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Found 7 results

  1. I'm needing some bloodworms and been buying packets from shops and noticing that some cubes contains a big portion of water instead of full worms. Anybody know of good brands to buy at reasonable pricing? Places to get them? Alternatives to bloodworms? Feeding them to my rays and bichirs as treats and they just swallow one cube at a time so will need to buy in bulk. Have current stocks now on the fridge but looking for cheaper / good quality alternatives.
  2. Hi All,My big dilemma. I have run out of Hikari biopure blood worms and have tried several local aquariums and pet shops around Brisbane and online without luck. Any ideas of where I can source this or otherwise an alternative? Thanks for your help in advance! Cheers
  3. Hi Since I have started breeding africans I have been told bloodworms are a big no no, but the more people/breeders I speak to, the more I see are using bloodworms as a once a week treat. Any feedback/info appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have seen a few of these worms mainly living under Bristlenose logs between the log and the glass bottom of the tank. I wormed the tank with Avitrol Plus 2 days ago at the recommended dosage and when cleaning the tank I spotted two of these. I'v done a google search and it seems to me that they are Bloodworms. I've never fed live Bloodworms and have only fed 2 cubes of frozen Bloodworms in another tank. Could they have hitched a ride somewhere? Are live Bloodworms harmful to Bristlenose? I've been told that you shouldn't feed Bristlenose these as they have spikes which can damage their internals. Should I put some guppies/loaches/paradise fish in to chomp on these suckers?
  5. Does anyone grow there own bloodworms can it be done ?if so how? Is it worth it? I already grow lots of compost worms but looking for small bloodworms to feed fry Thanks for the help
  6. hey i have a 4ft with 5 longfins a pair of albino sf and a pair peppermints.. how many cubes of bloodworms do i need to put in? i don't want to put in to many...the b/n are between 4cm and 12cm... peace
  7. I have posted a few times that I don't like bloodworms. Thought a full explanation would be useful. A number of apisto keepers over the years have noted problems full stop when feeding too much worms - the protien hit is too high. Needless to say a balancd diet is essential. However many have specifically steered away from Bloodworms. This is the direct quote from Discus Forum, where a member had there fish examined after a mystery death. I have read other accounts of bad news continually. I suspect that it is the frozen that is the issue, but that is a WAG (wild assed guess). Hope this helps folks....
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