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Found 12 results

  1. I have become fascinated by BNs. Can different sorts of BNs be kept in the same tank harmoniously? If so, do they interbred?
  2. Hey I noticed two of my pepps doing something weird the other day... They are both 10-12cm, one male and one female. They were on the glass together and it looked like they were trying to suck on each others heads. Kind of chasing each other but neither were trying to get away. More like swimming in circles trying to get their heads together. Really weird.. And also weird that they were both out in plain daylight, even when I stood right in front of the tank they didn't swim away and hide like usual. Just kept at whatever they were doing.
  3. hi everyone im pretty rapped have just discoverd pep eggs in the cave male is fanning on them like he should be. funny thing is i have only had the pair together for just under 2 weeks they must have got busy quick. and also just wondering are they harder to raise then commons and albinos as i breed them and raise there fry rather successfully? cheers olly
  4. My bristlenoses have finally bred! I thought this day would never come, I am stupidly excited! However, they are in a community tank at the moment as they never seemed keen on breeding. They are currently with 3 zebra danios (because they're the 3 out of the 8 I couldn't catch to move to another tank) and 2 dwarf gouramis, 1 male, 1 female. My plan was to give the BN's their own tank if/when they started breeding but obviously it's too late now. I don't want to lose the babies from this batch if possible. Should I try and move the other fish out or try to move the BNs out? I don't want to risk the male kicking out the eggs. Or would they be fine in the tank with the other fish?
  5. Over the last 3-4 weeks there has been an increasing number of BNs dying in both my tanks. They share the tanks with tetras, mollies, platties and loaches and until recently everythings was fine. Now all of a sudden the 4-5cm BNs are dying one at a time every few days. The big ones seem ok and the other fish look ok are all breeding so the must be healthy. I do weekly water changes. Any one got any ideas what the cause is? I give them zucchine and wavers each day for food... just had a thought, do they need wood to munch on (they havent got any)
  6. I had Bns ripped appart and now i have had 3 Electric yellows die on me i have afew snails in the tank as well any ideas
  7. I had Bns ripped appart and now i have had 3 Electric yellows die on me i have afew snails in the tank as well any ideas
  8. As title states i have no clue why no residue on surface of the water no bloat and nothing wrong with its skin and nothing coming out its ass. I only use rain water now that goes through a purifier. bns arnt that old. 6 pairs dead in 2 days it is starting to tell me to give up on fish and do something else because i can not find a problem with the tank as there are platies and neon tetras in the tank as well. water dosnt smell and if neon tetras arnt dead that means its no a water issue as they would of been the first thing to die. so this has really got me stuped if any one has any ideas plz let me no and i must say it wouldnt be a temp issue or water
  9. Just wondering why these things are so expensive???,dont get it i brought on a while ago and you never bloody see the thing as where other bns you see out all the time,whats the go?
  10. came out 3 days ago and noticed the Female was veryvery very fat bloted really and kept watching her and she just keep getting bigger. just came out to check her and she is dead whats the problem? how do i fix it? +noticed that the male is getting the same sort of thing just starting to get bigger. most likely going die aswell. HOW DO I STOP THIS??? will it spreadto all the Bns in the tank? HELP HELP HELP
  11. Spiny Cucumbers http://cornucopiaseeds.com.au/zencart/images/cucumber%20african%20horned%20kiwano.jpg are available from 1 store at the mt Gravatt market place. They're ment to be a low acid cucumber (i never knew cucumbers were even acidic...) the taste is somewhat a cross between a weak orange, dragon fruit and a cucumber (if u can imagine that). Just thought i'd let the BN nuts know if maybe by chance we discover a BN superfood. ehh not i'm not willing to try, i'm already struggling to keep my fish alive... but if anyone has some BNs willing to risk it for the sake of science, I have one of these alien cucumbers i can donate to the cause
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