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  1. A friend of mine was at Pet City on Friday and told me that they have 4 to 5cm Black Calvus for $22.95. Now my mate hasn't got the best memory and this sounds like a great price. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow but if he's right I might be going for a drive 👍Just thought someone who are looking for these might want to know👌 Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, i put a wtb add up for some africans to keep tanks cycled and to growout a colony or two. I had a mystery doner give me some yellows and the males have black fins, i haven't seen many with this trait lately so I am going to breed them and bring back the black. The pics were taken not long after they arrived so they are a bit stressed and they have been fed colour enhancing food which has made them a little sooty. Any input or pics of your yellows is welcome. Cheers mick
  3. has anyone on here bred them or know of someone who has or where i can find any info on the subject??? or does anyone have any for sale also......... Cheers Christo
  4. Hey everyone, bought a new tank today and want to make the back of it black. I painted my last tank but want to try contact this time. I need to find somewhere that has enough to do 6ft by 28" in one go. Cheapest/best value for money
  5. Just a question if I put a small group of calvus in a display tank with 10 juvies africans will that bring them Out of there shell (no pun intended) haha they just seen to be really shy with any sort of traffic around tank
  6. Hi does any one know whats happened to my Jag, he looks as though he wants to be a Blackbelt. He has developed this black patch on his side over night, I do weekly water changes except for last week I missed one nitrates got up to over 40ppm. ?
  7. Hi Everyone, I've recently been given 4 black skirt tetras from a lady getting rid of her tank. They are currently in quarantine while I work out where to put them. I have three options: 1. A 2ft 60Ltr tank, current inhabitants are: a male & female albino bristlenose pleco plus their babies (1cm). 2. A 2ft 75ltr tall tank, current inhabitants are: 1 serpae tetra, 1 juvenile molly, 3 albino bristlenose plecos, 6 khuli loaches and dozens of RCS. I call this my rescue tank - it has the fish in it that others don't want... 3. A 4ft tank, current inhabitants are: 3 blind cave tetras, 2 standard bristlenose plecos, 4 clown loaches. My original plan was to put them in the 4ft tank but I'm unsure how they'll go with the blind cave tetras. Any ideas? Or, if I put them in with the bristlenose babies will they eat them? My fish stock is down at the moment as I was planning on culling the number of tanks I have running 😩 (5 at last count). So I haven't replaced any fish that have passed in the last year or so. But I can't seem to bear the idea of getting rid of them. 😋 Any tips or suggestions welcome.
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me if Nandopsis haitiensis "Black Nasty" is available in Australia? Ta
  9. Just noticed some black dots on one of my female albino BN. It looks healthy but I just want to make sure it's not a disease or deformity e.t.c. As she's in my large breeding colony. There is one spot just behind the eyes, one 1 on the left fin ( hard to see on black gravel ), and there are 2 smaller dots on the end of her tail. PS sorry for the awful photos my camera broke so I had to take them on my ipod. Cheers,
  10. I bought this guy who was labelled as a standard black moor - but look at that tail! I don't know whether with that tail it could be considered more a butterfly tail or something of the like, but I wanted to share the pretty black moor who is chilling out in my tank
  11. well i got a tank today and came with a gkf but sadly it doesnt agree with my albino bn so im wondering what they go for as im going to have to sell it. its around 15cm maybe a little more
  12. So just thought I would give a suggestion to anyone who has an outbreak of black beard algae, which I too recently had. Just over a week ago I purchased a gold spot plec and to my amazement, after reading up about the algae and how hard it is to get rid of, my plec has gone and demolished just about every bit from my fake plants to the whole 3D background of my tank, so if you don't have a plec but have the algae I would highly think about getting one and giving it a go. I am actually going to have to buy some food for him now not sure if this was helpful info/ old info but I thought I may aswell put it out there Sort of down side there are nearly 10 cm long black plec poos everywhere haha
  13. I have a 4ft breeding tank with 4 pairs of L002's my question is I have some black bar scarlet endler in the tank aswell, will they be ok together or will they eat my fry cheers
  14. I was trying to catch prawns in the Brisbane River and happened to catch this guy. Can someone give me an id on this fish, and what it might eat? It looks to me like some type of predator fish... possibly a stone fish or bullrout? Thanks to all the following posters for helping to identify the fish as a QLD groper. The fish was returned to the river in good health.
  15. Hi. Does anyone know anything about No more black beard - algae remover - http://www.thetechden.com.au/No_More_Black_Beard_Algae_Remover_125ml_p/nmb125ml.htm Unlike some of its more Excel branded contemporaries, it's contents are listed as poly- glutaraldehyde rather than just glutaraldehyde. My science speak is a little rough so google was of limited use in providing a translation of the differences. Is any body familar with them? Are there any head to head comparision BBA wise? I can't help but think that if someone is doing something diffetent to the rest, there might be a reason why. Any ideas? Cheers.
  16. Hi everyone. In the last few days we have been noticing small black spots on leaves of our aquarium plants. They are on the wisteria, pennywort and the java fern. The tank is a 40G with a dirt substrate (1 inch) capped with pea grevel (1 inch) and a small section of sand for the corydoras to enjoy. The tank was left to cycle naturally. When the reading was 0 ammonia the fish were added... gradually over a period of several weeks. The inhabitants are 5 corydoras, 1 female betta, 2 small angelfish, a mix of tetras and some guppies...I have had some female pregnant guppies dying lately as well with no apparent injuries (related?)...the tank is filtered by a hamburg matten filter. The light source is pretty ghetto, being a desk lamp with a 6500k 40watt led light. The light is on 10 hours per day. I have not experienced any algae problems but am wondering if this is algae?....There is also a covering of duckweed at the surface. Plants have been growing slowly but okay for a while but are now looking as though something has changed and they appear to be struggling. The pennywort has bottom leaves dying. The only plant that seems comfortable is the elodea (but that could probably grow anywhere..even on the moon if it had to)... I do 30% water change each week and have been using prime as water conditioner. the water temp is 26c Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 5-10 (after water change today) pH is 6.8 ...out of my tap it is 7.6 but I have IAL behind the filter and driftwood. I have not used any fertilizers or co2. I am not using any aeration apart from the agitation that the HMF output pipes provide at the surface.
  17. Anyone know where to get some red and black wagtails around Ipswich?
  18. Hey Fish Friends.. What would go better in a 2ft tank ?? Black Calvus or some Neolamprologus multifasciatus ?? I have never had either and thought i would see what you guys would recommend ..
  19. .Is it possible in an aquarium situation ????
  20. Hi can someone please tell me if Black knife Ghost fish are compatible with African Cichlids?
  21. Super Deal of the Day - CaribSea Eco Complete Planted Substrate - Black 9kg. Today only $39.00 !!!! Link - Age of Aquariums - Eco Complete Planted Substrate 9kg - Live version Coarse This mineralogically and biologically complete substrate is for planted aquariums and comes in live water that contains purifying bacteria. Mineralogically complete means it contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur plus over 25 other elements to nourish your aquatic plants. It contains all the mineral nutrients needed for luxuriant aquatic plant growth without nuisance algae. This iron-rich substrate eliminates the need for laterite. Biologically complete means it contains live heterotrophic bacteria to rapidly convert fish waste into natural food for your aquatic plants; creates a natural biological balance which makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer; packed in Liquid Amazon buffered "Black Water" solution for immediate organic water conditioning; unsurpassed MacroPorosity for healthy roots and bacterial efficiency. You would need to buy 4 bags of ordinary gravel to equal the surface area of this one bag of substrate. Other features include: nitrate and carbonate free-will not increase pH or carbonate hardness; there are no artificial dyes, paints or chemical coatings; the natural black substrate encourages the most vibrant coloration in fishes and reduces fish stress; spherial grains for optimum diffusion performance; supplies calcium without raising the pH; lead free. The Bi-Modal grading naturally separates into 2 distinct layers: 1) Fine layer on the bottom for best root development and 2) Coarse layer on top which conveys oxygen and nutrients to the roots.
  22. Hey everybody just wanting some advice and hints on this move, i have a black shark that is roughly 20+ inches, i am moving house from Brendale to Brighton about 20 mins travel, i moved her 6 months ago but i had a fresh tank already set up for her to go right into so all i did is put her in a 100L tub and trailer-ed her there as it was 2 mins travel down the road, but this time i am keeping her in the same tank which is a 6x2x3 and its a lot longer of a trip and am unsure of the right way to go about the whole move, the options i have thought of for transporting the fish are: 1, getting a giant fish bag to put her in and place that in the 100L tub with some padding but not sure how long she will survive in a fish bag? 2, possibly using silicone to attach kids floaties to the inside of the 100L tub to limit the amount of bruising she gets from trying to jump? that way i can use a portable air pump for travel? the other issue is moving the tank, it is a 1000L tank so it has a hell of a lot of bracing and very thick glass so it weighs far too much was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make the move easier? we had four people last time one on every corner but 2 of them were lacking arm strength and it almost didnt make it inside the house, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks dan.
  23. Hi guys, I'm looking for a set of intake and output pipes that are black in colour and will fit 12/16mm hose. I've seen that aqua one offer intake/output pipes in smoky grey colour but I am after black. The only ones I've found so far are the ones on ebay for the sun sun canisters but was hoping there was another option? Thanks in advance, Beau.
  24. Hello : ) Does anyone have Black Diamond Quartz Gravel in their Pleco/Catfish tank? I am just wondering if it is safe for them as I have recently purchased some and hoping it isn't too sharp for my bottom feeders. I haven't put it into my aquarium yet. I am after any personal opinions as to pro's and con's in having it in your aquarium. Thanks in advance.
  25. .Hi, hope I've posted in the right place (don't post on these forums often). One of my black neon tetras is extremely bloated for over 2 weeks. Sorry for camera quality. I've also linked a Youtube video of her. - I change their water with rain-water twice a week - Feed the tank once every 2-3 days - Last week the meals have only been peas, no improvement - She is still schooling - She still has a strong appetite - Not gasping at the surface nor is she sinking (however today she started having trouble swimming, as seen in the video) This problem did occur a month back, however after a week it disappeared (for this duration I fed the tank peas). Not sure what conditions had changed. The rest of the fish are all healthy and she is the only affected fish. Is there any suggestions for treatment and what is wrong? Thanks in advance. I don't want to lose her, she's only 2-3 years old.
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