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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I know this had probably been asked 1000000000000000 times on this forum and I do apologise for asking again but i can't seem to find a solution. Lets start from the beginning WE got my daughter a: Blue Planet 'Classic 20' 20L tank (inbuilt filter and light) Bag of pretty pink gravel Used: quick start water ager CN (had no idea was cycling was...) Fish added: 2x white cloud minnows 1 x Shukbukin Goldfish long story short: 1 minnow and goldfish died (backend floated up fish could get deep) got a bad algal bloom took last minnow out kept it in a vase for 3 weeks. emptied tank cleaned it with tap water (including the activated carbon in the filter.) left the glass and the gravel in the sun for a few days. Put it all back together tried to cycle water (again without knowing what i was doing...[no boilogical material to create ammonia{i know. i know}]) added prime, quick start, ph balanced, placed minnow back in bought a heater (defiantly big enough for little tank) added 2 x guppies and 1 x BN catfish. guppies ate minnow's tail. it died. one guppy died. (within 3 days of adding to tank) all good for a few weeks. Went away for weekend, over fed fish. came to the tank so cloudy that you can even see 5 cm deep into the water. PH 6.4 Ammoina 8+ppm nitrare 0 nitrite 0 been like this for over 2 weeks. fish seem fine (when i can actually see them) been adding prime, quick start and ammolock every 2 days. 10% water changes (tap water) no change to water levels or cloudiness. added a bag of Purigen to filter box a week ago Wife very angry, daughter too, Please help. sorry for the long message tries to be short! (my wife keeps saying a cat would be cheaper) THANKS
  2. Hey guys, I've got a bit of a problem here, I put substrate into my display the other weekend and it seems to have started a mini cycle, (amm levels about .5-1ppm), no trites and little trates (they are there, just under 10ppm) I kept the filters running while I drained and refilled the tank with tank water added prime etc. Now I have been doin daily wcs and adding prime but I'm going away this weekend so I won't be able to keep this up while I'm away and I'm kinda worried I'm might loose my geos (they already don't look to crash hot), So what can I do (please keep in mind I'm unemployed ATM so it needs to be the cheapest alternative out there) Thanks Cav
  3. Gday Everyone, Just wanting some help {as i have never dealt with this before} advice or suggestions in helping me rid my Tank of this.. It's a 4x2x2 tank, the water parameters are spot on, it's just pond green.. I thought this might be a light problem, which is only on around 6 hours total. 2 hours in the mornin and bout 4 at night.. It's been on the same time as the last fish i housed in this tank but i never encouted this problem then.. Currently it's growing out fry, which i can hardly see in there.. Oh and 11 bristlenoses which i hoped would help but havn't yet.. These fry in there are about a month old, Could i drain 350 litres from this tank and fill with fresh water without harming the fry, would there be enough good bacteria left in the tank which is run on sponge filters.. To keep it ticking over.. And will this help with the algae bloom ? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.. Cheers Steve
  4. I saw on the news that there is an algae bloom in the water. Will it have and negative affects on fish.
  5. As the topic suggests one of my tanks (4x2x2) is suffering an algae bloom. I dont know if the following info is relevant but here goes... There is only one fish in it (saratoga) and the substrate is kept clean. It is fairly heavily planted with creek rock filling in the gaps. The algae is brown in colour, is mainly growing on the glass around the sides (bottom only) of the tank. On the creek rock it looks like thin hair, but still the same colouration. The tank doesnt have a lot of current at the bottom of the tank (which is why I clean it so often). I have tested the PH levels and everything is normal (same as every other tank - but its the only tank with the algae problem). The light I am using on this tank is a twin bulb T5. Now heres the bit where I am getting frustrated... 1) One person said its because I am giving it too much light. 2) One person said its because there isnt enough light (give it any more and I will kill the plants) 3) The same person told me to get some bristlenose catties (even after I told him I had a 35cm Toga in the tank. 4) Another person said its the PH, but its the same as every other tank, yet its the only tank suffering the problem. Could someone please give me some helpfull advice!?!?! I know I could just clean the glass all the time, but I shouldnt have to do it.
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