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Found 5 results

  1. Hopefully setting up a 4ft aquarium (unsure of exact measurements) for a macleays water snake, planning on doing a Northern territory billabong biotype with driftwood, live plants, fish and invertebrates. Could anyone give some plant suggestions? Water will be slightly alkaline
  2. Climate-change adaptation: Designer reefs : Nature News & Comment Now is it just me.......... or does the idea of having an sps reef that can get to 35degC without bleaching sound awesome? Oh and props to Palumbi. One of the oceans best friends, and one of biologys brightest stars.
  3. I would like to setup a proper Biotype tank for my Fiance's Oscars, Im led to belive they are found in the Amazon Basin? anyone have some info on how I coudl setup the tank to properly match this for them? they are currently 10" and 8" (2 of them) and are in a 5x2x2 Im looking in the near future to setup a 8x3x2.5 sumped setup for them and am after as much info on how It should be setup for them to give them the most natrual habbitat and keep them as happy as possible as I feel the 5x2x2 is much to small for them even at there current size, I would go larger than 8x3x2.5 but I cna feel that is going to stretch my budget to the extreems not to mention space and weight of sutch a monster tank. The Ideas I had so far were not so much on the aquascape but more the tank design (will be getting Gary Maher to build more likely than not as all my other tanks are his (5x2x2 2x 18" cubes and 4x15x18) and I love his tanks. so Basicly id be going for a weir (is that what is called?) in each back corner of the tank. probably rather large ones as I want to filter this tank at least 3 times and hour due to the filthyness of the fish (current dual fx5 setup on there 5x2x2 lasts about 3 weeks before the foams need cleaning and they dont get fed that much!) probably going a 6x2x2 sump (cabinet will be 3.5 tall for better viewwing) and to accomodate the large sump, ive never really run a sump before, I tryed on my olf 5ft but it failed as i have no idea what im doing with them so i went back to canisters. so if people can give me advice and ideas would be great! (also plan to go with a 3d background but not sure on what to make it look like as im not sure about there natrual habbitat) Thanks in advance. (tank mates currently 2 silver dolars and a silver shark (dunon were silver sharks are from?)
  4. Hi all, Recently acquired a nice second hand 6 footer from Justin69 (thanks bud and can't beat the price). Thought I would post up a build journal of a SE Qld Biotype I am attempting. Will be going low tech on this. No CO2 gas, minimal ferts, basic lighting and filtration. Tank Basic 6 footer (180cm x 45cm x 45cm) with lids Tank Stand Basic Pine 6 legger (what else can I say) Substrate Mix of Coarse Potting sand, Coffs Gravel and some mixed black gravel with Calcium Carbonate chips through it Home made mix of 1 part garden loam, 1 part Laterite, hand full of calcium carb substrate/coral/shell grit spread only in section of tanl were rooted, hungry plants are going (rear corners and back basically) Filtration 1 x Resun 280U • Dacron wool • Ceremic rubble • Purigen (once tank is cycled) Lighting 1 x Aqua-One T5HO 4 Foot Light (But will ikely add another 3 footer to suppliment this once plants are in) Heating 1 x Jager 250 W Fertilisers Will be using Dino-pee and spit once plants established. Suppliment substrate with Manutec Water Garden tablets or DunoDung Hardscape Three nice pieces of Melaleuca Roots Assorted small rocks for substrate mounding and some varaition in substrate type for fish. Plants Still investigating and colleccting speciemens from the wild, but will be a mix of Vallisneria Hydrilla Ceratophyllum Myriophyllum Hydrocotyle Aponogeton Fish 1 x Saratoga (ring in but will persist for now) 2 x Jungle Perch Rainbows (M. doubolayi) Gudgeons (M. adspersa, H. galii, H. compressus) Blue Eyes (P. signifer) Hardiheads (c. stercusmuscarum) May alter this to drop the rainbows and Purple Spot in place of a large shool of Ornate Rainbows (Rhadinocentrus ornatus). Foods Mixtures of pellets, flake, and frozen foods supplemented with live Daphnia, mosquito larvae, bloodworms and black worms. So anyway here are some progress shots. Week 1 - Test the tank, and size up the driftwood Week 2 - Hardscape the tank
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