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Found 25 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have a couple of 10 inch male Peacock Bass is anyone willing to swap for some Blood Parrot Juvies?.. Just putting it out there... If you don't ask you dont know! cheers Gary 0409 890 910
  2. Hi everyone, I purchased a green severum 6 days ago from petbarn. All the severums were tiny maybe just under the size of a 20 cent piece. I now have it in a 38G growout with some rainbow fish. (rainbows are bigger than severum) Is a planted tank with river sand and driftwood. Fitration is a hamburg matten filter utilizing poret foam. Severum is active but will not eat anything but frozen (thawed) bloodworms. I have tried flake, crushed hikari pellets (had to crush as he couldn't fit the small ones in mouth..but ultimately spat this out)..tried mashed peas, zucchini...it is getting frustrating that he wont eat...he seems healthy though for now, but I just want to know if anyone can suggest an alternative food I might try..I was going to look for some worms tommorrow..even though they are going to have to be very small..there is no way he will be able to eat a big one. This is my first south american fish and I want to ensure that I am doing all I can to raise a healthy fish. Thanks.
  3. Are the blood lines of fish coming out of Brisbane and surrounds that bad ,that breeder's are putting crap in amoungst the stuff they are sending interstate ,just to move fish ,or give them a bad name. Just been through my grow out tanks ( fry I've brought interstate) and all I can say is my turtle is going to be well fed. From ob zebs to being ugly black and smudgey to yellow with no spots on them at all, to Lithos with gill curl problems( at least I'm hoping that the Lithos will turn out Lithos ). I'll try and put some pics up soon.
  4. Yahoo it has hit and in stock. Click Here for Pricing and availability 6 Colour Enhances Chili Pepper Phaffia Yeast Krill Astaxanthin Canthaxanthin Lutein With Hikari Germ - with Beneficial, Live Micro Organisms Click Here for Pricing and availability Available in 333g Mini and Medium and 600g Medium and Mini
  5. Hey fish friends.. I have Venustus and Dragon Blood Peacock's in the same tank.. I have 1 male DBP and 2 females I have 1 male Ven and 4 females.. Now i have been noticing that my DBP male is 'dancing' with my female venustus.. What should i do as I dont really want a cross hybrid but i only have the one tank and want to keep both colonies.. Please help..
  6. Yea ok so a weird title not as weird as the reality of it all though. Native Foods Blog: The Horseshoe Crab Harvest: Million Dollar Blue Bloods
  7. reproducing synspilum with citrinellum
  8. Hi All, Im trying to find somewhere to purchase bulk frozen Brine shrimp and blood worms for a decent price. PM me if you know anywhere. Thanks all.
  9. So I have 3 discus, 2 p bloods and a orange melon. I have my tank divided and have the two p bloods on one side and the orange melon on the other side. I the last week I've noticed one of the p bloods is doing alot of shimmering right next to the divider and the orange melon is doing the same, they shimmer at each other all day and the p blood has started pecking at a rock right next to the divider.. I'm pretty new to discus but I think they wanna breed?? Just curious to wat sorta discus I would get if they did breed, should I try and get them to breed or would they just be really ugly peppered discus fry ? :confused:
  10. I have 2 discus paired up in my desplay tank, a pidgeon blood about 15cm and a 12cm blue diamond. I am just wandering what fry would look like if they bred and the fry were successfully raised? I'm thinking they'll come out pretty bad but would like to see examples. Pictures would be great Thanx
  11. OK i've been reading alot of posts lately and all of you seem to be saying that blood worm is really bad to feed to your fish. Why is that? and would it be considered bad for my american cichlids?
  12. 2 blood parrots paired up and started laying eggs what should i expect if anything
  13. Buy Neotropical and South American Cichlids for Sale at AquariumFish.net, a Cichlid Dealer. This video shows a Blood Parrot. This fish is a hybrid of two Cichlid species, a Red Devil and a Golden Severum. This Blood Parrot was about 5" long
  14. PLease pm with size and price
  15. Just wondering if blood parrots do breed?? I've been told that the males are infertile is this true?? I ask because my 2 parrots are keeping my GG at bay from one end of their tank and i can see the tube down on the female but unsure about the other whether it is in fact a male or not. If it is a male whether or not he'll come up with the goods or not. Any body with experience give me some advice would be great. Cheers JP.
  16. Hi Had a few people ask me about the 2 parrots I sold, if u still chasing these guys red dragon @ darra had about 4 I think around the 20cm mark. Not my fish was just in there this Arvo and seen them. Just thought I might try and help people out that are looking for them ! Anyway think there like $90 ea or 2 for $160 lfs prices but they need to pay overheads as well & there a good 20cm & fat. Cheers Trev
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. He's a pic of one of the fry i got off couple months back, its getting a nice size Really nice colour, im pretty sure this is a boy, as the other one appears to be a girl, will put a pic of her up soon
  19. Guys, I have a nice male carpinti (green texas) on his own atm. I have seen some threads about crossing these with blood parrots to eventually create a "red texas". Just wondering if this is a good hybrid to have a crack at?? and if the 1st gen fry are actually a nice fish?? Breeding this guy with another female carpinti just doesnt excite me a great deal atm.
  20. Hi, There was a post up here thats gone, about blood worms and i think it was age of aquarium sells them in bulk cheaply. I looked at there site but they have black worms. Is this better? Richie
  21. Was cleaning one of the 6 footers (total stripout and reset) yesterday, had a 2footer right next to me so I put the 6 footers occupants in the 2 footer for about 1/2 hour while i finished cleaning. took one or 2 pics. imagine if some one tried to keep a 2 footer like this......... IMGP1797.JPG[/attachment:3l03m0a0] IMGP1803.JPG[/attachment:3l03m0a0] Also wanted to show off some of my new addiction, my young Americans. It's almost impossible to get them all together like this in the main tank without being in a punchup over something. I love my P Bass most of all, pure predator.... C
  22. Im not sure what it is, but one of my dwarf gournami's has a blood looking ulcer on its lip, and a few patches on it's side Any help would be great, i finally got this tank going well and now there i notice this. All water tested and it is running fine, i have not lost any fish in atleast 6 plus weeks. Any thoughts? Cheers Trippa
  23. looking for a nice toga or arawana to occupie top of the tank
  24. Since the fish go ape of the blood worms so much, I thought I'd try a little experiment. When my wife finishes her dialysis, there is usually around 500 Ml of blod left in the lines, which usually gets thrown in the bin, today I bled one of the lines into one of my tanks, and the fish went equally ape over it! Does anyone know of a reason for not doing this appart from it grossing some people out! What gave me the idea is JAWS is on optus this afternoon when I was running the wife off the machine! Regards Marc
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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