enough, at least on one side, as I'd like to sit it off to one side of the tank. Is it possible to buy a replacement from Bunnings? If so, what size and spec should I be looking for? Would it matter if one side's hose was longer than the other?
  6. Bio balls – your opinion? Who uses them? Who doesnt? why? To me it seems they are now a thing of the past, with so many modern media types available such as matrix, marine pure and K1. Been doing some reading on the net (so it must be true lol) to try and work out the effectiveness of bio balls/cubes. A study done by Cermedia (the manufacturer of Marinepure) claim that bioballs are as effective as an empty filter lol - study report can be found here http://www.cermedia.com/MarinePure%20Project%20Report.pdf I have some in half my sump as I got them for free but questioning there usefulness now... (other half of the sump has marine pure/coral and matrix)
  7. We have received into stock our first lot of the Oase Hel-X bio media touting 40% more surface area than the standard bio media. For pricing and availability 25 Liters of Oase Hel-X Bio Media Bio Media for aquariums sumps, fluid bed filters and commercial applications
  8. Recently purchased a bio pro canister with the uv light. Now as I'm new to all of this what are the benifits of the uv light? Should I run the light all the time? Any explanation of how these work and how I can get the most benifits from using it. Thanks
  9. I've recently purchased a bio pro canister filter. How would you all recommend I set up the filter media trays. Ther is 4 baskets it came with bio balls, ceramic noodle things, charcoal and 2 layers of black foam stuff. Should I use all this or any other ideas and what order should the layers go in
  10. Hi All. 50% off 32mm Bags of 2000 Bio Balls. Today only - Age of Aquariums - Bio Balls 32mm x 2000 Ben
  11. We have the Aquael Turbo Filters, they have a section that you can put in the Macropore if you took out the rings. These use both Mechanical and Bio Filtration in one. Great if you do not have the room for canister but would like some bio filtration. Aquael Turbo Bio Mechanical Internal Filter
  12. Finally arrived - and ready to go for those that have been waiting - we received 1500 liters of it and a third of it has gone out today. Here is the link - be quick Bio Media
  13. Anyone using or have used Aquasonic Pro Bio-Plus? I understand the dosing rate is 5ml per 20lt but what is the frequency? The instructions are very vague. Any idea? [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION]? Anyone else? Thanks, Rob
  14. Hikari Frozen Food pricing - For Pick up at Store only. Hikari Frozen Food $6 Per Pack and buy 5 and get the 6th free. Choose from: Blood Worms 100g Brine Shrimp 100g Spirulina Brine Shrimp 100g Baby Brine Shrimp 50g Mysis Shrimp 100g Jumbo Mysis Shrimp 113g Rotifers 50g Daphnia 100g Discus 100g Mega Tropical 100g Large Blocks $19.95 Mysis Shrimp 454g $19.95 Brine Shrimp 454g
  15. Hi All. Great Deal today. Link Below. Age of Aquariums - Bio Balls 42mm x 1000 Ben
  16. Anyone used one of these? Im thinking of getting one as a cheaper option on my tang curve tank for the time being Cheers Rob BIOpro 2200lph External Canister Filter + UV
  17. Pricing and availability please visit The Tech Den Aquasonic Bio Aid 100ml Biological Waste and Disease Control Aquasonic Bio Aid 250ml Biological Waste and Disease Control
  18. hey guys i have a breeding setup of 7 tanks i am buying brand new sponge filters today i dont plan on putting any fish in the breeding setup for atleast a week should i run my sponge filters in my established tank for a week or will they be ok if i just leave them in my breeding setup for a week??
  19. Just looking for opinions on how long a Bio Ball lasts b4 the plastic breaks down. I've heard many different theorys; Replace a third of them every year Replace all of them every 3-4 years, etc My own thought is that there good for at least 5 years What are your thoughts, experiences :confused: Thanks Brendan
  20. hey im thinking about redoing my sump currently it runs mainly bio cubes and only a little bit of matrix im thinking about reducing the bio cube amount and increasing matrix that the sump holds does any one know if this is the better way to go ?
  21. I've been told by different ppl different things what do you guys recommend for a freshwater sump? Considering shell grit is for free:D
  22. Hello all, first ill just say hello very new in the aquarium game lol. but any who to my question, i was wondering how often you have to change the filter media in the canister filters? Also do you need to change everything etc bio balls, cermic rings, bio cotton. My other question was with bio sponge filters do you need to change these often or can they just be cleaned in the tanks water change ? thanks
  23. ok there is allways a thread on a sump somewhere and the good ole bioball comes up in discussion as to whether they should be submerged or not. This thread is here to discuss what they are used for and where they should be used... Ill go first with my understanding but would invite anyone to correct me if I am wrong.... ok, from my understanding of the whole process, and Ill keep it as basic as possible, Yes you can submerge them, and they will house anearobic bacteria, but they are not as efficient as other media such as matrix, scoria or coral rubble etc... Preferably, when bioballs are used in a wet dry sump, in the dry trickle section, they are there to house aerobic bacteria, and many would be led to beleive that this bacteria is de-nitrifying? yes?... well no, since denitrifying bacteria will only thrive in low to no dissolved oxygen and low water flow environments..... how can they survive when the top section of the sump where the bioballs are is saturated with dissolved oxygen from falling water from the tank, well, they cant really can they? so in saying that, youd think the common trickle filter sump setup would be a waist of time then, yes?.... NO! the nitrate is being removed BEFORE it is even formed....huh...how you say? well, ammonia is a gas, but will dissolve when in water but it prefers to be a gas. A good amount of ammonia is removed by the falling action as the water tumbles over the bioballs. Removing ammonia before it goes through the nitrogen cycle means that less will remain to be turned into nitrate by biological filtration, leading to reduced levels of nitrate in the tank! How ever much or little nitrate is 'removed' would be hard to measure, but any nitrate removed, especially from a non planted tank, is beneficial IMO if the above were wrong the bio balls will still house beneficial bacteria, and will greatly oxygenate the water so its win win Thats my understanding from what I have read and digested over the years ....
  24. i just wanted to know how often people clean their bio media?
  25. As above, looking for the cheapest place to buy bio balls - either online or at a store. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great BTW I do not want to use gutter guard.
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