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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys. i got a new mutation from my orange rilli programme. to be honest i kinda expected this to happen eventually. if the red rilli and carbon rilli could have a blue body i thought it was inevitable that any rilli programme would eventually have the same mutation. well here it is! it's finally happenned and even better. the specimen has a tiger stripe rilli pattern as well not the normal head and tail! a big thank you to ronald marcos who took these photos for me. can't wait to see it under jays lens!
  2. i am just wondering why my native shrimp (from mates pond) are getting white spot on them, looks like ich. i thought shrimps cant get ich. the spots are just behind the head. on top of the saddle area
  3. Does any body know how to stop the trickling noise of water running down the hoses into my sump? ive spent ages backing off taps and trying to get it right.... its driving me insane im on the verge of selling the tank lol if any one knows anything or can help id appreciate it greatly
  4. Hi all just got a problem for my fish rubbed its body against to stone and sand any one know what's happen and how can i do. cheers
  5. Just heard through the grapevine a new city farmers is opening.. And they are looking for a person with knowledge of fish to work in the fish section! here's the link it doesn't specifically say its for the fish guy but thas what they are after SEEK - Retail Salesperson Job in Brisbane
  6. As stated above i have had this 1 discus that is constanly flicking/shaking its body. Is that a bad thing does this mean the fish is sick. I have read a couple of things sometimes people say they are sick othes dont belive so. I have only seen this 1 fish doing this tho. Thank you
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  8. G'day All Can anyone tell why my electric Yellow got some kind of marks that look like dirty or black mark on the body but my others 2 E.Y doesn't have those marks that keep in the same tank and how do I get rid of those marks? Have anyone got an answer, please reply. Cheers!!! PS: Pictures attached if that help.
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