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  1. my next broodstock of Honey Blue Eyes - Pseudomugil mellis, filmed in a 500lt pond in natural sunlight, fish are only just a year old and some still shots from the video Honey Blue eye - Pseudomugil mellis - Occur only in small areas in Queensland and Fraser Island Conservation status listing as Vulnerable in QLD and Endangered with IUCN Red list My intital stock was given to me by ANGFA members Under current QLD threatened species legislation it is illegal to collect Honey Blue Eyes from the wild. It is also illegal to buy or sell a threatened or endangered species in Queensland.
  2. what would u pay for them thinking off getting some
  3. Hi, my tank water has gone blue. It looks like it has a few drops of dye/food colouring in it. What could it be, and how do I fix it? Parameters are good. Cheers
  4. My lfs just ordered in 5cm EBJD for sale. I have read and seen pics of the bread, but never seen one in person, or know of anyone that has kept them. Would like to know peoples thoughts as I am tempted to buy one.
  5. Hi just wondering if there are any Ram breeders on here. Looking for LF BlueRams possibly Ya Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hello. I am after a flam hawkfish and some blue chromis. Not green blue just all blue if anyonehas them for sale would be great. Also any interesting starfish
  7. From my blue endlers, I noticedone with no black. Have thrown back over a blonde. What do you think? Original on left, result on right.
  8. Hey guys, was looking to add some rocks to my discus tank and had look around local landscape yard and came across blue metal rock ( same stuff as road base ) . Did a muriatic acid test on it and negative for carbonates so I'm pretty sure it won't raise the pH. Has anyone used it before and found any issues? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. I am trying to chase some bright blue cherry shrimp does any one have any for sale cheers
  10. In the process of upgrading tanks chasing some chumbu around 8-10cms would be indeal. Thanks.
  11. hi, does anyone know id blue fin notho killifish are available in Australia?
  12. hi all..ive just aquired 2 15cm blueyed ciclid boys..into my 5 foot tank..they seem hard to feed.. they have been in there since last sunday..they r not being bullied..everything else in the tank is way smaller than them they have safe areas to go to..im feeding hakari sinking pellets plus flake my tank is malawi- american mix..any positve comments will be much appreicated ty in advance
  13. Hi, I'm setting up an African tank and I want to have 5-6 Blue dolphins as the centrepiece. I was wondering what other fish go well with them? My tank is a 6x2x2 foot and minus gravel and rocks will be around 530 litres. Any suggestions about stocking densities. Also does anyone keep plecos with their Africans? Thanks in advance, Nicola
  14. This is a smallish spawn with 25 -30 fry. A good number to work with and getting great growth rates. They are only 9 weeks old. Should be ready to jar in 2 -3 weeks. Just love when they recognize you as the bringer of food and swarm the corner of the tank you're on. Used that to my advantage last night to take some photos, so dunked my finger in. Have to say, they all had a taste to make sure I wasn't food. Some power behind some of those little nips too!
  15. Just wondering if anyone has any adult electric blue acaras? Google images yields fish that still look like juvies, and I was just wondering what sort of colour and look they have when they are larger. Did a quick search on here but didn't see any, apologies in advance if this has been asked before. Also.. would one get along with 4 oscars 3 rivulatus 2 bocourti 1 brasiliensis 2 green severums, 1 massive banded leporinus and some plecos in an 8x2x2 with a 6x1.5x1.5 sump
  16. Anyone got any methods to get blue rams to spawn. I have a pair that just have no interest in spawning.
  17. Hi guys i just bought this pair of GBRs and I was wondering the one on the left in the photo is he/she even a true ram or some sort of hybrid? Also if you help me properly sex them as these are the first ones I've owned. I don't which ones which but I think I have a male and female. (I'm adding in lots of plants tomorrow to satisfy them)
  18. <BR><BR><BR><BR>I got some blue endlers at an auction a while back, and got two variants that are interesting IMO.... Couple of these, that seem to lack the red pigment. and one blonde boy Which excites you more? Excuse dirty glass.
  19. Got a replacement camera due to a faulty seal within 4 days thanks Canon So tested it out to see if my P mellis were spawning yet and guess what? I hope to do some more in better light and with more mature fish as the weather warms up. Also hoping to get P signifer in a similar video as I have some really spectacular males
  20. Hi, we have a male and female blue claw yabbie and the female is loaded with eggs. We have moved her into a tank of her own but is there anything else we can do to make it easier on her
  21. Hi! I was recommended to using glutaraldehyde for algae and this has gone very well in one of my aquariums. The treatment consists of using 5 ml of glutaraldehyde per 10 gallons of aquarium water at night for a period of two weeks. The glutaraldehyde that can be used is the medicinal one, or also come products specifically for freshwater aquariums that containing it, as is Seachem Flourish Excel and Api CO2 Booster, this last is the one I'm using. I've been one weeks already using it and the difference was really amazing. The glutaral, in addition to eliminate any type of algae including those you have in your aquarium, also provides CO2 to your plants. Please note, that there is one product of glutaral used as an industrial disinfectant, this can not be used for aquariums because that would kill the fish. This type comes mixed with other chemicals and detergents that affect to much the fish. Please don't use that kind of glutaral. If you want, you can find out more info about the glutaraldehyde on the internet but I really told you everything you need to know. Thanks for your attention guys, have a nice day! I forgot something! If you buy in a pharmacy, it has to be glutaraldehyde of 2%, no more please. There is one that came from 50% for example, that would kill the fish because it is too much amount, so it's better to buy the Seachem flourish excel or Api Co2 booster to secure that it safe to fish and invertebrates for freshwater aquariums. Thanks for read my post. Here I upload two videos of my tank, in this videos I want to show you it before and after the treatment. Regards. Before use the treatment with glutaraldehyde: After one week using the glutaraldehyde on my tank: ___________________ My channel in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVImmM5y7P98cGsVEVwidJA
  22. any advice or tips, I'm trying formaldehyde and no light for a day or two. Appreciate it shared experience, it's got to be one of the biggest mistakes of the newbie planted aquarium.
  23. Looking for blue swordtails. Is anyone breeding this particular colour?
  24. Being as I now have three baby blue eyes, am I allowed to post in this section?
  25. What a nice little surprise !! If you look reaaaalllly hard you may see a few hundred little damsel eggies!!! This just may be the beginning of a marine breeding setup... Hahaaaaaaa noooooooooooooo!!!!!!
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