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Found 18 results

  1. Good afternoon, ive just joined here and was wondering if anyone could offer assistance with my red honey gourami who is not doing too well. here is a template of the tank/problem cycled ? yes Are you testing your water with a liquid test kit (like the API test kit) or dipsticks ? liquid api. Ammonia: Zero Nitrite: Zero Nitrate: Zero or a touch above pH: 7.5 KH: northern brisbane Temperature: 26 degrees celcius Are you using a heater ? Yes Are you using any aeration / bubbler ? Spray bar ibubbling into water Water change amount/frequency: 20 percent per week Tank size/how long in operation: 80l, 20 gallons . cube tank Filtration: aquis 550 exteranal canister Water additives/conditioners/pH adjusters: stress coat What, how much and how often are the fish fed: daily, nls sinking .5 mm granules Tank inhabitants (number, size and type of fish/): 3 small tetras of longstanding , 2 small peppermint bristlenose, new to tank, 4 and 5 cm . Theres a few iny snails also. No aggression in the tank New additions/changes to the tank: as above, plus anubias x 2. Theres also driftwood, a banana lilly and a java fern in the tank.Tank is well planted. Unusual findings on the fish: Bloated for about a week now. Torch/flashlight shows opacity in gut area, Unusual behavior: a few days ago was gulping air for much longer periods, this is now stopped, bloated, not eating, at back of tank, lethargic but can dodge the net pretty well. Was previously highly ravenous, an absolute pig of a fish! was eating detritus from the gravel also Medications/what has been tried or done do far: 1 tbsp epsom salt into second 2 gall tank(1/2 tank water 1/2 tap conditioned) for 15 mins, tolerated well. Commenced a fast for the tank I transcribed the form from another forum i joined, if anyone needs further info i am of course happy to provide. Picture below. Any help much appreciated TIA Read more: red honey gourami bloated, not eating.
  2. Evening all. I'm looking for some advice from the forum elders. I have been lucky enough to have had a colony of African Haps sold me to me this week & the were transported via fastaways and arrived today. The owner of these fish has been in the game a long time & transported many fish over the years & they were double bagged correctly males separate, largest female separate & 2 bags with 2 females each with black plastic bits in the bag as well, so he has done an excellent job of packaging them for me. However, some have traveled better than others. Males which were transported separately are in excelent form, striking fish. The large girl by herself looks great. But I have 2 out if the 4 smaller girls who traveled in pairs have extremely swollen bellies, I haven't seen anything like it before. Yes I am aware & am read up on Malawi bloat. So, because I had planned to quarantine them in 1 tank as a colony I decided to split the group, the boys are in separate tanks & all 5 girls are in together. The fish are all swimming fine together no real lethargy in any of the fish. I gave them some deshelled peas just to see if the would eat & they were taken with no complaints from all fish. I inspected the underside of the larger of the 2 fish with the swollen belly & the anus appears normal & vent seems a bit stretched but deffinatly not protruding. They are in a single tank with 2 sponge filters, I have used prime & double dose of tech dens easy start cichlid salt (I use double in my system all day everyday, works for me) as this was the only 'salt' available to me after work this arvo. No food will be offered in the morning. I have just checked the fish, after lights out & they are fine, breathing fine, staying upright, just have massive beer guts. Any advice on where to go now with treatment would be appreciated. Is it worth isolating the 2 fish with the issue from the others? Has anybody encountered this happening after transport? Thanks for your help, Craigo.
  3. .Hi, hope I've posted in the right place (don't post on these forums often). One of my black neon tetras is extremely bloated for over 2 weeks. Sorry for camera quality. I've also linked a Youtube video of her. - I change their water with rain-water twice a week - Feed the tank once every 2-3 days - Last week the meals have only been peas, no improvement - She is still schooling - She still has a strong appetite - Not gasping at the surface nor is she sinking (however today she started having trouble swimming, as seen in the video) This problem did occur a month back, however after a week it disappeared (for this duration I fed the tank peas). Not sure what conditions had changed. The rest of the fish are all healthy and she is the only affected fish. Is there any suggestions for treatment and what is wrong? Thanks in advance. I don't want to lose her, she's only 2-3 years old.
  4. .Hi guys! I'm hoping you might be able to help me out. My husband and I have a 650L tank with a variety of fish in it at the moment. My favourites however are the three Geophagus that he bought me for my birthday. I have one male and two females. They've been pretty easy to look after so far and I haven't had any problems with them. But now one of my females is looking quite ill and I can't find much information. She's looking very pale and very bloated. She is also kind of floating around the tank rather than swimming. (she's not floating upside down or on her side. But she is hovering near the top of the tank rather than down near the bottom where she normally swims and she's quite slow). She also seems to be taking in a lot of water, her mouth is gulping a lot. I thought at first she might be pregnant, but the male isn't showing any signs of raising young and I can't see any eggs or fry in the females mouth. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!
  5. Hey guys, One of my oscars is all bloated and not letting anything get out... He's lost appetite, very lethargic and clearly uncomfortable. Its been a few days like this. There have been times where he has been slightly prolapsed however that seems to have settled back in a little. I've attempted feeding it peas (de-shelled) but he isnt the remote bit interested in eating anything. I've tried capturing him to force feed, however he is a big sucker (25cm or so) and its proving to be something that is a hard task on my own as I dont want to risk hurting him further. The water in the tank was fresh at the time of noticing this, however I will do another 25% change this weekend. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for what to do, I'm really worried I'm going to lose this fish. Thanks Tim
  6. I've gone through a few different searches and HEAPS of pages on the forum, but can't find this anywhere.. Giving up the search in asking in hope of some sort of enlightenment. I know a pic would be useful, but the "female" bn is a turd and refuses to let me take pics of her .. We've noticed over the last couple of days the smaller bn (too young to sex but I call her a she in hopes that it's a she) has been getting a bit of a fat belly.. Being new to the fish thing, I don't expect them to be breeding yet (I don't think she can catch pregnant off the guppies -- right? lol) especially when she's only about 6cm.. If someone with BN experience could tell me the major signs between "pregnant belly" and "bloat belly", or just plain fat suckerfish, it would be hugely appreciated.. As it is, we're going to the supermarket tomorrow and grabbing some cucumber (for real this time, I've been "going to the supermarket" for the last week, heh) and I'm sure there are frozen peas in the freezer that we can shell for her (these are both 'bloat-fixers' right?).. but if there were marks/puffy bits in spots that differed/different attitude signals that I could look for and confirm/deny.. It would put my mind to rest. For the record, I don't have my hopes up too high for breeding yet, she's only been in the tank a week and I don't think they even acknowledged each other until yesterday .. The male pep hasn't even bought her dinner yet! (But I am hoping they're both fine and she's healthy and I don't need to stress about them..and "pregnant" belly would make me feel so much better...lol )
  7. Ive noticed one of my feather fin catfish is abit bloated. I've read there's a good chance it is bloated from over eating and to fast them. Wanted to make sure it wasnt anything worse?
  8. hey every one my oscar has very bad case of bloat ive stoped feeding we r in the 3rd week now but for the last 5days she has been on her side ive used epson salts for about a week now:( any suggestions would be great thank you.
  9. Ok, so last night I noticed my week old elegance blew up like a beach ball. I'm still new to keeping corals, so naturally I'm a little concerned. Checked this Morin and looked normal, but still feel like I need a bit of conformation. I'VE ADDED A PIC, thanx for any input. Cheers. Jas.
  10. Hello Last week I had to go away for a few days and when I got back my wife had been over feeding my fish and both tanks were off colour.I later found one of my L168 was really bloated.This morning I put my hand in to check on it and it wasn't any better can someone tell me whats going on here.I've attached some pics
  11. Can someone please take a look at the photos below of an orange spot bn. Approx 6 months old, very fat, looks bloated. Red gear coming out the anus (see photos). Water is fine. Fed on zucchini, hikari algar wafers and viformo. Any help appreciated. It's still alive.
  12. Yes my Oscar is still bloated he was previously sitting on the bottom of the tank hunched over for about 4 days but since I have had to turn my heater up due to treating white spot in the tank, he seems to have come along was and is now once again alert and swimming around. But he still remains bloated, he is about 30cm and his belly is as swollen to almost the size of a tennis ball, and he or she has a funny growth just hanging out of it bottom. I would really appreciate anyones help on this as I don't want to loose our little mate.
  13. Yes my Oscar is still bloated he was previously sitting on the bottom of the tank hunched over for about 4 days but since I have had to turn my heater up due to treating white spot in the tank, he seems to have come along was and is now once again alert and swimming around. But he still remains bloated, he is about 30cm and his belly is as swollen to almost the size of a tennis ball, and he or she has a funny growth just hanging out of it bottom. I would really appreciate anyones help on this as I don't want to loose our little mate.
  14. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me identify what is wrong with my male peppermint, Im guessing he has bloat but I would like a second opinion on it. http://www.plecofanatics.com/gallery/sh ... 4920&c=500 Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  15. what causes a fish to get bloated Wouldnt prevention be better than cure?
  16. Hi i have a male flameback that has been bloated for 2 days. i have put soaked him in epsom salts on and off and still nothing. have tried pool salt have tried melafix nothing seems to be working he wont eat or poo. hes breathing rather fast and has hardly any colour left anyone have any ideas? lana
  17. one of my albino bristlenose catfish has become extremely bloated and is having trouble swimming.Is there anything i can do? please help.Thanx
  18. Just noticed one of my young albino bristlenose has got a massive stomach. Its too young to be with eggs so Im thinking that it might be some kind of diseases. Has anyone experience this problem? If so what is the best way to cure this disease. Also let me know if im being paranoid. Cheers
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