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Found 18 results

  1. On the back end of building a custom cabinet & hood for my wife's new 3ft marine tank over the past 6 weeks, I've decided it's now high time to utilise the 4ft tank I received for Christmas...which has meant further trips to Bunnings for building materials (such a bummer ), & copious use of power tools. At the end of the process, I'm planning on turning out a 4ft native biotope tank with plants & fish endemic to my local area on the northside of Brisbane. My wife's new marine pride & joy:
  2. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. Maybe. But why, oh why, can't I type Rio Ucayali or Orinoco Basin into a search engine and have a lovely list of all the fishies who live there?? With pictures, and info on parameters etc??? Why can't the Internet be magical?? It makes me muddled and gives me a headache. Is there at least an obscenely expensive book I can get my hands on that will give me Reliable information of this kind?
  3. What leaves would be found in an authentic SA blackwater biotope? And if these cant be purchased in Australia, what (other than IAL) makes a cheap and readily available alternative?
  4. Just got the tank on Tuesday, absolutely stoaked with how it looks in its new place.. had three heckelii before the move and acquired my old two surinamensis and another heck off my friend as he was shutting his tank down... they dont even know themselves and my rams are loving the hollows and caves in the wall.. pretty amateur with the camera, cant seem to get the shutter speed right.. its a nikon coolpix p500
  5. I've recently turned what was once a refuge for fish that didn't fit, into a softwater biotope! It's only a small tank and I'll be moving all these fish into a 3x1.8x1.5 after christmas. I especially love the Red Scissor Tails (Thanks to [MENTION=801]floppingflamingos[/MENTION] for help with them!). Thanks, Finn
  6. As per title..8 be 2 be 2, one rtgg will be the star attraction. I'll sump it. But I need more..yknow..stuff. What Im looking for is as close to their native environment as possible so Substrate? Plants? Tankmates? There will be no datnoids or arowana happening, due to having killed one of each back in the day and never wanting to go near another, plz.
  7. Hi guys, Here is my new addition to the tank list Tank 3 x 18 x 20 Substrate Frazer Island Sand Filtration 1 x Aqua One Aquis Advanced 1050 1 x Aqua One Aquis 1200 Both filters soon to be replaced with just the one Eheim 2217 that is currently running in the tank 1 x ANS iFlo Filtration Set 17mm Lillypipes (to be put in there soon) Lighting 1 x Hagen GLO Twin T5 HO light unit. 2 x Hagen GLO Tubes Heating 1 x Aqua One 300W Heater, To be Upgraded to a Hydor Inline heater as soon as they become available. Hardscape Melaleuca (have about 6 more pieces to use from as well that can easily be put in at any stage that are all three foot full pieces as this scape only uses 1) Plants Indian Almond Leaves and peat layer (yet to be a full layer throughout the substrate) Fish 8 x Corydoras Melini 7 x Corydoras Atropersonatus 2 x Apistogramma Trifasciatus (breeding pair) 20 x Lemon Tetras Soon to put in 15 x Dwarf Pencilfish and replace the lemon tetras The aim is to get a rio nanay/tigre biotope where both of my corydoras are from, however the apistogrammas I am unsure about? But could not pass up such a beautiful breeding pair. Will hopefully be putting in some apistogrammas that relate to this area if the trifasciatus arent from this specific area. Some small changes need to be made to the scape as such, including more low lying wood from the wood I still have spare (6 3 foot pieces I can cut up and use) and give them more of a "hut" style layout. I am still playin around with the scape as such and getting it right but the fish are loving the environment and the very low pH First thing is first (which I know many will comment on instantly) is the hydor inline heater needs to go in the tank ASAP as the sight of this ugly aqua one heater is just ruining the scape. And also I need to be a better photographer so I can really show what the aquascape is like rather than my dodgey pics. Will update once more wood is added and it is more "filled out" on the bottom with more of a nest of wood throughout whole bottom. FULL tank shots:
  8. Ok so the tank is 120cm x 30cm (w) x 35cm (H). Unusual size The substrate is a mix between river sand and bunnings play sand (PAIN IN THE BOTTOM). Hope you life, im really happy witht he right side but not so happy with the left. Also i have extra pieces that are all floating on the top that will be scattered all over the ground, may need to get some more. Also considering putting some rocks in there. Feedback would be awesome This one is all my work, adam has not even seen the tank yet.
  9. Hi guys, Some of you who follow my threads would know I keep a South American Dwarf (Apistogramma, corydoras colonies, tetras, pencilfish biotope) biotope tank. I have recently lost a substantial amount of interest in them. The tank just does not excite me like it used to. I used to LOVE watching my apistogrammas flair at another and show off and watch my tetras and pencilfish school in the tightest school weaving through the melaleuca but have faced a problem. I think I am bored with the tank in general. Here is the current tank; Now I have TONNES AND TONNES AND ABSOLUTELY TONNES of melaleuca laying in the garage, so here is the question. Should I rescape the tank to maybe bring a new lease on life, or should I go for tangs. Do a tang biotope. The tank size is 3 foot by 20 inches by 20 inches I believe. I was considering something like this; 2010 AGA Aquascaping Contest The background and rocks are easy to accomplish, its just a matter of preference. I have been soft water, planted tanks for so long this would be a whole new journey for me and part of me is so keen but other part wants to keep soft water. What is everyones opinions? Rescape SA DWARF BIOTOPE or do a TANG BIOTOPE. I was considering stuff like ochrogenys makola or ndole bay, neolamprologus brichardi, Neolamprologus caudopunctatus, neolamprologus similis, neolamprologus leleupi, leptosomas, nigripinnis , julidochromis marlieri, julidochromis transcriptus, or gobies. Ofcourse cannot place all of them in there but gives you an idea of the sort of fish I like and would opt for one of those. I wanna know, how does everyone go with keeping these guys in summer as I know they like cooler waters around the 24 to 28 maximum, I am assuming a chiller is now a must? Thanks, Adam
  10. Hi guys, I have been doing a bit of hanging out with ChrisG lately and I finally convinced him to scrap his cray tank in for a biotope. I said I would scape it for him so we threw something together in less than 10 minutes from empty tank to full with water Here was the outcome for a 10 min job; Things may change if it does not look good once its cleared up and tannin water otherwise it will stay like that. There needs to be a layer of peat, and also a layer of ketapang leaves on the bottom still. Thanks, Adam
  11. Hi guys and girls, Here is a journey for me into the world of biotopes. It is no way near finished however will continually update on a weekly basis until perfection is reached. I went for the bigger wood, but there is not much information on the Rio Tapajos where the Geophagus Tapajos is kept, more so where the apistos and in the drainage systems themself. I have also opted for finer melaleuca too. Whole idea is to have a natural setting with some nice intriguing bits of driftwood with lots of curves and bends like shown, with the nice sand which would be what is seen in the Rio Tapajos, and no plants, some stones as stones are often found in the bottom of the Rio Tapajos of all sizes, shapes and also sharpness, indian almond leaves for more feature, slight tannin, good ph, kh, gh and good quality fish. My set up will be upgraded in a few months time so yes, for now the tank size is okay for the accomodation of fish, but will be upgraded to a 5 x 2 x 2 by january next year at the latest. For now though; The system is as follows; Tank 3 foot by 18 inches by 20 inches Tank Stand Standard Tank Stand stained Substrate 40kg of Frazer Island Sand (very white and bright sand) (will not use all but got enough to last for the upgrade tank too) Filtration 1 x Aqua One Aquis 1200 Canister Filter • 1.5L Seachem Matrix • Aqua One Ceramic Noodles • Various size sponges • Four finer woollen pads • DAZS Anti Phosphate Pad (May not be used yet) • DAZS Anti Ammonia Pad (May not be used yet) • DAZS Anti Nitri Pad (May not be used yet) • DAZS Black Sponge Pads x 3 • DAZS Fine Black Wool Pad • API Bio Chem Zorb Sachet 1 x ANS iFlo Filtration Set 17mm Lillypipes Lighting 1 x Hagen GLO Twin T5 HO light unit. 2 x Hagen GLO Tubes or 2 x 10 000K Tubes Heating 1 x Aqua One 300W Heater, To be Upgraded to a Hydor Inline heater within two months. Hardscape Various size driftwood pieces connected to make one big layout fro Aquariums Alive. FishChicks Melealuca. Rocks from my Iwagumi leftovers Plants NONE Indian Almond Leaves Fish 6 x F1 Geophagus Tapajos Orange Heads 6 x Zebra Otocinclus 2 x Bristlenose commons 1 X Bristlenose Peppermint Other Products, Medications, Water Change Products 1 x 2L Seachem Stability 1 x 2L Seachem Stress Guard 1 x 473mL API Melafix 1 x 100mL Aquasonic Ichonex 1 x 120mL Waterlife Protozin 1 x 120mL Waterlife Sterizin Foods 1 x Hikari Discus gold 1 x Sera Vipan 75g Food 1 x Spectrum Multi Purpose Food 1 x Spectrum Medium Fish Food 1 x Spectrum Algae Wafers for the Otocinclus Regular serves of Frozen Bloodworm Regular serves of Frozen Brine Shrimp Regular serves of Live Blackworm Pictures: With flash on showing the colour of the water and how rich in tannins it really is Adam
  12. Quick (fair crappy on my part) video of one of my Peruvian setups. Shot on my new 550D with manual exposure and focus - need practice. - Please click for 16:9, embed only does 4:3720p available but it's at a fairly high ISO and resizing from 1080p caused a loss in quality. Cheers, japes
  13. I love the look of biotope type tanks, looking to set up something nice for my S. tinanti. Would love idea, suggestions etc for substrate, aquascaping, plants (if wanted), etc. Want to create a nice looking tank that will keep the fish happy. =) Thanks! The tank is a 3ft, will be housing a pair for now, and possibly a small school of congo tetras as dither fish.
  14. Hey guys and girls I've decided to turn my SA community tank into a Rio Negro biotope tank. The tank size is 6x18x18 It will be home to a breeding pair of green sevs, a few festivums, a breeding pair common BN, a L168. thats what i have established so far. What i would like suggestions on is a suitable schooling fish (i was thinking of a school of "hemigrammus Coereleus" (if avail. in Aust.), a few hatchetfish and a few pencilfish.) I also will be putting a small school of corys in there too (robinae, rabuati, or other type from the rio negro) So if anyone can give me some advice or suggest some suitable species for the biotope it would be greatly apprieciated Cav
  15. hello all. quick question. im setting up an 8x2x2 and am gonna set it up with lots of driftwood. how do you all with biotopes etc clean your tanks without moving all your rocks, wood and ornaments. ive seen a few tanks and they look like they havent moved in years do you just leave the waste settle behind rocks and whatnot, or constantly rescape to clean the poo up? cheers kurt
  16. Ok, after pretty much five flat out days of crafting, moving, painting, setting up and cleaning, the 215 system is up and running. The system is basically an upgrade for my Rio Essequibo, Guyana biotope that was housed in a 4x24x28", plus some more fish. I didn't get as much photos of the setup process I would have liked because I was basically on my feet for 12 hour days in hot, humid weather. Here we go in chronological order, split by days, from pickup. Saturday, February 20. 2 hour drive both ways to pickup the tank. Had to remove the back seats completely out of my fathers Patrol instead of hiring a van/ute... and home: Self explanatory. 6x2x2 with 2 32mm holes at either end. 3x15x18" Sump, with bulkheads and spraybars in. Very basic design, but still a solid amount of media capacity, and most importantly, room for a Jager 300W in the return chamber. Sump spraybars. Stand frame underway. If you're wondering why the posts at the nearest end are different, there's a door on that end wide enough to slide the sump straight in and out. Single coat of paint on the tank. Sunday, February 21. Stand progress. Ply floor and top in, with lip. Can see the old 5x15 stand of mine behind it (got picked up today, thank god). Paint done, four coats for those curious. Little patchy on the back, but it makes no difference. .. and now for the 30 odd meter trek, up steps in the backyard, into the house. Luckily there was 4 of us. Stand and tank in, with doors open to show how it's setup. Sump in, and plumbed, with Eheim Compact+ 5000. Plumbing done, with taps easily accessible. Fluval FX5 Nozzle for the return, purchased the setup, including U clamp and suction cups brand new. Unfortunately Fluval don't like Glass tanks, and designed it for acrylic tanks that don't have as much bracing (I presume) So it's setup a little differently, but still works well. Lights on with tank pushed back into position. Done for the night. Monday, February 22. Had a meeting in the morning and was absolutely frothing to get home.. to wash sand. Sand in. Ended up being 60kg Play Sand, 2kg of coarser sand in the back left corner, and a few handfuls of small aquarium gravel. Additional stuff not pictured in above photograph. Close up of bucket filling to try and minimise clouding. After filling it up a little more I had to run a rake through it to remove as much air as possible (got all of it), so it ended up clouding a bit more. Beginning of scaping, driftwood in. More water, leaves in, ended up removing the plant. Ended up being a very long day, but I ended up having fish in later that night. Unfortunately I have no photographs. The S. leucosticta haven't been netted or moved for between 12-18 months, and didn't enjoy it at all. There is a fair amount of split fins from both netting and stress in the tub - was like a school of mullet for a little while, stressing out of the water, but nothing permanent. Should heal up completely over the next few days. Tuesday, February 23. Today was cleanup day, and a horrible one at that. After spending most of the day cleaning up all of the crap in the shed and house, as well as where the old 4x2 was, I had to move the 4x2 to the garage for an easy pickup. The tank, which is in an alcove in the wall where a desk normally goes, would not budge at all on carpet, so we had to pull the tank out over the top of the covering lips on the front of the stand, without damaging them. This was bad enough as it is, but then the stand still wouldn't budge. After tilting it backwards and forwards it sort of "clipped out", to reveal this lovely mess. Big tanks on carpet are bad. I'm presuming this mouldy mess was caused by sump evaporation and small amounts of spilt water each water change, but my carpet is ruined. On a lighter note, heres a photo of the sump running. Mechanical arrangement isn't how I really planned it but it works. I need to elevate those extension cables (the pump/heater cables are tiny, why? :/) to create a drip loop. Coarse Black Foam > Semi-Coarse White Pads > .50 Micron Felt > Ceramic Glass Rings > 10L Seachem Matrix, 1L JBL Micromec, 4L EHFI Substrat, 1L EHFI Mech. > 600mL Seachem Purigen. Fish enjoying themselves (settling disputes) Can see some of the main fin damage, especially the dorsal split on my dominant male in the top photo. Then, after moving computer setup back into my room, my PSU literally exploded (pop + smoke), so there was more money down the drain. Wednesday, February 24. .. and the full shot you've all been waiting for: Still slightly clouded. Current residents are: 11x Satanoperca leucosticta 40x Hyphessobrycon rosaceus 10x Otocinclus sp. Planning to add 15 Hemmigrammus occellifer when I can find some quality specimens. What still needs to be done: - Magnetic latches & Door handles - More permanent light mounting solution - Probable rescape - More media bags for the mechanical setup so I can properly rearrange it, especially the noodles. Would like to thank the following people and stores for their help and support during the planning and setup process : - Jodi-Lea, Steve & Todd at Fishchick Aquatics - Russ and Ronny at Redlands Pet Centre - Mick & Leanne at Aquarium & Petland Southport - briztoon, holo, raycam01_au, IronMonkey & DannyH If you think I left you off this list, my apologies. :thumbup:
  17. Hey, I'm currently doing some research for some tank ideas. I was wondering if there were any particularly good sources for finding information on biotopes, specifically what fish are in the region, natural landscapes. I've done a fair bit of googling, but I haven't been able to find anything definitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, I'm looking at American biotopes, and at the moment, the Rio Xingu region in Brazil. Thanks, Raff.
  18. Hey guys, Just thought I'd put up a photolog of the cube I've been slaving over for the last few days, picked the mostly complete setup from DannyH on Sunday and had it running last night after a few minor hickups. Won't go into detailed stocking plans, but I bought it with the intention of Apistos. Will probably end up being a pair/trio of a species that takes my fancy (at this stage, a Nijsseni complex/baenschi variant) but it all depends on Jodi's shipment :soppy: Also looking at possibly 8 or so Nannostomus marginatus. - Pair/Trio Apistogramma sp. - 8x Nannostomus marginatus "Dwarf Pencilfish" - 5x Otocinclus sp. Tank specs: 50cm (20") Cube, 10mm glass, Rimless/Braceless Grey ADA Style Cabinet Eheim 2215 w/ Glass Lily Pipes 70W 10000K Fixed Halide Anyway, photos in chronological order to the best of my knowledge: Day 1: January 17, 2010. Bare tank with driftwood and Lily pipes. Day 2: January 18, 2010. Ballast + Powerboard mounting. Rear of the tank painted black. Light mounted. Also took the light apart, which was a standard white colour, and fixed it up with some black and silver paint as well as rewiring it and fitting some coverage to still provide good cooling, but make it more presentable. Day 3: January 19, 2010. Sand in, and my awesome Aqua One 3in1 Tool with the rake/shovel attachment. Fantastic for sand! The Lily pipes I got off Danny had the intake cut to remove the standard strainer to allow for more flow. I actually cracked it while doing this, but fixed it up with a diamond blade to be square and fitting it properly. Instead of attaching a sponge or something similiar, I prepped and painted an Eheim 17mm Strainer with Black Krylon Fusion to hide it at the back of the tank. Moved some Coarse Sprite from the Tapajos tank over. To mix up the play sand a little I've got small sections of coarser gravel, which is a little more red in colouration than I would have liked, but has actually become a little more pale today, especially with the Tannins. Indian Almond leaves and wood arranged as well. Picked up a single Amazon Sword to begin with as well. Eheim 2215 hooked up with the lily pipes and running too. Otocinclus sp. from the Tapajos tank to keep the filter going a bit, have Zuccini in the tank to provide them with food (since there's no algae) and to keep the bioload reasonable. Day 4: January 20, 2010 Things have cleared up and the tannins are beginning to creep in. Things to do: - Fish. - Another piece of driftwood that spans to and possibly out of the water level to provide some shade and upper region cover. - More plants, unsure what type. Will probably post more updates as I'll hopefully be picking up some N. marginatus and driftwood/plants tomorrow.
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