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Found 2 results

  1. Marine pure biofilter media is mine! What is yours?
  2. For the past three weeks, I've been trying to fishlessly cycle a marine tank (well, actually its been much longer than that - but three weeks ago I pinched some bioballs from a mate's marine filter - and finally starting to see some nitrite formation, and the beginnings of a cycle), and all was going well until early this week: basically, the ammonia was clearing from about 5ppm to 0 overnight, and I was just waiting for the nitrite to do the same (it was starting to drop to about 0.25ppm). Just when I thought it was all going to happen, I did two thing, one or both of which I think may have either killed, or at least suspended the cycling: 1) Because I had the tank at 30oC to speed up they cycle, I was having a lot of evaporation, so I topped up the tank with freshwater ie. I dropped the salinity from very saline: say 36ppt, to maybe about 33-34ppt in a matter of minutes. 2) I was reaching the tail end of my bottle of highly saturated ammonium chloride solution where there were lots of ammonium chloride crystals- so, while I added the right volume of what should have given me 5ppm, there's a chance that I OD'd on this. So, assuming one or both of these have done some harm to the biofilter (the ammonia has only maybe dropped from >8ppm to perhaps between 4-8ppm since Monday: but at those high levels, its pretty hard to be accurate on the colorimetric chart as to the exact concentration), have I killed it off completely, or will it slowly recover?
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